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Sunday, September 10, 2017


We have skyscrapers prone to severe liquefaction 
and flooding - most have NO plans in place -
that can meet LIQUEFACTION, FLOODING rescue plans -
more lacking -Fire Fighting Equipment to fight fires -
linked to the many obstacles brought about by the high-rise buildings - and related issues.

The leadership in San Francisco be it Mayor Edwin M. Lee - the so called lacking proven leadership  - Department of Emergency Management - the word " Resilience " - used loosely - by those that have no plans, less standards - and absolutely NO - leadership - worth the salt.

  Buffoonery prevails at all levels - while those in charge are laughing all the way to the bank - paid high salaries - with nothing to show - less leadership and even less accountability and transparency.

This nonsense that been prevailing - without any checks and balances - for the last 15 years. Things going from bad to worse.

In San Francisco we have had several major " emergencies " - a large oil spill in the Bay - and there was no one to address the situation at hand.

The second in charge - were left breathless - perplexed, confused, confounded, and astounded.

As usually happens - the culprits point fingers at others - the blaming game is stepped up -  which exposes the " poor leadership " - and the lack of experience.

These scoundrels in charge - should be fired - if not jailed.

We had a total black out recently - and PG&E and the City and  County of San Francisco - had a very poor response to the situation at hand.

There has been NO complete report - on the above two incidents - and I have copious notes - on the scumbags who were in charge  - and continue to be in office. I also mentioned the two major situations on my blog.

What were they doing the last 5 years - ten more incidents - and each of them did not have any authority at the helm of affairs - most were pussyfooting around.

 The turn over at the Department of Emergency Management is pathetic to say the least. It has none taking notice on this apparent sinking of the ship.

Incompetent she needs to stop -
playing the lives of thousands of people -
millions when the day time population of 
San Francisco - this is NOT a parade on Market Street.

A complete change of management is mandated - and a Blue Print with action plans initiated on a War Footing - at the Department of Emergency Management with a budget of over $60 million and more. 

Inept, incompetent managers - and leaders - removed - which means marching orders - too much hanky panky - going on - and these vermin think - we know nothing about the sordid actions - more at work.

Not one manager who comes before the committees can present a succinct, focused plan - with short term and long term objectives. These idiots are pushing a hidden agenda - with too much frolicking - and this nonsense must STOP - now.

If people die - blood in on your hands.

I was present and saw this at close quarters -
this building collapsed at the Marina 
Sixth Army and Presidio of San Francisco -
from the Presidio of San Francisco - 
played a key role - helping - the City and County of San Francisco -
the City was very slow in its  response - the hydrants failed - 
one single Fire Boat was used - to swell the fires - I saw it all 
first hand - the Mayor at that time Art Agnos.

This Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a JOKE - and so are his lackeys that have absolutely NO first hand experience - Anne Kronenberg, Robert Smuts, Michael Dayton and William Lee - puppets on a string - bidding their time.

Never saw any of the above in 1989 - and have never seen any of the above address in detail the last 10 serious emergencies we have had in San Francisco - addressed in detail.

In fact there is NO one trained to a through briefing - with the ability - to put in place plans - to address a similar situation - in the future -  action items - spelled in detail - forget the long speeches - diatribe - saying something about nothing at all.

The Department of Emergency has meetings - where they all pat their behinds - all the time. This frolicking must STOP.

The idiots - think this nonsense will serve them well - while all the time putting the lives of thousands of us - in harms way.

At this time - we have NO astute leader - who has qualified experience in the field - to manage and put in place a viable and sustainable plan - I can give some scenarios - to test anyone one who is up to the challenge.

It is a shame we call ourselves a First Class City while all the time - building on land prone to liquefaction and flooding - case in point the Museum of Modern Art. What a blunder? Does anyone care?  The neighboring hotels - next to the Museum of Modern Art ?

Moscone East that has just completed Phase One and will soon Complete Phase Two - costing millions - is next to the Museum of Modern Art.

Imagine putting thousands of guests attending the conventions - in harm way?

 Does that say anything about our leadership - and the phony nonsense going on - in San Francisco?

While thousands come to our conventions - they all witness the poor and indigent begging - many homeless sleeping in the shadows of the skyscrapers - while the tourists wonder what is happening to San Francisco? Why are we NOT revolting and taking the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee to task?

Large conventions buildings, large facilities in San Francisco - on land prone to liquefaction and flooding - must be looked into and actions created - to safe guard human lives.

Do not put innocent people - more our guest that we invite to San Francisco - in harms way. 

This is your clarion call - to do right - and STOP playing with lives - just to make money. You bastards.


The map above - in more detail is available for a small price -
distributed by the U. S. Geological Services -
the City and County of San Francisco -
must make these maps available to the over 830, 000 
constituents that make their abode in San Francisco.

Once every 3 months - a presentation must be given to each District we have Eleven Districts in San Francisco - with the Captains linked to the SF Police Department, the other committees and organization formed to address Liquefaction and Flooding - all present and a record kept of the deliberations.

More - so that each District has standards and a Blue Print - with sub-divisions - quadrants with each District having a Captain - to take charge of the situation at hand - with vetted Blue Prints for action and recovery plans. The plans made available to the public - and post on the Department of Emergency Management website that is now posting utter nonsense - patting the behinds of those in charge - one worse than the other - Anne Kronenberg, Robert Smuts, Michael Dayton, and William Lee - this is not a parade and frolicking.

We are talking about lives - millions of lives -  failed policies and taking major risk - putting innocent lives in harms way.

If these idiots do not know how to do it - I can help teach these idiots - how to implement the Blue Plans - more vett the plans - and let the fire works begin - even at very short notice - the session video taped and posted for all the world to see.

I did it in 1989 - when the Big One struck - did not see any of the present idiots who purport to know some - but know nothing - anywhere in San Francisco - where those that knew some were present - volunteered to so do - and represented as good, decent, San Franciscans do.

I was presented the Commander's Award for my work during the Earth Quake in 1989 - the medal present by General Harrison - who was in charge of Sixth Army and Presidio of San Francisco.

I represent the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone - so one gave anyone permission to build so many skyscrapers. 

Destroy San Francisco - with high density buildings. People crowded in match box units - lacking Quality of Life issues.

This Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - have NO clue - the damage they are doing to the citizens of San Francisco. This is not Shanghai or Beijing.

The Millennium Building is sinking -
over 21 inches - and tilting over 7 inches -
there has been vain talk to stabilize this building -
58 stories high - who is fooling whom?

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee was responsible when this building was built - he was the City Administrator and did not do due - diligence. 

The Millennium Building that is sinking - before his failing eye sight - that some of us are aware of. Recently a plane was turned around to land him in a hospital for emergency needs - linked to his eyes - that could not stand the cabin pressure of the airplane.

The present City Administrator is now figuring out how to address the many salient factors -  has been paying and using consultants  who are paid thousands of dollars for their expertise - to make up for answers to the making questions - flooding her office.

These so called experts say  much - talking in circles - but there is no viable and sustainable solutions. Too much hot air - and verbosity - never, ever seen before in recent history of San Francisco.

Just quoting what other experts say -  very careful not to say something in concrete - and more putting it in writing - that can hold them accountable and responsible. Who is fooling whom?

San Francisco is a very corrupt City - and the Department of Building Inspection - is so corrupt that it stinks to high heaven.

The Department of Building Inspection does not have the ability to do any meaningful analysis on high rise buildings, address most expects of foundations.

The many complicated equations, the very complicated algorithms, the one of kind calculations linked to foundations - San Francisco for the longest - has NOT done due diligence - and now has put us all in harms - way - with incompetent folks at the Department of Building Inspection at the helm of affairs. Go figure!

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee and all those in the authority that make these decisions - have No engineering knowledge.

Not even when it comes to the basics - they are there - because they have been anointed - put in place by dirty, stinking, corrupt - politics.

It is a shame that our City has some in authority that should be able to speak good English - but make a fool of themselves - while heading a City Department.

Early on having had some information and having kept track of a Engineering Firm name DeSimone - I gave some notes to one or two City employees - who were trying to find a needle in a hay stack.

They could not make head or tail - because the information was of a caliber - that was too  high or difficult for them to comprehend. Poor souls.

It was simply amazing - how ignorant these City employees were - and how they were suddenly put in a situation - to find out - and fix a problem - when they had no idea, less concrete information, inept, incompetent - even less not educated - on the  subject. 

Perhaps the only one asking the right question - even though he is not an Engineer - he is the Supervisor from District 3 Supervisor  Aaron Peskin.

The others - on the Committee - are just lackeys - who have NO clue what they are saying - less when they ask stupid - questions.
Throwning arrows in the air - and thinking the can fool ask astute citizens of San Francisco.

These conceptual plans - 
are more like a dream -
you wake up and it could be your worst nightmare -
imagine people living in an area - and slowly dying.

On closer inspection - we now know how corrupt the Department of Building Inspection is - one has just to follow the money when it comes to Lennar Urban and 5 Points Holdings LLP at Candlestick Point and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in the Southeast Sector.

30, 000 units planned to be built on very contaminated ground - more prone to liquefaction and flooding.

Depleted Uranium was tested on much of this area - in the 1950s as part of the World War II - operations.

These steps lead to the rooms of Corruption -
leading the pack Mark Farrell, London Breed,
Katy Tang, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Ahsha Safai,
 Jeff Sheehy -
the biggest corrupt crook Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

I addressed the SF Planning Department - and brought to their attention the congestions -  the lack of - addressing Quality of Life issues in San Francisco. 

We have much to learn from Hurricane Harvey and now Hurricane Irma.

The Big One is coming - in fact it is at our door.

We have jackasses who are suppose to address our Safety - pussyfooting around - many of them - should be ashamed of themselves.

The Department of Emergency Management spends in access of $60 million annually - and has failed to have - focused meetings in each of the 11 Districts - in San Francisco.

We want to know who is in charge.

We want to know - if we should be armed - to deal with the many looting incidents, home break-ins, assaults, killings and shooting - before and after the aftermath of the BIG ONE?

Right now the Safety issues are suspect? So what do those in charge have to say? Who is fooling whom?

We must learn from those lesson about Resiliency - it will take Texas over 20 years to put things on track and cost Texas over - 400 billion dollars - if not more.

For sure Key West and the other places that I have mentioned - will need in access of $500 billion.

Many very expensive buildings very close to the water - flooding of a kind we have never seen before - a storm surge - that has never, ever been witnessed before - who is going to pay - for all this and more?

No one can put a figure on stress, mental issues, the loss of property and many of those who will loose everything - failing to have insurance - who is going to address these issues with viable and sustainable solutions? 

It is the same with Florida - Naples, Tampa, Jacksonville, Melbourne, Daytona Beach - Ft. Lauderdale - others places - will be destroyed - already over 400, 000 electric poles down - and millions without power.

Not everyone is at home - but when the millions arrive - most of them will not have electricity for months.

The time to act is now - and we are running out of time - Aho.