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Thursday, May 10, 2018


The Hetch Hetchy Dam - the water
drained from the famous Tuolumne River -
water stolen in the 1900s from the Native Americans -
and brought all the way here to San Francisco -
some 160 miles from its original destination -
water - stored at the University Mound  and Sunset Reservoir-
 other cisterns in SF that few know about.

Many of us take our clean drinking water for granted.

 Our pristine clean drinking  water comes from 160 miles away Yosemite Park. It was all STOLEN from the Native Americans. Not once has there been an effort to cater to the Native Americans - restitution of the land and resources stolen. 

Typical of the crooks - who have no morals, less ethics and absolutely NO - standards.

The filthy rich in San Francisco way back in the 1900s - went to Congress - powerful filthy rich Congressmen - rich racists constituents in San Francisco - mostly Whites - favored damming the most beautiful Valley in the world - the Hetch Hetchy Valley. 

An early photograph of John Muir -
he loved the Hetch Hetchy Valley -
one of the most beautiful valleys on Earth -
greed and more greed knows know bounds -
disrespecting Mother Earth -
the many scum bags embedded at SFPUC who 
with intent doing harm to thousands if not millions - today.

Mention must be made of John Muir - who fought the idea -  to dam the most beautiful valley on Earth - lost his hard fought cause - and soon died - despondent. We acknowledge his resolve and his love for Mother Earth.

Earlier in 1906 we had a large earthquake - and this reason and others were given to bring pristine clean drinking water - to San Francisco.

At that time a bucket of clean water in many areas in San Francisco - cost as much as $5 and even $10.

Never mind - the Hetch Hetchy water was stolen from the Native Americans - be it the Miwoks, Peutes, the Pomos, the other neighboring First People.

 There has been NO mention of - restitution - and more respect given those Native Americans - from the adjacent river - from which the  water in stored in the  dam -  the confluence of the river - Sacred - respected and honored - to this day.

Each and every time - I go to Yosemite Valley - I am offer the Sacred Water - and I respectfully accept the water - as it signifies life - and more. The water was stolen - and is being disrespected. 

It is not right that in the year 2018 - water from the Hetch Hetchy contained among the granite walls - is pumped to San Francisco - and used to flush our toilets - only the most mundane and foolish would do this - and the world laughs at us - so called fake followers of Mother Earth.

Not far from San Francisco - in San Mateo County we have Crystal Springs that many of us visit from time to time - a beautiful area - with some great areas for recreation - including horse riding.

We have Calaveras Dam where a new dam is being built to store water - the old earthen dam has been deconstructed to make place - for a brand new dam - costing millions.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission was formed in 1996  - with the intent - to make money off the backs of the poor and those decent constituents San Francisco.

In 1913 the Raker Act was passed - giving sound assurance to San Franciscans and our neighbors - Brisbane, Burlingame, San Mateo, Palo Alto other counties - access to our pristine clean water.

It may be noted - at that time the counties were just growing - the expansion is mind boggling - today.

Mention must be made here that the Raker Act of 1913 - mandated free clean drinking water to Public Housing, the Municipalities and the Department of Defense.

Those of you who lived in Public Housing - remember you did not have to pay for the clean drinking water - nor electricity more hydro-electricity from Hetch Hetchy.

 But then all this changed in 1996 - when Willie L. Brown -  became Mayor - a Black "thug " Mayor - who keeps raking millions - even today. Why are we tolerating this nonsense - and why do we still - listen to those that take orders from Willie L. Brown - one of them a crook - Dwayne Jones.

In 1996 - this same mayor created the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC ) - as I said - and stacked the employees with his cronies. 

Prior to the SFPUC being created in 1996 - it was the famous Water Department that ran the show. 

The SFPUC formed in 1996 that now gets its funding as an Enterprise Department  - the SFPUC calls the shots - because they generate and have the money - more,  because they have the money - they waste it - millions of dollars.

SFPUC generates its money from water, sewer, hydro-electricity, golf course, a large quarry that rakes in millions for the SFPUC, large tract of land - thousands of acres - leased for grazing and more.

The public at large - has no access to this very large inventory - including buildings and more.

Today there is NO accountability - and less transparency - the most corrupt and crooked folks manage and operate the SFPUC at the Management Level.

Dwayne Jone comes into our community -
and hoodwinks us - this nonsense must STOP -
 so also the utter nonsense that Juliet Ellis
does - hoodwink those she takes for a wild ride.

This woman Juliet Ellis - 
is corrupt to the core - 
as the Assistant General Manager for External Affairs -
besides hoodwinking us all on other matters -
including Community Benefits - 
recently she did not do her job - outreaching to us the public -
on the mixing of ground water - contaminating our 
pristine Hetch Hetchy water.

As I mention above - the Hetch Hetchy water is pristine - and it is " not right " to mix our pristine Hetch Hetchy water with filthy, contaminated ground water.

Some months ago - we were not informed - but, had to deal with some foul, stinking, muddy drinking water. The reason given was - ground water was mixed with our clean drinking Hetch Hetchy water - this created a lot of confusion - more, pertaining to our health and related issues.

Some of us wrote about this situation - others in the hundreds went to City Hall to protest - and rightly so.

Notice of the recent public meeting - to address the above situation - at City Hall  - was held May 9, 2018.

The meeting  - was poorly advertised - some 36 hours or so - but most found out about the meeting - by word of mouth - and 12 hours or fewer - before, the meeting.

Communications comes under Juliet Ellis - who is not from San Francisco - and has been causing problems - she has not been representing San Franciscans - even though she makes over $250, 000 with benefits.

Juliet Ellis has been involved in cheating, hoodwinking, lying - and has been fined by the State of California - Fair Political and Practices Commission.

She funneled over $200,000 our Community Benefits to Green For All - when she was caught - her hand in the cookie jar - she paid the fine, returned the money - and should have been fired - now it the time - to call for that FIRING.

Even though NOT sufficient time - was given - linked to the above meeting called -  some astute advocates - managed to go to the meeting -  and spoke well and to the point.

I could not - even though on such matters - I make it a point to address such issue - the notice came to my attention late - I had already scheduled other meetings. Hence this blog - where I can express my sincere, feelings and more.

It may be true that we have large watersheds, thousands of land called artesian lands - we all know about artesian wells.

However, little is known about toxic dumping PCBs, lead, chrome, mercury, use paint, and a host of very dangerous and contaminated materials - that leach into the watershed.

Right here in San Francisco - we have over 30,000 hotspots - old petroleum tanks, illegal dumping - even at the Golden Gate Park, all recorded - but we do not have enforcement.

A woman from the SF Health Department - the Environmental Division - who has no clout - in involved in some clean drinking water testing - kept making general statements.

This white woman representing the SF Health Department with all her experience - made a fool of herself.

Often contradicting herself and not having her facts - straight.

We cannot trust the SF Public Utilities Commission - to execute mixing contaminated ground water - into the pristine pool of Hetch Hetchy water - just the thought is cumbersome and very disturbing - know how inept the SFPUC is and more the upper Management - corrupt to the core.

As the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy I have studied with experts - on the above subject and more environmental issues - for over 45 years.

Unfortunately in this case Mr Richie - who was the main presenter on the mixing of the ground waters - is always saying stuff that is far off left field. 

I could have said more - but suffice to say - that the man - has to go his way - take early retirement and stay out of our business or face the IRE of the constituents of San Francisco.

After I fought the last time around - when our clean drinking water was foul smelling - the SFPUC did nothing for a long time. After a few weeks - I chose bottle water - and cannot stand drinking from the tap - anymore.

Maintenance of some of our huge pipes -
at other times smaller aged pipes -
breaking - millions of gallons of water wasted.

Now and then the source of " lead " -
is removed and the non-toxic parts replace the toxic -
but this happens far and between -
for all the talk - addressing lead and other contaminants -
is slow coming and very disturbing - more when 
it comes to our infants, our children, our youth, our young
adults, our seniors, our poor, and those with compromised health - all dying a slow death - and this is WRONG.

I went deep into this situation and found that of the 1200 miles of clean drinking pipes - over 80% are over 90 years - and leaching.

When the old pipes are replaced - the rust and the corrosion knows no bounds.

Imagine those corroded pipes - contaminating the pristine water - just because the SF Public Utilities Commission - has not replaced the pipes - even though the have the money.

These three mayors one worse than the other -
have used SFPUC to cheat the public at large 
the worse of them all - Edwin Mah Lee (far right) -
the master mind Willie L. Brown (far left) - and the guy
in the center - the most FOOLISH.

The mixing of ground water - into the pool of pristine Hetch Hetchy water - saying it works - is a myth.

More and more - the authorities that be are lying to us - taking more water from the other rivers.

Treating the mixed water poorly - often times the ratio of the water from the other rivers - dilutes Hetch Hetchy water - and this bluffing game has been going on for years.

If you took your water and got the lab to examine it - you will be surprised - and if are - you can sue the SF Public Utilities Commission - and they should be taken to court and jailed.

They have been hoodwinking us for decades.

It is wrong - that lead, chromium-6 which is a carcinogenic - which in simple terms - leads to cancers - and this and more - is known and the authorities think - they can play a fast one on us. Fuck them all.

When it comes to the readings of Nitrates that are recorded at dangerous levels - consumption to human beings in large amounts - leads to harm and slow death - more infants, children and those with compromised health.

The authorities - at the many presentations - state the levels with titles - data that is misleading - less than accurate presentations - that are confusing - this hoodwinking must STOP. 

This has been going on even in today's digital world.

Gimmicks like this future Campus - at 1550 Evans Street -
wasting our money - while sewer and clean 
drinking rates go up and up - service poor -
on many streets in the Bayview Hunters Point area -
we see broken clean water drinking pipes -
millions of gallons wasted - and sewer pipes too -
raw sewage flowing for days - no repair in sight -
when will this nonsense STOP.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) owes the Bayview Hunters Point constituents over $2 Billion - be it many of those that fought for the mitigation - where millions were stipulated as Community Benefits - that the SFPUC has used - thinking that NO ONE is watching this scumbags - we are here and now - and demand Justice and fair play.

You sellouts taking money from Dwayne Jones and others - be on the lookout - you sellouts and those that go with the flow - more pimps and  hoes - this is a clarion call to you all - if you are selling out the community - it is on you. 

Stop this shit - now. Jackasses. 

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - has failed to deliver - assets stolen from the Native Americans - that never, ever figures - in any equation - in any presentation worth the salt - shame on them - scum bags.