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Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Frederick Douglass 

The Southeast Sector of San Francisco is teeming with activity - outsiders and some of them Black sell outs - greedy, salivating - prey on the community.

What is a crying shame - some House Negros - are teaming with the nefarious characters - to adversely impact thousands - in the Southeast Sector and beyond.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee included - in this " dirty plan " to rid the poor, the indigenous people

Those that cannot stand him and his filthy, dirty - stinky politics - decent advocates who must fight for what is right  and the suffering community - who cannot defend themselves.

City Departments - the Department of the Environment, the Mayor's Office of Housing and Economic Development - other heads of Department the City Administrator's Office - corrupt political whores like Malia Cohen and London Breed - using hubs like the Bayview Opera House - to target the poor and those that cannot defend themselves.

All these crooks want is to fill their own pockets  - but now it has reached saturation point. Again and again when we ask for documents - we get the run a round. Now, as we embark on the process - much like some impeachment process - the TRUTH will come out.

Barbara Cockel -
has treated the community with disrespect.

The Bayview Opera House is now operated by a racist Manager Barbara Cockel who calls innocent Blacks who have questioned her - as to why the Bayview Opera costs so much to rent ?

Her ploy is to ask for insurance - and not everyone has a $1 million general liability insurance. Many a time she will quote $1500 for the rent of the Bayview Opera House - and up it to $4000 and $5000.

However she has over stepped her boundaries - when she has verbally attacked some - and we will produce the witnesses - solid witnesses - and more witnesses who have witness - she abusing Blacks who only want to know - if the Blacks from the community can rent and use the Bayview Opera House.

Barbara Cockel  - when asked by an advocate - if they could rent the Bayview Opera House - said that she will not rent the Bayview Opera House " to  goons, monkeys, and animals " -  well  - these words are sufficient to create a " riot " - and the best option is for this White woman -  to step down and fade away.

The prominent advocate will give her testimony before The SF Ethics Commission - and for sure before the SF Arts Commission. Buy your tickets for the fireworks - we are out to expose the weed out -  the sell outs.

We have acquired the financial documents linked to the Bayview Opera House - and for all practical purposes - the Bayview Opera House is operated and marketed towards Economic Development - straying far away from the Arts and related issues - for which it was originally established.

An ugly Rock Garden -
the Bayview Opera House -
was built in 1888.

A gate built to keep people outside -
instead of bringing people together -
divisiveness is created - to divide the community.

Over $5.6 million were spent on some changes - to the Bayview Opera House - all to create on the outside -  an ugly look rock garden that has NO place by the Bayview Opera House built in 1888.

A gate that is built to keep the community out - making things difficult for our Elders and those who are physically challenged.

Barbara Cockel is White - and lacks " cultural competency " - for all practical purposes she has been wheeling and dealing -  looking  for " real estate " - opportunities. To add to this - she is arrogant and very ignorant.

Aided and abetted by the Hass Foundation, the San Francisco Foundation and one Fred Blackwell - these Foundations have NO clue - what so ever - the Racism prevailing in and around the Bayview Opera House. The money adds fuel to fire.

Teo Ellington who hails from Oakland -
and has connections with the Warriors -
is busy making " real estate " deals - in the Bayview
and we are watching him like a hawk.

Teo Ellington who hails from Oakland - does not know what he is getting into - we know all the wheeling and dealing - he is involved with.

His partner Thor Kaslofsky - who I know well - and may be shocked that I have kept quiet - all this time - but now - it is fair game.

Like Lennar Urban a rogue developer - we have zero tolerance for folks who hail from Oakland and New York -  who come into the community - with ulterior motives.

We have empirical data - on all the nonsense that is taking place - we will use protocol and the usual vetted channels - but when folks like Theo are disrespectful - well - the Brothers and Sisters - will decide your fate.

Again and again he promises to meet you and again and again - he plays his game - procrastination - and bluffing.

His shenanigans, ploys and machinations may be tolerated by the Warriors - Jesse Blout, Michael Cohen work for the Warriors and should know better.

 Others who work for the Warriors Organization are put on notice - this is not Oakland and this is not New York.

In recent times we have seen indictments - corrupt entities - who have NOT heeded the warnings -  Derf Butler, Keith Jackson, others too many to name - all Federal Indictments - and Teo, Thor, Barbara and others - too will be taken to task - by the authorities - stop playing with fire.