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Sunday, February 3, 2019


We bring our clean drinking water all the way -
from Hetch Hetchy to San Francisco -
only to contaminate the water- mixing it with ground water -
sometimes leaving a stench - forcing many to drink
bottle water.

San Francisco tax payers have been " hoodwinked" again and again to pass Bond Measures - to garner money for devious projects and day to day nefarious activities - one of a kind.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - an Enterprise Department - has hoodwinked San Franciscans - to the tune of millions - using deferred maintenance - doling out Community Benefit - to " thugs" and sponsoring - nefarious - activities.

The SF Public Utilities Commission was created in 1996. From 1996 to today - it has contaminated, polluted, and done tremendous damage - is it not viable and more not sustainable. 

Juliet Ellis -
charged by the Fair Political Practices Commission -
she should be fired -
she continues to foster her evil and nefarious ways.

The only progress SFPUC has made is foster discrimination, utter crookedness - leading that charge Juliet  Ellis a SF Public Utilities Commission employee - who had been charged by the Fair Political Practices Commission.

Juliet Ellis sent $200,000 to Green For All her former Non-Profit and was forced to return the money and fined. Today as I said she continues to foster the worst type of corruption.

An Philanthropist and Businessman -
who use Community Benefits money -
to dole out money to " thugs" and " crooks ".

Dwayne Jones is a consultant who must be brought to book. 

The above letter display the arrogance, ignorance,
and utter stupidity of the person who 
has signed this letter -
giving the reader or investigator -
our deep the corruption is - saturated and getting worse.

First we had the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) which garnered over $4.6 Billion - $2.6 from our City and County of San Francisco and the rest $2 billion from the Regional partners - that we sell clean drinking water to.

Mountain Tunnel - 
in close proximity to Hetch Hetchy Reservoir -
another $140 million needed to fix the cracks -
after millions were spent earlier - go figure!

We are at the tail end of that project - the Water System Improvement Project  (WSIP) that started in the year 2002 and soon will spend $140 millions more on Mountain Tunnel - after millions were already spent.

Mountain Tunnel is in very close proximity to the Hetch Hetchy Dam - and all this and more - makes no sense.

Jacobs first inspected Mountain Tunnel in 2002 - and SF Public Utilities went with the flow - only to find out some years ago - deep cracks in Mountain Tunnel - there were two options - dig a new tunnel that would cost about $400 million - or fix  the cracks - for $140 million.

The Calaveras Dam has had its share of problems - huge fissures found - after borings were done the first time around - that failed to notice - anything. 

Then the second time around when some inspection was done - the fissures were detected - and millions of tons of dirt - had to be removed to remedy the situation at hand.

Removing the millions of tons of dirt - finding space to store the dirt.

Trucking the dirt - cost money - but little of this expense has been revealed -  I would  put a figure of $3 million if not $5 million - that someone - who was at the right place and at the right time - making hay while the sun was shinning.

Below is some Construction Timeline - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project - none of which have been attained - you ask questions - and you get vague answer. The idiots keep kicking the can - down the street - but for how long can these utter nonsense go on?

The Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP)  started with a price of $6 billion and is now a $10 billion project.

Nothing linked to this project - the SSIP - seems to move forward - not with the Digesters, not with the other projects that has been distributed to nefarious entities - one of them to note and follow - the EMERSON PROJECT - none of the projects have met their timelines and goals.

If you review the EMERSON PROJECT  - Dwayne Jones and his partners - one worse than the other - have a 15 year contract - all entrenched to screw the tax payers. I had to reveal the facts to the SF Controller's Office - do the heavy lifting - and all this and more - is disgusting to say the least.

We have sufficient evidence to send Dwayne Jones and his associates to jail - one cannot be a consultant and be attached to the contract at the same time - and this nonsense has been going on since 2013 for sure.

We the community were promised that progress on the Digesters - would be brought to our attention - we had seen NO progress.

No presentations - no explanation - no meaningful dialogue with the community at large.

Even less information on progress - linked with the Digesters.

More when Karen Kubick the Project Manager - left SF Public Utilities Commission - in disgust.

She was a good person - but could not bear the smell of Sulphur - too many crooks all seeking to milk the system.

We can say the same of Tommy Moala, Mark Harris, Tony Flores and the list goes on and on - the people that I have mentioned all worked at Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - where No progress is being made. 

Three time recently salt water has reached the Treatment Plant - compromising the system. The Environmental Protection Agency has issues a number of Notice of Violations - over 8 for sure - and no one seem to care about this one singular - factor.

Those with institutional memory and experience have been substituted by outsiders - a White Manager from Ross County - others dubious in nature - all part of the Ali Baba and Forty Thieves Corporation - making hay while the sun shines.

Some $300 million set aside for Community Benefits has been divided into two pots of money - $150 million for Workforce and we see NO - career jobs. 

$150 for outreach - "thugs" and " crooks" are given money on a platter - and those doling out such money - have recently been warned to stop the practice.

So now an innovative plan has been conceived - the crooks have anointed some Primes or Contractors to do the dirty work for them. 

These Contractor or Primes now take orders and distribute the Community Benefits - most of those receiving the Community Benefits - have not contributed anything to the community at large,

It never amazes me how these " crooks " operate the likes of Juliet Ellis and Dwayne Jones.

We have a population of 840,000 and over 1100 miles of sewer pipes. 

We have over 1200 miles of clean drink water pipes. 

With all the talk - never once - have we - in the last two years - been given a report - linked to how many of these pipes mentioned - sewer and clean water pipes - on an average over 85 years old  - have been replaced - upgraded - something, holistic done -  to solve the on going - adverse impacts.

About 80 Million Gallons of Sewer - from our dual system are treated on a non-rainy day - the Secondary Effluents pumped into the Bay.

The WEIRS - large concrete tanks that hold the Secondary Effluents - are in disrepair - and have been for over 20 years - such types of deferred maintenance - does not faze - those that should have replaced the WEIRS - a long time ago.

It is the same with the Main Force Pipe - a 8 foot pipe that was compromised - when the SF Public Utilities permitted some private company - to dig three conduits - way back in 2002 - I brought this nonsense to the attention of the SF Controller's Office - on behalf of the Community at large.

Mr Richard Sklar -
SF Public Utilities Commissioner -
he was a good man - a man of principles -
unlike the crooks we have today - time will tell.

The three conduits were dug to accommodate three Combustion Turbines - that fell by the way side - I headed the group - to STOP using Fossil Fuel then - and was helped by then Commissioner - Richard Sklar. He passed away and is missed by those that are decent -believe in justice and fair play.

Susan Leal - former Manager SFPUC -
fired by then Mayor Gavin Newsom
now consultant to the SFPUC -
embedded at 525 Golden Gate Avenue -
distributing donuts and pastries -
pussyfooting - corruption of the worst order.

Susan Leal was the General Manager - and soon afterwards was Fired by Mayor Gavin Newsom. 

Today, Susan Leal makes her abode - right within SF Public Utilities Commission - as a Consultant.

 I have seen her distributing donuts and other pastries - visiting all the offices - pandering and pussyfooting around.
Some folks will never get it - they want it all - and will use methods dubious in nature.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - has failed San Franciscans and more hard working tax payers. The SFPUC continues to waste millions of dollars - and has no conscience - justice and fair play does not matter - to hardened crooks - who have been playing this game - for decades.

Again and again we advocates have tried using sane methods - talking to the SF Public Utilities Commission - to NO avail.

Again and again when it comes to the Tuolumne River we have to listen to the utter nonsense - from Mr Richie who refuses to adhere to empirical data. He lives in the past - and thinks he is ruling some fiefdom.

He is prone to suggest - litigation - taking on the authorities at the State level who regulate our water - and have found innovative ways - to let more water into our Northern California waters - to save the salmon and other necessary life. 

We should be working with the State who have been studying the situation at hand - and are using state of the art - science - Mr. Richie's statement - betray his ignorance - and as I said it is time - he steps down and fade away.

Mr. Richie and his Smithsonian ways - are antiquated - and it is time - he step down and fade into oblivion - he has with intent wasting millions - while collect a  fat pay check.

Mr Richie has expanded thousands of person hours - others occupied foster his devious and nefarious ploys, machination and shenanigans  oblivious that they are doing more harm than good.

All the  while General Manager Harlan Kelly and his minions -  William Carlin, Juliet Ellis, Barbara Hale, others too many to name - all shady character and consultants that do not have the best interests of San Francisco and hard working tax payers - are forced to be adversely impacted.

The SF Controller's office has done due diligence - audited the SF Public Utilities Commission - be it the three Raw Sewage Treatment plants operating - the many reservoirs - University Mound, the Sunset Mound - all suffer from deferred maintenance.

More - Crystal Springs, Calaveras Dam, Irvington Tunnel - and a host of other locations and related projects - not forgetting the 1100 aged sewer pipes and the 1200 clean water pipes - the old pipes leeching - and contaminating the Water Shed.

I am sick of these bastards that stole the land - and now think they have proprietary jurisdiction - more dictatorial.

Our rivers were protected and preserved by the indigenous people - not for some crooked and corrupt House Negros - who should know better - NOT to side with very corrupt racist Whites - who do harm to all of us decent Californians and more.

There was a time - the indigenous people - welcomed the Salmon as did their ancestors for thousands of years.

The entire Salmon route was lined with fires and prayers - that grounded the indigenous people - who genuinely respect Mother Earth.

They welcomed the Salmon - as a blessing from the Great Spirit - the Whites have diminished the Salmon - destroyed the health of the rivers - in Northern California - and think they can get away with murder in broad daylight.

We are watching you like a Hawk - and you get your reward right now. The Butte fires, other calamities will befall you - and you will froth at the mouth - and wish you never decided to take the route you all did - steeped with GREED.

The Salmon has contributed to the well ness of our forest more our Redwoods and Sequoia growth.

The  welfare of our bears and other animals to many to mentions.

The font and flora and all that we see in nature in Northern California - mentioned mentioned in detail by Lewis and Clarke - and reviewed by Jefferson our Founding Father - who favored the Native American and collected a lot of information on many Native American languages - and had good relations with the Six Nations.

Today we see the adverse impacts that reveal the many species that have been totally, wiped out -  the frogs and other insects and birds - gone - gone, gone forever - that reveal how well our environment is faring.

The result are very disturbing - thousands of species vanished - in less than 200 years and those who committed this crime - think nothing - we even have an idiot in the White House who does not believe in Climate Change - more idiots that support him to this day.

Chief Sitting Bull

The fucking strangers do not understand Mother Earth less respect Mother Earth.

Lakota Land

Camp Oceti Sakowin

Camp Oceti Sakowin

We saw and witnessed a lot when we travelled all the way to North Dakota some 1600 miles away - to support the Lakota Nation - the people that Chief Sitting Bull brought to gather.

We were at Camp Oceti Sakowin not far from Standing Rock - we gathered in Unity and know what Unity can do.  The Great Spirit see it all - and we must honor our ancestors - they matter most. Aho.

Now the House Negros are biting the hand that feeds them.

No one has done more than I to bring the Indigenous People to the SF Public Utilities Commission - to hear their pleas to STOP adversely impacting the environment - the land of their ancestors  - land that that they have protected of over 15,000 years.

The fight must continue on all levels - never mind a few House Negros who talk from both sides of their mouth - but will have to answer to a higher power - they will froth at the mouth - and wail and plead for mercy - but it will be too late. 

The Great Spirit sees it all - our Elders can say so much.

It is not our intention - to speak the the Truth in such a manner - that one has to reveal the details - but then - some of the jerks simply do not get it - so they have to listen to reality - and this may include the day of their reckoning.

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