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Wednesday, February 6, 2019


We San Franciscans did not have " the rampant homelessness"  not in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s - that we are experiencing now - and at one time we boasted a very strong - middle class.

That middle class has evaporated - we experienced spiraling of the economy in from 2007 to 2011 - and we have not really recovered.

The booming construction - started in 2012 and slowly and gradually has stopped in the year 2017.

Today we are in the doldrums -  San Francisco's disparity is compared to that of Rwanda in Central Africa - a fact that the SF Board of Supervisor - has NO clue about.

Time they review empirical data - and not listen to drab news, gossip - running they mouth - wagging that tongue - that has No bone.

Forget about Mayor London Breed - obese and bursting at the seams - she opens her dirty, loud mouth and shoves her foot in.

In the past the Presidio of San Francisco, UC San Francisco, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - other business Chevron that has left us - taking with it thousands of jobs.

Bank of  America that has left us - other bigger companies that has left us - all provided good jobs - thousand of jobs - and help create the middle class.

The SalesForce Tower

10,000 civilians working at the Presidio of San Francisco, another 8000 civilians working at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, thousands working for the University of California San Francisco - and of course on an average 25,000 working for the City and County of San Francisco - that now registers over 33,000 - the City Administrator in charge of these employees.

Today Tech companies such as SalesForce, Oracle, Twitter are all having a field day - making hay while the sun shines.

We have thousand working two, three jobs - all temporary jobs - with NO health benefits. You work like a dog - and many below 50 years are dropping dead.

The brand new Morgue has been in operation at Hunters Point - near Heron's Head Park - hundreds of bodies lie in the morgue - unclaimed. One cannot get information under the Freedom of Information Act - prohibited by State of California law. This one factor and others - are being played out - without the local buffoons in authority - having the slightest - clue.

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce has failed us. 

They talk the talk but have failed to walk the walk.

These " gimmicks " forming Community Benefit Districts - do not benefit those that DO NOT own properties in San Francisco.

At first the benefits were linked only to those that owned buildings, stores, and industrial facilities - but soon the areas carved - brought along with them Non-Profits such as Mercy Housing, Tenderloin Neighborhood Clinic.

Non-Profits most of them hand in glove with the authorities - that dole out huge grants - linked to " homelessness ".

When those behind the Community Benefits Districts - found that these Non-Profits were seeking exemption - not provided by the State of California linked to Community Benefits Districts.

Those - " evil " - within our City and County of San Francisco - are always pitying one section of the community against the other. This nonsense must STOP - now.

San Franciscans are fed up with this bull shit.

The indigent, the poor, those that cannot defend themselves - are aways taken advantage and clowns like the District Supervisor from District 6 - Matt Haney and Shamann Walton have a lot to learn - before they can do anything. 

So far these two clowns - are learning - but cannot comprehend the fundamental issues - that matter - and that may take decades - before these clowns - get their act together.

Mayors Gavin Newsom and Edwin Mah Lee - accommodated the Non-Profits and granted them exemption - linked to Community Benefit Districts (CBD) - failing to comprehend the underlying factors - that are guaranteed in our Constitution - more Human Rights.

As citizens of  these the United States of America - more those that have served our Nation - we have rights that those who have NOT served our Nation - pussyfoot around - want to play with fire - and think they can boss us around.

We have kept quiet for a long time - but not for long. Enough is enough.

In the Feudal times - you had the King -  for your Fuckers - here is something that you must NOTE.

The  King had complete and infinite control over his subjects - because he or she ( if was a Queen) - owned all of the land - and all the subject - as was dictated by the Feudal System.

The Lords voted for the subjects - and that is what is happen with these Community Benefit Districts - those that own land call the shots - even though the City and Community has money to clean street, provide safety.

Other means of are used to garner money - kind tax people twice and pretending to help them - but more causing division and divisiveness.

Back to the King - and the origins of the word - F U C K .

To procreate or have intercourse one needed permission from the King or Queen - and notices were posted - on the huts or homes - " Fornication Under Consent of the King " - the acronym FUCK.

If you had the FUCK sign - luck was on your side  - if not - you know what - you could practice - with your tool - with little or more satisfaction.

The Electoral System is just that - that came to roost in the United States - for all the talk and our Constitution that is flawed - and has the Electoral System that is primitive and must be changed. 

Recently we saw an " egoistical maniac " Donald Trump - the Fucker - getting elected - he won the Presidential Election - using the Electoral System.

Hillary Clinton a known liar, cheater, and hoodwinker - won the popular vote.

 That did not count - the popular vote was cast aside in favor of  the Electoral vote. 

Hillary had to lick her chops -  with her  - Bill Clinton, Chelsea and others  - mostly so called liberals.

Liberals  that do not bother to do their homework.

The liberals  - love to go with the flow - never mind if that river - leads them -  into the " cesspool " of their own creation.

Let us get back on track - this City and County and more the SF Board of Supervisors - again and again get their education in the Chambers.

Many of those who speak at Public Community - within the measly two minutes given - explained many technicalities introduced in legislation - linked to the Community Benefits District.

Legislation - that favors those that own land, homes, businesses, large facilities be it commercial, industrial, or financial.

The Community Benefits District linked to South of Market West is flawed.

The  majority of those residents - who are renters, others that do not own land but have contributed as musicians, artists, professionals who have helped others - but are not landlords - have NO voting rights - in the decision making - linked to the Community Benefits District - pitying one segment of the population - against the other.

The City and County of San Francisco - has failed to address some pertinent and salient factors - the thousands of rental units that Academy of Art University - converted to dormitories after buying hundreds of buildings - that came with rent control.

Once the buildings were bought by the nefarious Academy of Art University - the changes were made - to accommodate foreign students - who paid large sums of money - to live in dormitories - their diploma and other certificate - decertified - and students - hundreds of them left hold an empty bag.

We have 30,000 empty homes in San Francisco. We have over 60,000 market rate units in San Francisco that are empty - some being rented for $6000 a month - going all the way to $10,000 and more.

Our Mayor London Breed keeps screaming into the mike - think that educated San Francisco - will accept this " thug "  mayor from the hood - who recently has chosen to target poor people and remove them from locations - where they camp - because they have no other place to go.

Our shelters offer the indigent and homeless - a chair - yes a C H A I R to sit down and sleep.

All - all night long.

Such actions -call for those practicing such methods - that dehumanize - human beings - to be charged - and sent to jail.

Our Shelters must offer clean beds - for people to sleep in - and the environment must be devoid of noise and perverts - predicators that prey on women and children.

Our SF Board of Supervisors (BOS) - think we respect them - we do not - we tolerate them especially like Catherine Stefani, Vallie Brown, Hillary Ronen - other too - that we will mention at the appropriate time.

These SF Board of Supervisors - with intent - pass legislation that goes against our Constitution - again and again - large amounts of money are spent - and folks come after the fact to get approval - knowing any amount over $10 million must come before the SF BOS for approval.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is a known culprit - they amass large amount as an Enterprise Department - money from sewer and clean drinking water, energy.

Renting  thousands of acres linked to cattle grazing, collecting rent from a Quarry at Sunol, catering to the filthy rich - collecting rents from Golf Courses, renting buildings, and it goes on and on. 

Recently I found a " lush fund " and those connected with this " slush fund " mentioning the name of Dwayne Jones, Andrew Casteel owner of Laughing Monk Brewing, dubious entities like Tyra Fannel and more.

In the Bayview Hunters Point - a Community Benefits District has been created by crooks - the likes of Eloise Patton, Oscar James, Tyra Fannel, Doris Vincent, Barbara Ockel - and others -  who are these vermin - to create a CBD - without transparency and accountability?

We have District Supervisor Shamann Walton who is making a fool of himself - he is all over the place - knows little - opens his mouth and shoves his foot inside his dirty - mouth.

We advocates must NOT give up - San Franciscans know better. 

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