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Thursday, February 7, 2019


The fire took place on Geary Blvd and Parker St
by the famous Hong Kong Lounge II -
a restaurant famous for its Dim Sum snacks
and other delicious Chinese plates.

Kudos to Pacifica Gas and Electric for putting out the gas line fire - at Geary Street and Parker Street - by the Hong Hong Lounge II - the gas line was broken by a Florida Based company - the Third Party - who has a good record if you visit their website :

The company MasTec has asked for a permit to mark the gas line - but we are NOT yet certain -if they got the permit - and more if the gas line was marked.

As often happens in a case like this - the City and County of San Francisco - must have the Office Emergency Services on alert and have an action plan - as I have been saying before - the Office of Emergency Services - is pathetic.

It took two hours before the gas fire was put out - the first responders - the SF Fired Department - did all they could with the limited tools they had. Putting out large gas fires - are not the forte of the SF Fire Department.

This is an opportune chance to look into special equipment to put out gas fire - such as we experience - instead of using large - very large amount of clean drinking water - a fact that we want to known. 

How much of that water was grey water and how much clean drinking water?

Only when an incident such at this takes place -  we know how  - accountability and transparency -  plays out - and we want to know - how many millions of gallons of clean water was expanded.

At the press conference held in the open - the Pacific Gas and Electricity spokesman Blair Jones - did a good job explaining to the public at large - how complex this particular case was - the many main distribution pipes - larger than the small gas pipes that come into residential homes.

Also with the gas lines - are the other utilities - sewer and clean water pipes - fire optic lines - and other infrastructure conduits - that are required.

Loud mouth was on the scene hours after 
the gas line fire erupted -
she has nothing much to say - 
again revealing - the woman is dumb, inept, and 
lacks experience.

Of course Mayor London Breed was there - displaying once again - that she is NOT prepared for incidents such as this 
" gas fire " and will not be prepared for other such emergency situations - because this comes with experience.

All over the world - people saw an immature person -  more a Mayor - speaking in generalities.

As I mentioned the SF Office of Emergency Services could have done better - but failed - and so did the other City Department - the Department of Building Inspection, the other heads of City Departments - who brag they can do this and that but when the time comes - they are Missing In Action.

As everyone who has come experience in these matters knows - very strict guidelines from the State of California - have to be followed. 

In this case after the Pacific Gas and Electric team came to the rescue of the City and County of San Francisco - they had to put a " strike team " - much like " Special Forces " - and quickly put an action plan into action.

The team did a superb work - pinching the gas line - a large 12 inch distribution pipe - which has very high pressure - and unique techniques have to be used - that come from practice.

These " strike teams " are well known all over the Nation - and in this case PG&E deserve our gratitude - be it that they worked with the SF Fired Department - who were our First Responders.

It is customary for the SF Fire Department and the experts linked to PG&E to work together. 

There is also a large team that meets and work - under some Memoranda of Understanding.

It is here that we did not see the Office of Emergency Services, the Department of Building Inspection, the other SF City Department that purport to support our Utility Infrastructure - take a United Stand.

If we cannot show of united we are in a small case like this - we will NOT be able to rally - when it comes - to a bigger situation.

Had there been a delay -  PG&E not responding so quickly and putting the " gas fire out " - hundreds if not thousands of homes - built back to back - could go in flames - and spread quickly - to a large area. Kudos to PG&E for an excellent job.

The political whore from the 
District in which the fire occurred -
was there - she said something but meant nothing -
we need a reports complete with time-lines 
how her office helped - for all her hot air in Room 250.

Supervisor Catherine Stefani from District 2 - much like her predecessor  Mark Farrell - have NOT contributed much to all of San Francisco. Catherine Stefani for all the time she has been at City Hall - working first for Alioto-Pier, then Mark Farrell, then the Clerk of the Board - and now as Supervisor of her District 2 - has been a joke.

The Red Cross is always called and responds - the Catholic Church and St Mary Cathedral in this case -  volunteered and Mels Drive in too.

In cases like this the Hotel Industry must be incorporated to serve the needs of small amount of people adversely impacted - who may not be able to go back to their homes.

victim in such a case - needs the sympathy and more compassion - that folks like London Breed and Catherine Stefani - have not. 

Catherine Stefani invaded the premises of one her tenant - while he was away - who was shocked at her behavior -much as some of us are shocked how she pretend caring for killings all over the Nation - she talks the talks but has failed to walk the walk.

We want to know - giving time lines - what has she and her office done - to alleviate the suffering of this recent " gas line fire " - how many victims has Catherine Stefani touched - personally?

Kudos to the men and women -
who helped in this gas tragedy -
We need a report to understand more 
and hope a briefing is in the offing -
these stupid Representative more politicians -
their feet must be held to the fire 

Finally Verizon has not been a good partner - Verizon makes billions - but treats its employees with disdain.

We must ask - why do we allow - too many outside vendors - like for example - MasTec - the is headquartered in Florida - do we NOT have companies in California - or here in San Francisco to do the work.

Who the fuck is approving these contracts - and we must find out who in San Francisco is responsible - and if bribes are involved?

On San Bruno Avenue without meaningful dialog - all sorts of construction is going on - some fiber line installed - causing traffic jams - bus stops moved - and innocent folks forced to step into the MUNI bus - in the middle of the street.

Where is Hillary Ronen on this one? She is busy pussyfooting at City Hall - talking too much - trying to win brown points.

Looking at this company doing some fiber work on San Bruno Avenue - they look like a ragtag company.

Who is behind all this nonsense?

I am especially concerned - that this ragtag company - will adversely impact the community at large.

Hopefully - not another FIRE - bring with it some tragedy - or some other major incident -  harming human and other life.

Time the City and County of San Francisco - more London Breed - walk the walk - and stop the hoodwinking in broad daylight.

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