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Friday, February 8, 2019


It is just a matter of time that another incident takes place - like the one that just took place on Geary Blvd and Parker.

The incident that took  place on 4th and Mission Street some years ago.

The other incident that took place on 3rd Street and Howard - and more - the citizens of San Francisco are treated with disdain.

On one level some brag we have a system - some software - that can monitor and evaluate - plans to tear up our streets and how to avoid putting hurdles in the way of San Franciscans - more Senior and those who are challenged to walk.

Some of our City managers brag they do not like to tear our streets up - again and again - that is what always happens - more talk and less walk.

Again and again I see a few days -after the streets are fixed up - utility companies - more outsiders come and tear the brand new street.

They leave pot holes and inferior work - creating hazardous conditions - putting the vehicles and drivers in harm way. This nonsense has been on going for decades.

Today it is the worse every - because  traffic on our streets and roads in San Francisco has grown by leaps and bounds.

Congestion and back to back traffic have severe consequences - more on the health of innocent San Franciscans.

The SF Board of Supervisors - would not know that - dangerous particulates more 2.5 PM that infants, children, youth, young adults, Elders, those with compromised health - more the mentally and physically challenged - are continuously exposed to - adversely impacting the health of those exposed.

The SF Health Department does not care to have " Health Inspectors " when these large construction companies - open up large area - and impact thousands. There is no check box on the permits - that mandate Health Inspectors to evaluate the projects - where large areas are torn - and the public put in harms way - on many levels.

The increase in all sorts of respiratory diseases, heart problems, ulcers of all kind  - more stomach - bleeding eyes, and irritation of the throat - do not seem to faze those who must do their jobs.

Many of them are fucking around - whiling away their time - doing shopping while on the job - and making a mockery of accountability and transparency. They say they work for the City and County of San Francisco.

There are few of us left - who can go to any site - and after a few minutes - evaluate the situation at hand - and see what the fuck is happening - what is right and what is wrong - when trenches are opened and the norms that must be in place are in place.

This comes with experience and a keen knowledge how construction sites have certain standards. The willy nilly - ragtag construction companies - that get their permit - and abuse their power. 

Often time - treating San Franciscans with disdain. For example forcing passengers to board the MUNI bus in the middle of the road. 

When I told one worker - as to who his supervisor was - so that I could talk to him - he ignored me - pretending he did not understand English.   

On San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco - there was utter pandemonium from Bacon Street to Felton - for the last four days - today is Friday, 8th of February.

As I said I saw some of  the mess - and more when  it began to get out of control.

I could not find one single decent, educated person on the work site.

Some ragtag jackass - using the jackhammer - in very close proximity of many utility lines - without taking precaution - complete ignorance of Safety and other norms that should be in place.

The workers making very loud noise - moving dirt - and installing concrete boxes - all in the name of providing us some utility service - in this case Verizon heading the project.

I could not find one single City Employee - on the site for four days in a row - some one must check on the signs, check that the nuisance laws are NOT infringed - that the public is respected - more our Seniors and those challenged mentally and physically.

I had to resort to send a text to Ed Reskin and Muhammad Nuru, and Jerry from the SF Mapping Department.

Now, I can do this and get a response. 

Most people will call 311 and nothing happens.

Call  another number and nothing happens - but I will NOT give up - until I see results.

San Bruno Avenue merchants and other pay their taxes - millions of dollars. 

What they get in return are stinking, dirty, walk ways. 

Pot holes created by these contractors that are never fixed - after they open the streets and walk away.

Cross walks that have not been painted - I feel bad to ask the head of the department to help me -pained the cross walk ways - some one must monitor such things - more, when they involve safety of the citizens - more, when they pay their taxes. 

I have gone out of my way in the past - after some work is done - by our SF City workers - to give the entire crew commendations. 

All of this and more takes time - but one has to do it to show appreciation.

I also do it because I know - it is not the fault of the SF City workers.

The fault lies at the top  - poor leadership -  on the part of some managers  who do not care to maintain standards.

Some are busy pussyfooting with the Mayor - whiling their time at ribbon cutting ceremonies, parades, other mundane meetings and gatherings - compromising - Quality of Life issues. 

While all the time our citizens, tax paying citizens, decent hard workin San Franciscans - are put in harms way.

The Geary Blvd and Parker Street incident - is an eye opener. 

We must get our act together - and have a " strike force " to assist and quickly put an action plan in place - with the SF City and County in charge.

The present Office of  Emergency Services is a JOKE.

The next time if there is a delay - a large fire or like incident -  thank God this time - Pacific Gas and Electric - went out of their way to do the right thing - and must be commended.

The Mayor London Breed, the District Supervisor Catherine Stephanie, some others from the Department of Building Inspection - have NO clue how complicated it is - keeping the gas - in control - from the Distribution Line.

The Distribution Line - which is a larger pipe - spewing intense heat - at a greater force - seeing is believing.

I bet you they do not comprehend the repercussion - an hour more - besides five buildings impacted - once the raging fire hit the homes - thousands of homes - could have been incinerated. 

There was No representation from the SF Public Utilities Commission - for the simple reason their utilities were in the vicinity. 

There was NO representation from the SF City - did not see the City Engineer at hand.

Putting large amount of water on a large gas fire - more a distribution line - is not the ideal way to address a situation - when a gas line - is spewing large amounts of gas - and is a Distribution Line - a 12 inch pipe.

We can go deep into this situation - suffice to say - our City and County of San Francisco - does not have the needed equipment.

For example have access to fire trucks  - using foam to deal with the situation at hand. 

They talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

I know for sure - understanding the " water pressure " in the area - where the fire took place - and other salient and pertinent factors - that if this fire that originated near the Hong Kong Lounge - near Geary Blvd and Parker Street - went on for another hour or so - thousands of homes - could have caught on fire - and this would result in hundreds of millions of dollars  loss to the victims and owner of the buildings and facilities.

We need a hearing on this matter - to review and put in place an " Action Plan " that works - and not have the Mayor London Breed, and other idiots - who talk in circles - pretending to throw arrows in the air.

Pretending to take control of a situation that matters - in reality - our politicians - more political whores - have no experience and less empirical knowledge.

Making public comments - that have NO bearing to the incident at hand - more, making drab statements - misleading the public at large.

In the case of the Geary Blvd and Parker Street - insulting the very entity that really put the large gas fire out - and not permitting them to set the tone and situation at hand.

The First Responders in this case - were forced to do something - the actions of the SF Police Department - had nothing to do with the " gas fire " - directly. As First Responders the SF Police did the minimal they could do.

If the SF Police Department had something to do with directing traffic and blocking the roads - they are duty bound to do this - and such actions - do not put their lives in danger.

The SF Fire Department did what they had to do - not having the right equipment in the case - to fight such a large gas fire - gas emitting with a large force - from a Distribution Gas line.

Pacific Gas and Electric -is the only entity - that put their lives in danger - pinching either end of the large pipe -fighting the actual fire in very close proximity.

A daring exercise that sealed the two ends of the pipe - amidst very, very, intense fire - and did us all proud. These experts - should be commended - for quickly putting an action plan - and executing the plan - flawlessly.

Be it they had to deal with the area saturated with water - millions of clean drinking water - used to douse the raging fire - and flooding the utility corridors - making the situation at hand - ever worse. Time will tell.

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