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Friday, February 1, 2019


When it comes to ethics, morals, standards and plain human decency - we have folks like Shamann Walton - playing with fire - the man is deep into " dark money " - lies and has been hoodwinking for the longest time ever - now he has met his match.

Shamann Walton represents District 10 - where corruption has reached saturation point. 

Too many outsiders - seasoned crooks -given $300,000 on a platter to run restaurants - on Third Street we have 5 Cafes opened - and no one visits them.

At 3rd and Palou - folks sit from dawn to sun set - whiling their time - you do not see such a scene anywhere else - Malia Cohen did nothing about this situation - now we have Shamann Walton - he talk the talk - but has failed to walk the walk. Time will tell. He smells of Sulphur.

When anyone hangs with Dwayne Jones - you smell of sulphur from miles away. 

Dwayne Jones has been " black listed " his nefarious actives with the former SF Housing Authority, his association with Platinum Consultant.

His interaction with the Internal Revenue Service - that fined him and warned him, the man is a weasel - is no more the " gate keeper " of the  millions of dollars - Community Benefits - that he doling out to his minions.

It is imperative that the San Francisco Controller's Office - that waste it's time - conducting surveys - giving some evaluation on Parks, and other things  -  including auditing the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC)  the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) and the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) - both projects - failed the many audits - light has been shed where there was abject darkness - many millions wasted. 

The audits done by the SF Controller's Office  are collecting dust on the shelves.

 We now are ready to spent another $140 on Mountain Tunnel - and more at Calaveras, and even more with the Irvington Project - millions of dollars - tax payers money.

Primes such as Jacob's, URS, AECOM - others too many to name - have been making hay - while the sun shines.

The Zionists have their finger in every pie - while we tax payers - pay our taxes - and those who are very corrupt - steeped into " dark money " - dare to take our tax payers money - and spend it as they desire.

The Mayors starting more with the " thug " Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., then followed by Gavin Newsom, then followed by Edwin May Lee, and now this worthless loud mouth - London Breed - the leading this once great City - down the cesspool of their own creation.

The caliber of our Mayors keeps sinking - in the creation of the sordid cesspool that started with Willie L. Brown Jr., and keeps getting worse - has reached saturation point with London Breed - who is a puppet on a string - controlled by those that put her there - to do their bidding - Big Developers.

Who is fooling whom.

The City and County Pension System is experience serious issues - less comes into the Pension system - and more is paid out. 

With the impending " recession " showing its ugly head - the spiraling of the economy in the 2008 - will pale compared to what is coming our way - this super fast train - gunning for our Pension System - which is in - deep, peril.

When it comes to Quality of Life issues - the data reveals our Carbon Footprint has increased by over 200% - no one is paying attention to the vast lands of poor land fill - spewing methane gas - into the air - some 800,000 tons a year - one tone of Methane Gas equals - 22 tons of Carbon dioxide.

Add the amount of Carbon Dioxide generated from concrete used to build the many skyscrapers.

Millions of tons of aggregate, emitting particulates and carbon dioxide that harms all life.

The carbon footprint generated by the many industries - data not collected less monitored by nefarious entities - including our SF Health Department and our SF Department of the Environment.

We keeping listening to crooks and very corrupt politicians who have been hoodwinking us in broad daylight - no more - we are watching them like a hawk - and will take them to task.

The SF Department of the Environment - is a JOKE - with Debbie Raphael trying to say something at the Commission Meeting - but saying nothing at all. 

Pandering to the stuff - the staff do some heavy lifting - Debbie loves her check - and she has been there - for years - pussyfooting around.

The time has come to take her agency - that does not tap in the General Fund to task.

We keep paying thousands to so called experts to tell us how to improve things in  San Francisco.

We fucked up  on the Millennium Tower - then paid some idiot $200,000 to tel us how we fucked up. The money spent by the City Administrator's Office - such nonsense must STOP.

Now - that we have upgraded the Moscone Center - thousands of space available to exhibit - and have large conferences - SalesForce, Oracle, other corporations - who hold their conferences - and bring in money that the City Administrator Naomi Kelly brags about. 

Time Naomi Kelly collects the data linked to the increase in the Carbon Footprint - the millions who come to attend these conference - cause traffic congestion, other modes of travel, other modes of actives - all contribute to the increase of the Carbon Footprint - downtown San Francisco.

Missing in all of this nonsense - the adverse impacts to the health of the constituents of San Francisco. Many do not have good health insurance - Obama Care is a JOKE - and most cannot afford to pay into Obama Care - every year the premiums get higher and higher.

Why should we pay anyone $400,000 with benefits - just to say something that means nothing.

Fail to address congestion on our streets and roads, adversely impact the health of our infants, children, youth, young adults - Seniors - other with compromised health.

The SF Health Department does not have a permanent Toxicologist and while we are at it - a Director of Health.

Barbara Garcia was fired - sending many dubious contracts to her wife - in the thousands - much like most of those do - who have special contracts - yet are permitted to work for our City and County of San Francisco.

The Charter must be visited and those with Special Contracts - the nefarious activities inherent into those contracts made null and void.

Let us learn not to talk too much about Donald Trump - he is an egoistical maniac - and our Federal Government could impeach him - but does not have the fortitude and guts to do so.

Soon Donald Trump will use his " Emergency Powers " to have his way - and Nancy Pelosi who should really step down - she will have nothing to say - this after Donald has his way and makes his State of the Union address.

In all the time the Democrats were in power they failed.

The Democrats failed with Obama Care.

The Democrats failed with Immigration.

The Democrats failed with our Tax Debt.

Here in San Francisco we seem to think - all the present mess we are seeing were created by Donald Trump - to be sincere Barack Hussein Obama - contribute to a lot of that stinking to high heaven - nonsense.

Mayor London Breed is a novice - her recent address was immature - with NO goals and timelines. 

Donald Trump has nothing to do with us in San Francisco - if California is the 5th largest economy in the world - and San Francisco has a $11 Billion budget - we must focus on delivering the best services - which we do not.

San Francisco - must learn to stand tall and represent - but that will not happen with London Breed.

Who again and again - fails to comprehend that she cannot be shouting and screaming at the mike -  making statements that belittle her life and where she comes from. She lacks good manner and more etiquette - that she has NO clue about.

If you come from a bad place - most probably you will land in a worse place.

Recently we had Kamala Harris declared she is running for President of the United States - she made a glaring statement - that everyone must come under Medicare - that statement is so loaded - more when she learns it will cost trillions of dollars.

If millions get some health care subsidized - the only way those benefits can be paid - is by us tax payers. 

Kamala Harris did not serve Blacks well in the Bay Area - and all that and more will come out - as her quest to become President of the United States is played out. 

Talk is cheap. There are those that can talk the talk - but very few who can truly and sincerely walk the walk.

London Breed makes over $366,000 and has nothing to show.
Accept daily spew diatribe - and make statements that make no sense. 

No one can fool all the people - all the time.

We tax payers do not pay London Breed to spend more time- shopping, cutting ribbons, and talking from both sides of her mouth.

Hundreds of our Seniors are sleeping on streets of San Francisco - many slowly - dying.

Our shelters offer a chair to the poor and indigent - to sit down - all night long.

This is inhumane and London Breed must do something to stop this inhumane - practice. 

When one chooses to sleep they need a bed not a chair.

70% of our Black youth - are truants - for all the talk - no one worth the salt is doing anything about this situation at hand.

We have hordes of youth - going into places like the Walgreens and stealing. Going into stores and restaurants - and creating havoc.

Home break-ins, assaults, shootings and killings, and on the increase. We have killers - roaming freely on the streets of San Francisco - more in District 10 - where the bribed voters - elected Shamann Walton - who has amassed a lot of wealth - from " dark money ".

Few of us go to City Hall - and even few want to address issues - that must be addressed. 

The reason is simple - corruption has reached saturation point - and the SF Board of Supervisors - wag that tongue that has no bone - time will tell.

Decent people working three jobs - cannot find a place to rent - move out of our City and County of San Francisco - over 20,000 families - in the last 5 years.

We have 30,000 homes vacant - the owners will not rent the homes - because they do not want to deal - with renters - who may give them problems - and more damage their homes.

We have over 40,000 Market Price Unite - high scale units - that are vacant.

Our City and County of San Francisco lost thousands of rental units - the Academy of Art University - buy hundreds of building with " rent control " amenities - converting the building into large dormitories - to accommodate foreign students. We lost the thousands of rental units - not once has anyone the guts to address - this fact.

Why? Those that are not speaking up - have been bought off - lock stock and barrel.

All that noise about affordable housing - is plain hot air - noise - more coming from London Breed - who works for the Developers.

Most of the SF Board of Supervisors - know this - but ignore the fact - because eventually they too will fall in the trap - and will be sucked into the sordid - cesspool of corruption.

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