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Monday, September 11, 2017


Hurricane Harvey 
caused a lot of damage -
now is the time to bring about a drastic change for good.

It will cost over $400 Billion to put Texas on track again - and will take over 30 years - more those outlying areas - that will require - a certain type of deep concern.

Good Texans bringing  people together - leaders whose heart is in the right place.

The innovations  are there - the will and fortitude is there - the best minds can make it happen. 

There is nothing better than human ingenuity and more with one's heart in the right place. 

The tenacity of Texans is well known - now we need the fortitude, the empathy and the compassion - second to none.

Texans are tough people - many still share the values of those that came before the present generation - some of those treasured values - come from the Union Flag of yore - that must be replaced with a place for all - no matter the color of one's skin.

This is a new time - that demands - more holistic values - concepts that are viable and sustainable - concepts that change the mind, the heart, the soul - for good. Only the best can do it - but others too - can change their minds - and join the fray - for the very best.

Texas can do it - we now have to ask - who will step up - more, local talent - home grown talent - and make Texas shine - folks like Willie Nelson.

The vultures are waiting on the sidelines - Goldman Sachs, other nefarious bankers - all those that we bailed out in 2008 - when our Nation's economy spiraled and corrupt forces - bailed the big Financial Institutions - that continue to fleece us all.

Texas has this one golden opportunity - shine and shed light where there is abject - darkness. Take the leadership role - and lead the Nation - to shine and reveal the best we have a Nation.

Always remember the First People - the Native Americans whose land this it - if we do not - more calamities will destroy our Nation - Mother Nature.

Mother Earth comes first - this is the lesson these two Hurricanes have taught us - Hurricane Harvey - and Hurricane Irma - and there is more.

Keep the politics out - the likes of the Bushes - they only take care of their own pockets.

Tons of opportunity to develop brand new  towns - with Solar and other clean energy elements. 

Fossil fuels that have for long - tarnished the name of Texas - must now be put on the back burner.

Texas can do it -  it may be a little bit convoluted - Texas can do it - and this narrow window - is fleeting away - unless the Texans come to an understanding - stand and work shoulder to shoulder - and teach our Nation - that in UNITY - all things fall in place.

Hurricane Irma -
destroyed much in its path -
today we must rally ourselves and put things in order.

It will cost over  $500 Billion to address the damage caused by Hurricane Irma - and take in little over 20 years - to put everything in order. The Seminoles for long have been known - for their tenacity and fortitude.

Florida must set as tone - and shun their connections with the cartels - these tentacles have delivered harm to far of places - one of many - a rogue developer Lennar Urban - that has messed things - all over California.

Hurricane Irma - left many Meteorologists wondering how Hurricane Irma would behave - where it would make a landing.

Well, in the end it went West but then delivered a hard blow East - and did its thing - exercising its own centrifugal forces - that will be remembered for a long time.

We saw the surges - the over 15 feet waves - washing everything in its path. God deems it necessary from time to time - to remind us - what is good and what is not. Florida will have to change the way it does business.

The many retirement homes and business have suffered, the orange orchards  - will need much nurturing to bring back the orange orchards - back to life. 

The palm and coconut trees - that showed the tenacity - we will remember them holding up to the 150 plus winds - for a long time.

A majestic Seminole Elder

The Insignia of the Seminoles -
a Federally Recognized Native American Tribe.

The Seminole are Native Americans - who are on the Federal Register - a tribe that is Federally Recognized - and must be honored - at this time - for the time is auspicious. 

This is a time to see the light - and shed light on the Seminoles who jurisdiction - more patrimonial jurisdiction is - FLORIDA.

A Seminole Warrior -
as I said this is a auspicious time to heal 
and honor the Seminole Tribes -
the only Tribe that was never defeated by the strangers.

The Latino community - the strong Cuban Community - the everlasting Seminoles - the local indigenous people - who could not be tamed by the strangers.

All must stand tall - shoulder to shoulder - and honor Mother Earth.

The Seminole only indigenous people - that were not tamed by the sordid Union Army - the likes of President Andrew Jackson - a scumbag.