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Friday, September 8, 2017


Irma named after a goddess -
has been so mean - so big - 
 left a dangerous path - one of the worst natural disasters
to hit Mother Earth in recent times.

Hurricane Irma has cause so much devastation - that just taking toll of all the damage - has been horrific.

 Some Islands in its path totally destroyed - one as much as 95%.

As she uses her "centrifugal force" - she churns her way -   moving every each way - plowing deep and uprooting everything - in her path.

Irma is a beast. She is so wide - as wide as the State of Texas.

Hurricane Irma - is named after a " goddess " -  she has a beastly punch - and seems hell bent to target - Miami, Florida -
a center of corruption.

Miami, Florida - where drug money and other nefarious actives raking in billions of dollars are laundered.

Miami, Florida - with wide tentacles - Lennar Urban - adversely impacting us in the Bay Area. Building homes on very contaminated ground - at Candlestick Point - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

I was before the San Francisco Planning Commission -  Thursday, September 7, 2014,

I warned the SF Planning  Commissioners to STOP building high-rise buildings - and STOP inviting people to come here - when most San Franciscans who built San Francisco - are forced out of San Francisco.

Affordable homes are not to be found easily in San Francisco - there is a " glut " of marker price homes - and there lies the crux of the problem - big developers - hell bent to make big money - having disdain for the poor, less the indigent.

Hurricanes as do Earth Quakes - from time to time - bring some semblance into our thinking.

We think we know some - and again and again find that we failed to think - using proven models, and failing to pay attention to history - history repeats itself - exposing the hidden foolishness of - " homo sapiens " - the two legged animal.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee

Often times - very corrupt people - the likes of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - other very corrupt people - sacrifice Quality of Life issues - and use high density, congestion, and other very nefarious models and methods - to propagate - GENTRIFICATION.

Palm trees are very sturdy - more when the grow tall -
on sandy ground -  can withstand - strong winds -
winds in access of 150 miles but winds more than 180 miles -
are too strong for the palm trees - as you all can witness.

When things are fine - and the filthy rich have money to throw - they often approach the beach - and build fancy homes - giving little thought to hurricanes - sea-level rise - and huge waves 20feet and sometimes 30 feet - that Climate Change - will bring about.

No one can fight Mother Earth - and less a Tsunami or a Hurricane like Irma - everything in their path - is suspect - and everything is taken out. Seeing is believing - so I will not get into the details.

As far as I know the damage cause by water - is the worst.

Earthquakes too - bring about much damage - but not as worse as water.

Such scenes remind us of the Marina Earthquake -
here in  San Francisco - except this scene is one of thousands -
that reveal the force of Hurricane Irma.

San Francisco is a racist city - and many in San Francisco are shameless - we honor people who have destroyed the lives and impacted the lives of many. God sees this and and San Francisco - the City of Sodom and Gomorrah - will be hit by the Big One.

Amos Brown is being honored -
for his services - Bill Clinton who helped incarcerate -
thousands of Blacks all over the Nation -
will be the key speaker - today.

Amos Brown from the Fillmore - has been one of the worst sell outs. He has taken money from Lennar Urban - and not spoken against the harm Lennar Urban - exercised - against innocent infants, children, youth, young adult, our elders and those with compromised health.

 You can attend the event today - at the Third Baptist Church - which is recent times - has worked against the people - House Negros - doing the " devil's work ".

The filthy rich will pay $20, 000, $50, 000, even as high
as $100, 000 - to benefit Amos Brown - one of the worst sell outs - who should be ashamed of himself.

Amos Brown has been inflicted with several strokes - and has one foot in the grave.

 Now, at the eleventh hour - the corrupt and those that are filthy rich - are honoring him for all his evil deeds.

Amos Brown has BLOOD on his hands - and many know about this - but are afraid to speak the TRUTH.

I said San Francisco is a " evil city " created by those that came here - and did not recognize nor respect the Ohlone - who land this is - and who have lived here for over 13, 000 years.

What is it that these Poverty Pimp Pastors - mostly Blacks do not comprehend?

The prophets came - and so did many Saints to witness and bear testimony - here in San Francisco.

The decent advocates - those that volunteer to do good -  who by their good actions - sacrifice and love.

They good bearing witness before God - have touched and changed the minds, the hearts, the very persons - who were astray and put them back on track.

For 40 years - some of us advocates have been on the front lines - and the sell outs who hang around and lick the boots of Amos Brown known to  us - have opposed us - for the sake of opposing us - taking bread crumbs - that well is dry now.

When those in the Amos camp see us - they literally shit bricks - they fear the Truth - Cheryl Davis, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Cesar Churchwell, London Breed, Malia Cohen, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Sophie Maxwell, Toye Moses - others - you get the drift.

Look at the eye of Hurricane Irma -
she is larger than the State of Texas.

As God is my witness - I have seen too much suffering - and innocent people dying in San Francisco. 

Today hundreds of middle class -  more indigent - sleep on the streets of San Francisco. This is not a JOKE.

Yet Mayor Edwin M. Lee and the SF Board of Supervisors - talk the talk but have failed to walk the walk.

God sees is all - and will not spare those - who with intent - contributed to the death of innocent people.

They all died and suffered - just because they were poor. 

They were poor because they lacked opportunities - were used by the system - the system - controlled by the very corrupt.

There is a God.

The many billionaires and millionaires - give a " rat's ass " as to the suffering - the thousands who suffer and the thousands who have left San Francisco - never to return again.

 I have witnessed  - so called people who call themselves Christians - mock the poor, the indigent, and those that need help most.

Those poor who having been sleeping of the streets of San Francisco, under bushes, in other places - are today rounded up and sent to jail. 

There is a God - and there are those that bear witness to my statement - in the thousands.

The Great Master said ; " Blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven ".

San Francisco wake up - your time is running out.

In fact it has run out. Heed this warning - repent - for your actions - that have adversely impacted and  affected millions.

We just had a major Earthquake in Mexico today - September 8, 2014.

Even Donald Trump has raised the debt ceiling of our Nation - his golf courses and other assets - will be impacted - and his "god"  is money - and he will see that he gets - compensated.

Nancy Pelosi -
a very " evil person " - 
power is what she thrives on -
she belongs to a Mafia family - and we know that to be a fact .

Donald Trump made a  "pact " with  Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi - agreed to increase the  " debt ceiling " to accommodate the damage done by Hurricane Harvey and placate the filthy rich from Texas.

We know the ones that were in favor from Texas - favoring unsavory and devious actions - linked to  fracking,  removing millions of gallons of fossil fuel and contaminating Mother Earth.

 Opposing us when we fought against  the North Dakota Pipeline.

Those Texans that invested in that project - who are now reeling in debt - because they did not listen to those whose heart was clean - and in the right place.

The Lakota have patrimonial jurisdiction - and have a treaty that clearly states the detail in  - the Treaty of Laramie signed in 1868:

Those that speak with a " forked tongue " cannot be trusted - much like Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Edwin M. Lee and the many Democrats - who will work with the - " devil ".

The DACA controversy was just that - no one will have to leave the Nation. The devils agreed on that - when the debt ceiling was  increased -  Donald Trump was pacified.

The impending debacle linked to Government Funding - will be eased - and the Government will not be shut down - come October 1, 2017.

There will be funding NOT for the wall - but for more monitoring on the borders - be it that ICE and other entities - will do what their  best - to treat the immigrants with disdain.

Anyway, you look at the present circumstances - we citizens - are deprived of our rights - and there are very few who understand their rights.

If only they knew - the thousands of laws -  many local, others in the states - and those on the National level - that have been enacted - mostly under the cover of darkness - to favor the Dark Side - those that pretend to represent us - but represent - themselves.

40 years in the trenches - 20 years learning from the best - all over the world - having served with the Department of Defense, the Department of Interior, the United States Park Police - before my retirement in 2002 - has taught me a lot.

I personally know these scum bags - be it Amos Brown, Edwin M. Lee, the many others I will not name - they will just tarnish the pages of this article again - they all will be judged - here on Earth.

My good friends the many that send me emails and that meet me and say that I am fearless - my strength comes from a " high power ".

 Ever since I was born. Those of you who really know me - call me " commando " - others " grandfather " - others respect me - and I love you all.

More and more - the divisiveness prevailing today is horrendous - the rich and the poor. The poor looked upon with disdain.

Let me put it plainly - there is a God - and only those that have their heart in the right place - can take others to a better place.

We need you on the side of justice and fair play - and truly speaking time is running out - we need your support - more your prayers and good actions. Aho.

Francisco Da Costa