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Thursday, September 7, 2017


Hurricane is so wide - 
that it is wider than the land mass it is going to land on -
gathering moisture from both sides the large
masses of water the Gulf and the Atlantic -
it has broken all records so far - " it is a beast ".

The deed of man - who deems that he can at will rule by " fait " - has harmed Mother Earth.

This is our time to ponder - more meditate - and for sure act - with empathy, compassion and sound actions.

Thousands will suffer -  as often happens - the innocent, more the poor and indigent - bear the brunt of the adverse impacts.
However - the Great Spirit sees it all - and who real makes the sacrifice and will be blessed - and how the others - will be dealt with here on Earth.

Corrupt forces from Miami, Florida have come all the wasy to San Francisco - to harm us - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - folks like Kofi Bonner and Lennar Urban a rogue developer, and 5 Points Holding, LLP - same snake - different head - have raked in millions. 

Hurricane Irma will open the eyes of Lennar and keep it open for decades - the Hurricane is an act of God - and that is why I predicted its path - weeks ago. Not Cape Code - but a direct hit - on Miami, Florida - and more when it will impact Lennar.

Hurricane Harvey - long before it landed and cause so much damage - was a force to reckon with. I reported hurricane Harvey as best I could - and today - we all join those in Texas - to offer support and will continue to support them in the days to come.

Los Angeles, Oakland, many other towns and cities have offered support to Texas. Not so San Francisco - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee must be prepared for the Big One - and then realize - the many mistakes he has made. 

Daily he rakes in thousands - millions every week - stacked in off shore accounts - and this is not talk - we have the empirical data. Follow the money they say!

Hurricane Irma is on a path of tremendous devastation -
the smaller islands it has landed on -
have been severely devastated - and as it approaches -
the bigger islands - we will see more havoc -
then it will land in and around Florida - and may be for the 
first time - " we will witness the Beast ".

The Great Spirit see it all - this land - Turtle Island - belongs to the indigenous people - indigenous people who lived here for thousands of years.

Those who came here - with or without papers some 300 years ago - are strangers - and remain strangers - they must behave themselves - and always remember to pay their respects to the Host Nations.

These rules and regulations that we are fighting about - be it immigration laws,  failed DAPA, and DACA - are issues created without thought. You do not need to be a " rocket scientist " to understand - and if the stranger have a Congress and a Senate - that make the laws - signed by their elected President today a egoistical maniac Donald Trump - and before that a House Negro - Barack Hussin Obama - do not think for one second - that these two have the best interest of the citizens of America.

House Negro Barack Hussein Obama used his " fiat " to sign DACA - gave two years to create a solution - that did not happen - he with intent chose his Executive Power - to create DACA with Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, other shallow Democrats - thinking they had done some good - when they have put 800, 000 in harms way.

Two wrongs to not make a right.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

The Dreamers have been caught in the web of very corrupt politics. Today the Democrats are crying foul - when they created this mess.

Much as Obama Care promised the people they could chose their own doctor - and could not.

Promised affordable insurance - and delivered insurance premiums - that have impacted us all. Not a whimper - on the above two issues - the Democrats created a vacuum and prepared the way for the world best known - " egoistical maniac ".

Hurricane Irma - will make a direct hit on Florida.

From my early days - I have seen things - in a different light. I often say spontaneously: " shed light where there is abject darkness ".

I also say -  " brother and sisters - have your heart in the right place - it is only when you have your heart in the right place - and you can take others to a better place ".

Hurricane Harvey - Harvey means blazing - fire - Harvey showed us how those that talk the talk - cannot walk the walk.

Anyway you look at Harvey the volunteers, Faith Based, others - did the hard work - often working 2 and 3 days - with little or no sleep. The Great Spirit see it all - and if we do not learn quickly to see these " calamities " - with a different light - we will learn nothing much.

We experienced Hurricane Katrina - we experienced Hurricane Sandy - we experienced Earthquakes here in California - and still have not learned much.

We fail to respect the First People - who kept this land Turtle Island pristine - today - it is a mess. Fracking, clear cutting old growth, polluting the lakes, the rivers, the streams, the watershed.

With intent putting our infants, our children, our youth, our young adult, our seniors, those with compromised health - in harm way. There is a God - there is the Great Spirit - when will we learn to open our hearts and eyes.

What do we see on our televisions - sensational news - and when we witness the empathy and compassion - they are quick to mention that actions - but fail to put it in the context of spirituality.

We all know that our minds need nurturing - there is information and there is eduction - discerning and picking the best information is education.

We must learn to feed our bodies with good food.

 Be careful to stay away from preservatives - fast foods - besides harming your body and your organs - it destroys your peace of mind.

More - harbors stress - stress is the present pandemic of today contemporary world - that health organization ignore - to save money - Health Maintenance Organization are all about making money - and less about peoples health and welfare.

Our souls are precious - more those of infants, children, youth, young adults, those in their golden age our elders - others who have learned to fine tune the basic but more essential elements and factor - need to live a good, decent, and more beneficial life.

Our partners for life are critical to survival - small deeds, good deed count - our parents, our spouses for those that are straight, 
our friends and supporters - who follow the path of the Great 

Chief Sitting Bull

Chief Thunderhawk

Chief Joseph 

Let us not be caught in the web of corruption - do not pay any attention to the politicians - the politicians without except are very corrupt - " political whores and pimps ".

If you know what I know - from 40 years plus of investigative reporting - collecting information - much of it stores - in different formats - you will be astounded, confused, bewildered, confounded, shocked - and wish you had not witnessed or heard the empirical data.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a crook of the worst order.

He is not a leader - and has no clue how to govern - he is surround by lackeys the kind of Diane Aroche, Paul Henderson, other lackeys from the erstwhile Willie L. Brown Jr regime, the Gavin Newsom regime - one worse than the other.

The RICO ACT is the prime tool to be utilized today - the Federal Bureau of Investigation must STEP in - and folks like Steven Gruel and others - that have followed me for a long time - must step in - Mueller who use to head the FBI office here in San Francisco - can help.

Few understand what our American Flag stand for -
most have NOT read the constitution of the United States -
even less understand what is means to be a citizen -
we rule not these corrupt politicians, bankers, financial institution.

Many others - that I know - having worked for Sixth Army and Presidio of San Francisco's - Congressional Liaison.

My forty years plus - dealing with environmental issues - locally, nationally and internationally - has introduced to a slew of unsavory characters - many of them here in San Francisco.

Those that control our media, our commercial and rental spaces, portion themselves to make sordid policies - the SF Department heads - who think they can play with fire - and not get burned.

This jerk has set our City on fire.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who have set our create City on Fire.

The days of giving you all a pass - to harm the innocent and those that need help most are long gone - we are in a position to call the shots - but more to execute with precision - we are NOT afraid of those that have no spinel, spiritually bankrupt - are known to many as the scum of the earth.

Most of the SF Board of Supervisors - leading the charge Mark Farrell,  Katy Tang, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Ahsha Safai, Jeff Sheehy - you all are put on notice.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

More and more people are learning about the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and do not approve of the hasty and high density development. Lies that our Carbon Footprint is under control  - when the opposite is true.

In the Southeast Sector over 1 million tons of  Methane spews in the air - one ton of Methane Gas equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide - Mayor Edwin M. Lee has no clue about this one singular fact.

The blood of infants, children, youth, young adults, our elders, those with compromised health - are on those that have made policies that are slowly killing the above names segments of our population.

We citizens must think outside the box - and take control of our destiny. More actions and less talk.

Do not be afraid of these bastards - take them on - on a level where you do not have to touch them.

Do not touch them - they are shucks - stay away from them - use your intelligence to inform them of their impeding - neutralization since they cannot think better - and for sure act better - so they continue to swim in the cesspool of their own making. 

Until the day comes - the go away - have left NO legacy on this Earth. 

They are mostly spineless,  inept, have no empirical data to back them - and keep spewing lies, hoodwink us all the time - and for sure - do not have our best interest.

This is Muwekma Ohlone Land - and I am watching these " thugs " like a  HAWK. Aho.