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Monday, September 4, 2017


For thousands of years - 
women have kept some semblance -
embracing Mother Earth - taking less and keeping more -
for future generations - more indigenous.

It is 2017 - for those that are living and kicking - more, those that have their heart in the right place.

Ever notice - that in all the many relationships one has - women and men.  Humans being " social animals " - when it comes to essentials - how few of those known as " homo sapiens " - that element that makes the two legged animals intelligent - how few have their heart in the right place.

Camp Oceti Sakowin -
North Dakota - very near Standing Rock -
now demolished - by forces that have yet to learn -
no one can touch less take away - " Strong Spirits " -
Chief Sitting Bull - Two Bears - Thunderhawk -
Crazy Horse - Running Antelope - Rain in the Face - more.

The Majestic Black Hills -
where Buffalo roamed freely -
and those that had their heart in the right place -
feared no one - Custer was defeated - in a fair fight -
then cowards -used deceit and other vile forms - 
showed their true colors - and do to this very day.

Sitting Bull - 
the Supreme Chief of the Lakota Tribe

The majestic " Black Hills " - with configurations one of a kind - bring " solace " to the heart - and if you have your heart in the right place - speak to you - about the many tribes - and more the great Chiefs - all of them - who stood firm - and told those that were greed - that their land - Lakota Land - was NOT for sale.

Camp Oceti Sakowin

Thousands from all parts of Turtle Island -
all over the world - came together -
an event that was unique - with one statement -
" we will not surrender " - this is Lakota Land.

Camp Oceti Sakowin - 
during winter - the camp was brought down -
strong memories linger in the minds of all -
that stood united - Standing Rock - North Dakota.

The United States government - in all the years - it has been a government - has cheated, lied, raped, deceived - and committed atrocities of the worst kind. History has recored the many actions - and words like " forked tongue " - " pale face " - and " not to be trusted " - have been uttered by Chief Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Two Bears, Chief Joseph - those that had wisdom - and knew better.

Today after destroying " Turtle Island " - now called  " America " - we have arrogant leaders in the United States - who have decided to use - "nuclear weapons ".

More - to teach another arrogant leader from North Korea a lesson. One truly arrogant " egoistical maniac " who now makes his abode - in the White House - playing with F I R E .

History has not been kind to  any "matriarchal society " here in the United States - more, when it comes to our Native American Tribes.

White have with " intent " - through their writings and actions - have destroyed  many deep rooted customs. Native American women had to bear the brunt of the atrocities - and make changes - more make belief - to survive.

Today the so called experts be they historians, anthropologists, ethnohistorians, linguists - they love to argue - many of them lacking " cultural competency " - making a fool of themselves.

Many of them would not sit down - with the Native American women leaders - the Elders and learn - they prefer to make their own conclusion - spreading misinformation in our so called - institutions of learning. Time will tell.

There is a new theory offering us more information as to the origins of Native Americans - from computational DNA studies done here in University of California - Berkeley : 

We have all the empirical data - we have history on our side - we have " humanity " - even the Constitution of this Nation has been deeply influence by the " Long Cabin " - the Iroquois and the Six Nations.

President Andrew Jackson -
the scum of the Earth -
embraced by Donald Trump - a known scum bag -
Egoistical Maniac.

We know the " devil " has come again in 2017 - to complete the circle.

The actions of Andrew Jackson - and those of Donald Trump are akin.

Notice - Donald Trump adores Andrew Jackson - and is drawn to Andrew Jacksons - atrocious actions - atrocities committed  against the Seminole and other Native American tribes.

Killing, raping, removing tribes from their own home land - and putting the tribes on barren land - to wither and die a slow death.

Today we see the same on another level - here in America and all over the world.

Hurricane Harvey -
Harvey means " Iron " - it also means "blazing " -
soon it will be followed by Hurricane " Erma " -
Erma means " complete " it also means " Goddess ".

Most of us - are caught in the happenings of the time.

Few can " discern " who is manipulating the many sound bytes - misinformation and disinformation - put out on the air waves - most by forces - that we know are " evil " - not one of them is Native American , most of them are NOT indigenous - we know who they are - and the time has come to take them on.

Hurricane Harvey has sent a clear signal to America - you failed to take care of those that most needed help.

Volunteers saved more lives - and we still do not have the real toll - it could be in the hundreds.

No one was prepared - the forces that be  - learned nothing from the adverse impacts of Hurricane  Katarina -  what befell Louisiana and New Orleans.

Less from Hurricane Sandy - years after the devastation - millions of dollars have been wasted - and people are still waiting for help.

Hurricane Harvey dubbed the 500 year hurricane - will cost in access of 200 billion - and will take 30 years to rebuilt - the vultures are out there - and contrast should be given to local contractors - and local citizens adversely impacted - made the stakeholders.

A snap shot to remember - even 
as the floods from Hurricane Harvey recede -
Mother Earth is patient -  never forgets -
those that have their heart in the right place -
 those many " greedy " that do not.

Houston, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Dallas - New Orleans - this is a clarion call - do not play with fire - fracking, fossil fuels, other elements - abusing Mother Earth - the deluge is your first clarion call.

Erma will follow to complete some action.

The Rain of Fire - will top it all - and you that have harmed millions - greedy bastards - will fall flat on your face.

There is no need to protest anymore.

No need to take up arms.

Mother Nature will complete the action -  these inept, sordid, weak in the knees, impotent, brainless jackasses - will learn their lesson - once and for all.