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Monday, February 4, 2019


California Public Utilities Commission -
where many advocates have fought PG&E -
the CPUC has a cozy  relationship with PG&E

It is simply amazing to hear our SF Board of Supervisors the likes of Aaron Peskin and Hillary Ronen - talk from both sides or their mouth. These two want to win some browny points - but  Pacific Gas and Electric ( PG&E) - has the SF BOS and others - puppets on a string. 

PG&E has been in the business dealing with " buffoons" the likes of the SF Board of Supervisors - that I have mentioned above - taken them to Court and defeated them 90% of the time.

While the SF BOS pretend they can do something - linked to the present debacle - the bankruptcy that PG&E has declared - the SF BOS for all their talk - and swimming in the cesspool of their own creation.

Pathetic jackasses have failed to represent us and must NOT be trusted - especially those who have deep links with the Zionists.

It has been the same with San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) - PG&E has won umpteen court cases - each time SFPUC has gone to court - and come out bleeding - 98% of the time.

The recent bankruptcy is not at all understood by our SF BOS - specially elements such as " inverse condemnation "  - part  of the many contracts.

Other technical terms - that go beyond the understanding of some buffoons- who want to pull wool - over our eyes - we the tax payers that count - the SF BOS who have failed to represent us.

PG&E has proprietary jurisdiction over 40% of the Energy Operations - in Northern California.

PG&E  has learned a lot from the past bankruptcies - the last one in particular - linked to the San Bruno fire. In each case - some how - the rate payers have been adversely impacted.

San Francisco Board of Supervisors - were fast asleep with the Enron debacle. Our rates went up - and the SF BOS had done to say. In fact they have nothing much to say today - they cannot make a difference - except kick the can down the street.

The San Bruno fire bankruptcy has NOT taught the SF BOS anything they are still fumbling with the ball - with the latest bankruptcy.

Hillary Ronen and Aaron Peskin talking from both sides of their mouth.

Closer home the SF BOS gets poor marks when it comes to the Central Subway Project - started with $600 million and now cost us tax payers -over $1.8 billion.

It is the same with the TransBay Terminal - cost us tax payer - be it with our Regional Partners - now over $2 Billion - with the TransBay Terminal - which will be closed - for some month - it open up - and was active for 6 weeks - and now the long closure.

It is the same with the Van Ness mess - so many change orders that it is mind boggling. 

Of course Hillary Ronen, Aaron Peskin, the other SF Board of Supervisors - know what is happening - but all they go is kick the can down the street.

The SF Public Utilities Commission gets very poor marks - when it comes to anything progressive and innovative - you cannot attain high standards with jackasses like Juliet Ellis, Barbara Hale, William Carlin, and a whole host of wannabes - who are there for their salaries and have nothing - viable and sustainable to offer - to the tax payers of San Francisco and the Regional rate payers to whom SF PUC sells energy and clean water.

The SF PUC has failed with Mountain Tunnel, failed with Calaveras, failed with Irvington Tunnel - but you do not hear a word about this - from the SF Board of Supervisors.

The SF BOS talk the talk - but fail to walk the walk - Catherine Stefani an " air head " - she gets involved in all sorts of mundane subject - killings taking place all over the Nation - when right here in our back yard - thousands are slowly dying.

Our poor including Seniors living in tents on our streets - facing inclement weather. The Opioid epidemic that has so many Over Dozing and dying.

The racism and discrimination toward Native Americans that Catherine Stefani - has never mentioned - pompously thinking she can stop citizens from purchasing guns - when that is the right for those that want to defend themselves - from Racists and other vermin  - such as those that speak from both sides of their mouth.

Catherine Stefani anointed by the racist Mark Farrell - must be careful NOT to have side-bar talks - during Public Comment.

You are from the Central Valley - that moved here for ulterior purposes - Tracy, Fresno, Modesto - other such areas -  could use your drab knowledge. Your long winding speeches are full of hot air.

Ahaha Safai has had some experience with Union Workers - and there is more to be done - we could have as the City and County of San Francisco - taken a lead - with Clean Energy 20 years ago. 

Union workers doing more - most were fast asleep and still are. Union Leaders must now take a role - as too many adverse impacts will impact - the rate payers but also UNION workers - some working for PG&E but other too.

There is nothing difficult to understand - about Clean Energy - specially with SF PUC holdings - thousands of acres - all coming under their jurisdiction - by San Pedro, Crystal Springs, Calaveras, all along the 160 miles pipe line that brings - clean drinking water - all the way - to San Francisco.

Again and again we San Francisco have allowed - idiots - to run for the seat of Supervisor - and every time - some get termed out - worse idiots - take their place - and the present set we have - is the worst ever - we have seen.

Those tainted with " dark money "
have NO business representing anyone 
more those that need help most -
never seen this jerk in the trenches -
in all the 40 years I have been around.

Some of the SF BOS tainted - taking " Dark Money "  - one of them Shamann Walton - who is from Vallejo and pretends he is from the Bayview Hunters Point.

Never seen Shamann Walton - in the trenches - the 40 years that I have been - fighting the good fight.

The man is corrupt and must be handed over to the authorities - he dealings with a crook - Dwayne Jones and others - hooding winking the community at large.

The present SF BOS has never, ever been before the California Public Utilities Commission - for sure NOT as advocates.

The crooked past President of the CPUC -
Michael Peevey

I have - and in all the time - I have seen the cozy relationship between Pacific Gas and Electric and the California Public Utilities Commission - especially the past President of the CPUC - Michael Peevey.

Our last PG&E bill was up 50% and all our SF BOS are doing - spewing hot air - none of our local newspapers - dared mention how PG&E - shredded contracts worth $40 Billion - lined to signed Green Contracts and there is more.

It is time we have a hearing - on the recent PG&E - and keep Hillary Ronen and Aaron Peskin out - they talk too much - more, to win browny point.

Let us permit Ben Rosenfield the SF Controller and Dennis Herrera our SF City Attorney - to state what our City and County proposes to do - to take concrete measure - to see that the rate payers - do not pay more - a 100% more than they are paying right now.

Our Mayor London Breed - thinks some evaluation by some consultants that SF PUC will pay for - SF PUC being an Enterprise Department - having access to millions from sewer, clean water rates that it collects.

More from a Quarry by Sunol - Silva and Company - that SF PUC  millions,  SF PUC leases thousands of acres to cattle farmers for grazing - golf courses for the " fat cats " pay SF PUC millions - and the list goes on.

Harlan Kelly has been having a field time - making over $350,000 with benefits - he is the General Manager of SFPUC - and has failed miserably.

His wife is Naomi Kelly - the City Administrator - she makes another $350,000 plus with benefits - the stupid SF BOS - do not evaluate performances - and have NO clue that 33,000 employees come under Naomi Kelly.

The 33,000 is too much and must be trimmed by 50% - our City and County has a big problem - with too many Managers making too much a full 20% of the managers - making over $175,000 with benefits.

We have fat cats - more House Negros that are making hay while the sun shines - and now we have to shed light where there is abject - darkness.

Mayor London Breed - a novice - making $366, 000 and not worth the salt. She open her wide mouth and screams and shouts - she does not have manners, less etiquette and must learn - to keep her hoody manners - some where else - do not bring the "thug mentality " - where decency must prevail.

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