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Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Barbara Ockel -
corruption follows her everywhere -
she shows disdain to the Bayview Hunters Point community.

The Bayview Opera House is a den of thieves - of late the entire Board -  all sell outs - have continuously canceled their meetings -  its President Theo Ellington - who has nothing to do with our community - thinks he can get away with murder - in broad daylight.

The entire bid process - linked to the rehabilitation of the Bayview Opera House - is saturated with corruption. Much of the work done - for example the painting - without abating the " lead "  coating - the building was built in 1888.

Hundreds of people have been adversely impacted with lead flakes - sell outs like Barbara Ockel - think she can treat the community with disdain - daring to build a brand new gate - to block the thoroughfare - that once allowed us all - to walk freely.

We could enter the Joseph Lee Gym if we wanted - and if we chose go  to the Bayview Opera House - we could through its side entrance. More, where we had events, forum, dramas, and a series of events - Health Fairs and so on.

We have received many complaints charging victims from the community - $4000, $5000 and treating those that paid the money with disdain.

Well, we have the financials - and nothing much adds up. 

An initial bid is put out - and the entity that gets it - M&H Construction - makes a series of change orders - up the initial price of the job from $2.6 to over $5.6 million.

The gate and the rock garden are both a sham - and not compatible with the Landmark Building - any of the Department of Interior standards - I am familiar with - having worked for the National Park Service and other Federal Agencies.

The ugly rock garden -
showed cased in front of the Bayview Opera House.

The entire process is self defeating - people invited to use the Landmark Building - after much work is done - fixing the leaking ceiling, the stage, the interior walls  - the rest rooms - some ADA adjustment - while all the time the exterior walls have peeling paint - exposing the older coat - containing lead paint -  adversely impacting those the come closer to the vicinity and get exposed.

We have hundreds of Accountants more Certified Public Accountants in San Francisco  - yet the Director of the Bayview Opera House - chose to have the financials of the Bayview Opera House - done by some accountant in Fremont.

More to cover up - some glaring transactions - that will come to bite Barbara Ockel, the Director of the Board of the Bayview Opera House in the butt - Theo Ellington.

Theo Ellington - the Director of the Board -
Bayview Opera House - a sell out not to be trusted.

San Francisco City Agencies are involved in some cover up - and the initial reports made and accepted by the San Francisco Sunshine Task Force - have been received and dated - so let the fire works - begin.

It is time to use the Rico Act - and bring in the Federal Bureau of Investigation - line up the pimps and whores - who having been using the Bayview Opera House - much as a bordello - a den of thieves - Ali Baba and the Forty thieves.

Malia Cohen and Willie L. Brown Jr -
all things must come to an end -
more corruption of the worst order.

As  one would expect the House Negros - the likes of Malia Cohen, many others - and the Board Director Theo Ellington - did not expect - some of us from the Bayview closer to the community at large -  to delve deep into the many ploys, machinations, and shenanigans of his doing.

I met Theo and reminded him that he had promised to meet me -  and he failed to do so.

 So he asked me for my card and I gave it to him the second time - and the MF does not have the decency to meet me in person.

 He knows that I know too much of his nefarious activities - and the crooks he hangs with - Walton Shaman, Malia Cohen, Barbara Ockel,  Dwyane Jones - others - one worse than the other.

Theo Ellington should understand fully that this is not the East Bay - and the bothers and sisters from the Bayview - are now fully cognizant of the fact - that you Theo -  as do the others that you hang  around - are all sell outs - of the highest order.

The former KFC is closed - and on that site - that is contaminated - need abatement and mitigation - housing is planned - much like a Superfund that is the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - these sites the former KFC site - is a  Brownfield sits - that his White pal and his other corrupt friends - think they can built on - and no one will pay due attention - to their sordid activities.

The Bayview Hunters point community is not dumb - and for sure is not stupid - these out siders -  many of them Blacks hailing from Fresno - think they can fool all the people all the time. One of them is the Director of the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building.

All sorts of corrupt activities going on - with Non-Profit such as Girls 2000 with a large budget over 3 million dollars - conducting activities such as managing Pit Stops - better known as " Shit Stops" - while pretending to  pass off as saviors of indigent children, youth, and young adults - when these segments of the population - get little or no help.

The Mayor and his hoodlums - are busy raking money - proving prime and sub contractors - to bid low - get a bid through favors - then make umpteen change orders  and we have the empirical data. The crooks can make an attempt to run - but they cannot hide.

Most of them have no morals - for sure lack standards - and have absolutely no ethics.

Everyone knows them - Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Shaman Walton, Theo Ellington, Sophie Maxwell, Barbara Ockel, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Caesar Churchwell, Toye Moses, Tiffany Bohee and more.

When we requested - using the Freedom of Information Act format - we are told what to do and how to do things.

 These crooks,  more ignorant and arrogant - are teaching us how to best conduct business that we have mastered.

Audits conducted by one Robynn Takayama - and evaluated by me - clearly show that the Bayview Opera House has NO standards - and yet the authorities - have given Barbara Ockel a pass - many times - she must step down - and fade away.

Carla Johnson a city ADA specialist and City worker - who has since passed away - is involved in some funds and shady business. And while I normally do not like to make any disparaging remarks - pertaining to someone that cannot defend herself - in this case an exception is warranted.

Carla Johnson - her untimely death - came as a shock to many.  We are forced to mention her - as part of some cover up - as she was critical in bringing funds to the Bayview Opera House - for the many critical seismic and other  much needed - repairs.

I remember clearly one Calvin Jones - who headed a Non-Profit bringing much needed funds to the Bayview Opera House.

Then in the early 2000 the SF Arts Commission shows its ugly head - millions of dollars - from Lennar Urban and other entities - all recorded - funneled to the SF Arts Commission - that is using the Bayview community like a dirty rag.

Continuing to paint a very poor management scenario - pointing to abject corruption of the highest order.

More when it comes to the financial operations - a shame and a disgrace to anything decent - these scum of the earth - jackasses are not from the community - all outsiders - using the community like a dirty rag.

Bayview Opera House -
built in 1888 -
once a Masonic Lodge - donated to the community -
now a nest of corrupt folks - outsiders - who exploit the community at large.

Malia Cohen who has a key role to play - in many of the shenanigans - linked to the Bayview Opera House - will have to appear before the SF Ethics Commission - and other bodies.

Malia Cohen - thinks she will get a pass - and that there is no one to challenge the corruption and more the stench that she leaves behind - after her umpteen dirty deeds - one after another.

At this time Malia Cohen - wants to run for the State of California seat -  one of many the  Board of Equalization.

 A seat that demand character, morals, ethics - none of which this woman has - nor will ever have - she is a seasoned - political whore - and her time has arrived. 

Assistant General Manager of External Affairs -
of the SF Public Utilities Commission -
she funneled over $200, 000 to Green For All -
without any justification and had to return the money -
fined by the Fair Action Political Committee -
to this day she has NO remorse - and is adamant.

It is a shame that some of us advocates have to monitored the many Non-profits - the SF City agencies that dabble with corruption - one of them Juliet Ellis - who works for the SF Public Utilities Commission - and has her hand - in much of the on going corruption. Time will tell.