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Saturday, September 9, 2017


Amos Brown portends to have worked
40 years at Third Baptist - doing something - in reality - 
he has done NOTHING  much - creating - divisiveness.
Above the invitation card - that allowed you to attend the event.

Bill Clinton -
he talks the talk but has yet to walk the walk.
He attended the event yesterday - September 8, 2017 -
and was the Key Speaker - at the Third Baptist Church -
in San Francisco - where Amos Brown is not liked at all.

It is a crying shame - when some House Negros invite Bill Clinton - who was instrumental - making nefarious policies - and sending millions of Blacks to jail - many of them innocent - lingering today in filthy, dirty jails -  millions of families - adversely impacted.

Young men and women - mostly Black have NO idea - what the so called Elders are doing. They follow Willie L. Brown Jr. who was the Master of Ceremonies - and as such - can wheel and deal.
Amos Brown who has failed miserably to take care of the sheep.

Millions were collected to give Amos Brown some reprieve - from the event held yesterday - September 8, 2017.

Several strokes - have made Amos Brown weak nimble - and his days are numbered.

 He is a roaring lion no more - who has lost his mane - his teeth, and of course the ability to roar with purpose - he now nimbly barks - up the wrong tree.

Amos Brown has been involved in hundreds of deal in the Fillmore - pitying one against the other - and often times he will insert himself in a situation - to grab the mike and make statements - pretending that is for the people - when he is NOT.

When London Breed had an event on winning her seat as Supervisor - some years ago.

I witnessed Amos Brown standing by the door - the others were seated - but no one cared to offer a seat - to Amos Brown. Amos Brown has just suffered a stroke - and I found this situation very alarming - but more reflecting on those that had organized the event.

Amos Brown a know sell out -
who has caused too much damage -
he needs to step down and move away -
more now that his coffers have been filled by tainted money.

I had to get a chair - carry it to Amos Brown and he sat down.

He remembers that and so do I.

On another occasion - Amos Brown arrived late. Community Oriented Police Service (COPS) an entity that works for the Department of Justice - were going to represent their report - 
on police shootings and killings - and related reforms - that were needed. Including training - deescalation and so on.

The event was held 450 Golden Gate the Federal Building - more to keep the community out. I got in using my card issued to me as a journalist.

I put up my hand at the opportune moment - and was asked to speak. My statements were clear - the police shoot first and then ask questions - later. Those gathered including Mayor Edwin M. Lee - I stated  have done nothing much to bring succor to the Mothers of the victims.

Amos Brown was quick to agree with me - however, he has not on many other occasions - more those linked to Lennar Urban - because he has been on their pay roll.

Former Mayor of San Francisco - 
who was instrumental in putting the event together -
and was the Master of Ceremonies -
took time and money to put the 40 year celebration event 
together - one call and he can bring the big guns to any event.

Willie Brown Jr. has been a Supervisor of San Francisco - then the Assembly in Sacramento and served several terms as Speaker of the House in Sacramento - the Capital of California.

People feared the Speaker - he had too much power - and those in the Assembly and Senate - created laws - more to term out people like Willie L. Brown Jr. after two 4 year terms.

Willie L. Brown is a force to be reckoned with - more, when it comes to politics.

He is perhaps  the only one that can speak his mind - and move all around San Francisco - by himself - without any protection.

Willie L. Brown has a sharp mind - and he remembers well those that have worked and helped him.

He also remembers those that he choses not to like - and can destroy the lives of anyone - he deems so. Many innocent people - who he did not like - have suffered and I know some of them.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi who has failed the Democrats and more the Nation - still thinks she can use her influence to make some of the worse policies - that have harmed this Nation.

Obama Care was flawed and pushed primarily by Nancy Pelosi. Today it withers on the vine - after causing harm to millions.

Nancy Pelosi is not to be trusted - and one way to keep her out and about - is to enforce term limits - she and the other hag Diane Feinstein - need to step down - and make room for some fresh air - and better talent - more, who can represent the people.

Senator Diane Feinstein

Californians are fed up with Senator Diane Feinstein. Recently at a meeting - she suggested working with Donald Trump to change his ways. No one can change the ways of a " egoistical maniac ".

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the CIA has monitored Senator Diane Feinstein - her influence to give her husband huge contracts -  also her influence with countries like Israel - where she could and may have compromised - the security of our Nation.

Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom is standing ready to be the next Governor of California - in fact he want to be the President of the United States - that is how crazy the Democrats are - Gavin Newsom is a panderer - he cannot think straight - and has never been a good leader.

The last time he ran for Governor - some of us followed him on his campaign trail - to Santa Barbara, to San Diego, to Napa,  closer to Oakland - and busted him.

Gavin Newsom is a consummate liar - he took credit for establishing the " Rainy Day Fund " when it came to the SF Unified School District - a fund that was created and established by Tom Amianno. 

Gavin Newsom was brought up with a silver spoon in his mouth - rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous - and has never, ever learn to represent the ordinary - person.

Playing second fiddle to Governor Jerry Brown - as the Lt Governor - Gavin Newsom has learned nothing at all. 

California needs a strong leader - Governor Jerry Brown has balanced the budget - if Gavin Newsom is given any opportunity to lead California - he will ruin it all - as he has - when he was Mayor of San Francisco.

The flag of the United States of America

Our Nation has suffered so much - the divide has been so wide - millions of people are suffering - have no nutritious food to sustain their bodies, lack good health coverage.

Our educational services are poor - and more and more college students have debts and cannot pay them up.

Again and again all over the Nation- law enforcement has chosen to shoot first and ask questions later.

Here is San Francisco we have a Blue Panel Report that has NOT been attended to.

We have a Mayor, Edwin M. Lee who has NOT read the document.

In fact when asked to fund the Blue Panel - he bluntly told the entity that requested him for this much needed  funding - that he would not spend a dollar.

Three astute and stellar judges who were on the Blue Panel chastised Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - he must remember that for the rest of his life.

We have a Grand Jury Report - on delays in adjudicating cases - and the SF Police Department shooting first and asking questions - later.

Case after case being screwed up - involving shootings and killings - many innocent - the Public Defender and several astute Law Firms in San Francisco - have come to the same conclusion.

Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) - have mandated changes - in the manner the SF Police Department have conducted themselves. 

We are not foolish to generalize - there just a few " rogue San Francisco Police Officers " who tarnish the name of the entire SF Police Department.

The history of the SF Police Department - has been put  again and again for years on end in  " receivership  " - other binding mandates - with no holistic results in sight.

I know the last 10 Chiefs of Police personally - and I have seen the SF Police Department - go through its trials and tribulations.

The Peace Officers must understand that San Francisco needs them to bring about peace and assure us - the constituents of San Francisco are kept safe.

Again and again we have had shooting and killings - that have baffled those detectives - and the SF Police Officers have now been ordered to walk the streets - when it came to the authorities - car break ins, home break ins - had increased by leaps and bound. Car break ins - 26% up.

Our Chief of Police - Chief William Scott -
has the needed experience to quickly feel the pulse -
of the situation at hand. What bring in the hurdles -
are the " politics " - the politics must be removed -
for us to make progress - on a war footing.

The capping of the number of Police Officers we can handle - must be revisited on a war footing.

The demographics of San Francisco are changing - and more and more less than 2% of the thugs - who we call bad guys - are adversely impacting - thousands. We have a growing population of 830, 000.

We have 11 Supervisorial District and 10 Prescints - many over lapping and creating - logistical problems.

Over the years I have got to know many of the Captains - I keep a baseline relationship - meaning - that I get to know the Captains of the 10 Prescints. More to address issue linked to Violence, Killings, Shootings, and other crimes that are brought to my attention.

The Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People of San Francisco -
that I represent and love.

The Captains  know I have the best interest of San Francisco. I believe in keeping open lines of communication - even - with those that do not like me. I have nothing to hide - and my life is a open book. 

San Francisco is no more a City of children - in fact we are a City that has more dogs - even the National Geographic - was enticed to write an article about San Francisco and it dog population - and how enamored San Franciscans are with their dogs - and may I add cats.

Our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors,  those with compromise health - more the mentally and physically challenged - need help.

Too many homeless on our streets -
no steady roof over their heads -
filthy conditions - all over our City once known -
for its hygiene and cleanliness.

Thousands are taking refuge -
in places like this - where no one can go -
and count them - the statistics provided by -
the Homeless Czar is as fake as the services provided -
over $240 million spent annually.

San Francisco are now immune to seeing the poor -
living in " tent towns ".
Those unfortunate are rounded up - their right not read -
and sent to jail - out of sight is out of mind.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
he has failed us all - and needs to step down -
N  O   W .

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee has lost his mind - he just has NO clue - how much the poor are suffering - daily he keeps wheeling and dealing - and thinks he can fool all the people - all the time.