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Saturday, February 2, 2019


The Butte fires - and the damage it caused -
98 people dead - 40,000 homes incinerated -
thousands of acres laid bare.

Some of us tax payers think it is great when we have our SF Board of Supervisors - take on themselves to address issues - that affect us tax payers more - the recent declaration by Pacific Gas and Electric - its bankruptcy - linked to the wild fires in California - is one  glaring example.

The SF Board of Supervisors should have held a hearing - a long time ago - when the San Bruno fires took place.  More to deal with PG&E and its convoluted ways - but also San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - one of the most corruption agencies - an Enterprise Department - that is having a field day.

Some of us asked for a hearing - on Pacific Gas and Electric - but no one paid attention. 

After that San Bruno fire we witnessed the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) - favor Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). The former Chair of the CPUC - Michael Peevey. 

We tax payers had to pay more - our rates increased with no hearing - we rate payers shouldered the many expenses that PG&E should have handled.

Prior to that when the ENRON fiasco took place - again we rate payers - had to bear the burden - and the SF Board of Supervisors - had NO clue what was happening -  or pretended all was well.

PG&E declared bankruptcy - here we have Aaron Peskin who loves the limelight - declaring in the chambers Room 250 that it is PG&E day -  January 29, 2019 - the day PG&E declared bankruptcy. 

Such foolishness does not bode well - when Aaron Peskin must understand - he, himself has no idea of the State of California flawed policies - linked with PG&E with one policy in particular named " inverse condemnation " and the many other untested mandates linked to Senate Bill No. 901 - that make things - complicated.

Read Senate Bill No. 901 to understand more:

Some SF Board of Supervisors - one in particular in recent months - Hillary Ronen will jump at anything to win some browny points. She simply wants to climb up the ladder - but will she. 

Ramble on issues that simply waste our time when we attend the SF Board of Supervisors meetings. Time is precious - but one would not know that - if you attend the SF BOS meeting.

While Hillary Ronen may think she is representing the constituents - again and again she makes a fool of herself. 

None of the positions she has taken against PG&E make sense. Early on I saw her spew vitriol against PG&E on some permits - that the SF City and County more the Department of Building does not have its act together. Also, the SF Department of SF Planning.

For sure the SF Department of Public Works - can intercede and advise PG&E - that PG&E too could face delays - when they put in their permits to dig our streets.

There - is alway another way to - facilitate, mitigate and to think outside the box. More than one way to  skin a cat - as some say - be it that skinning a cat - is not what I like to do.

PG&E we must remember is a Corporation - not like the City and County of San Francisco - that if full of red tape - and convoluted policies - when it comes to paying taxes, any type of permit, other policies that beg the question. 

Of course the many stupid SF BOS would not know that - they think when they talk we the people listen - no we the people already know - most of them are stupid - they promise you one thing before running for their seat - once in - they act as if their shit don't stink.

PG&E has long established itself - having deep relations on many levels - foremost with the main Regulatory Commission - the California Public Utilities Commission.

Here is one article that deeply reveals - how PG&E was involved in nefarious activities - sufficient to put to rest the nonsense that we are attempting to address - Read on :

Most of our SF Board of Supervisors are shallow - and I have witnessed Hillary Ronen - not only at the SF Board of Supervisors but at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD)  - making statements that are shallow. 

The other representative from the City and County of San Francisco - Tyrone Jue - is also on the BAAQMD - you never hear him - talk from both sides of his mouth. Why?

We think our SF Board of Supervisors are educated on issues - but most of them  are not.

Another - glaring example Shamann Walton - the idiot does not known what he is saying and more what the hell is is doing - he is a misfit - everything he does - resembles buffoonery.

We do not have one stellar and astute SF Board of Supervisor to take on PG&E - and I have witnessed this at the SF Board of Supervisors - for the last 35 years.

Most of them talk from both sides of their mouth.

It does not make it easy with our SF Public Utilities Commission having failed miserably - all these many years - to have a  " full build out " of our own SFSolar - or Clean Energy Power - some ten or fifteen years ago.

SFPUC kept kicking the can down the street. Now suddenly they are for Solar Farms - but have NO clue that only a fool - would place a " Solar Farm " on Parcel E2 on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - Parcel E has Methane Wells spewing Methane air into the air - thousands of tons of Methane Gas.

Who in their right mind - will build a Solar Farm on Parcel E2 - time will tell.

We saw this some twenty years ago - with Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) - some of us were the first to place Solar Panels on some homes - with mitigation money we received from PG&E - in the Bayview - without any assistance from SF Public Utilities Commission.

We also saw this with the SFPUC Contracting Center that I conceived and fought for - two individuals Hanks Scott and Jae Ryu - were instrumental in helping me - to create the Contracting Center.

The original concept was to create a Job Center to train and fill the positions - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP).

SFPUC changed the name to SFPUC Contracting Center - had an opening with Mayor Edwin Mah Lee, Malia Cohen, other sell outs - and no mention of the key people that brought about this Center - which the crooks named the Contracting Center. 

For two years the Contracting Center was not used - we used it to help Senior learn how to use computers - we used it to inform the community on important issues that matter.

That Contract Center has been moved from 5 Thomas Mellon Center to 150 Executive Park - and even now - the emphasis is on other mundane issues - very little linked to Jobs - Career Jobs that matter.

They hired two SFPUC employees - one making over $150,000 plus benefits and the other making $70,000 plus benefits - none of them where from the community.

Today SFPUC touts it has everything to do with SF Clean Power - its main spokesperson Barbara Hale - who once worked for CPUC - and is not to be trusted. 

Her presentation are as fake as they come - not once has she spoken about the policy linked to " inverse condemnation " -.

Barbara Hale  has NO clue how Chapter 11 works - we the rate payers will have to wait for years - to receive any benefits if ever.

In the interim starting already - we are paying more - and will pay more. Do not listen to these idiots - you are supposed to represent as as SF BOS - but are worthless - most of them.

The few that try are confused too - no one educated on issues.

I just paid my PG&E bill and it was 60% more - if we keep listening to SFPUC and more the SF BOS - that take bribes from the SFPUC - we the rate payers - will be left holding an empty bag - looking in a hay stack - for that one missing needle - forever. 

Here is the same article - how PG&E shredded $40 billion dollars of Green Energy Contracts - after declaring bankruptcy - that I am bring to the attention of our SF City Attorney and SF Controller's Office :

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