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Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Hunters Point Naval Shipyard -
and Treasure Island - both areas have adversely
impacted thousands - all these many years.

You know that it is a dog and pony show - when some one like Malia Cohen a " political whores " - who is on the take from Lennar Urban a rogue developer - and 5 Points Holdings LLP - both developers that she is in bed with.

Again and again she asked the question of the Regulatory agencies the U.S. Navy that has jurisdiction of the area - EPA, the DTSC, the other agencies each giving their own stale tale - they all have looked the other way - all these many years - and not listened to the advocates.

The "thug" Mayor Willie L. Brown and
Malia Cohen - both on the pay roll of Lennar Urban -
that has built inferior homes on Parcel A -
that Malia Cohen is worried about - mostly Whites -
who went into the situation - because of greed.

Malia Cohen the political whores that she is - stated that the public present - would be allowed a single minute -giving us a clear idea - that this " air head", uneducated on issues, inept, and stupid to the core - she mentioned over 10 times - when would Parcel A - be cleaned.

There is Parcel A - the only parcel handed over to the City and County of San Francisco - that handed it to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - who is turn quickly handed it to the rogue developer on whose payroll is Malia Cohen.

Why would anyone develop Parcel A - surround by parcels B, C, D, E, E2, F which is the Bay - all areas contaminated - then you have the Utility Corridors UC1, UC2, UC3 and so on.

We advocates have long know - that Tetra Tech was not about mitigation and abatement - Tetra Tech has with intend changed the manifest of the dirt it has sent to landfills - any investigation done by MNBC - that led to many other avenue - including the Whistler Blowers case from some Tetra Tech workers.

Where is the justice - the political whores and
pimps more concerned about the developers -
and housing units that are now jeopardized -
contaminated by high level radioactive elements.

The many Blacks who have been barking up the wrong tree - taking money - and some boldly stating that all is well at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - should be ashamed of themselves

Some of the sellouts who should be charged - with intent putting thousands in harms way - Willie L. Brown, Sophie Maxwell, Veronica Hunnicutt, Doris Vincent, Calvin Jones, Aurelius Walker, Dr. Churchwell.

Malia CohenWalton Shamann, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones. London Breed, Amos Brown, the Tabernacle Group all Black pastors and many others who should be ashamed of themselves - they have BLOOD on their hands.

Nancy Pelosi she has filled her campaign coffers -
with money from Tetra Tech -
be it she may have not know that Tetra Tech 
would fuck too - as she deserve - greeds and a liar.

Diane Feinstein and her husband
have taken money from Tetra Tech -
to fill their tainted pockets -
they two have BLOOD  on their hands.

When the Democrats were in power - all the regulatory agencies were told to back off. Some of the crooks I have mentioned above - did not care that our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, those with compromised health - suffered - thousand have died a slow death.

We now need a Congressional Hearing that I demands a long time ago - and which those in power Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, George Miller, Barbara Lee, others in Congress and the Senator more Democrats - did nothing.

Paradoxically this Republican Government - with new EPA directors - initiated the testing of the dirt at Hunters Point on Parcel G - a fact that was not mentioned at all.

Letters were sent to Scott Pruitt - the Chief Administrator of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Secretary of the Navy - Richard V. Spenser - acknowledging their support and quick action - to determine where the Whistle Blowers action - warranted retesting of dirty - and verification of manifest that were changed.

This entire area - by Hunters Point Naval Shipyard -
including Candlestick Point - one a landfill -
is contaminated -  releasing Methane Gas - today -
the SF Board of Supervisors - and mostly in the dark -
lacking the known facts - ignorant to the core.

We know Class One dirt - very contaminated - more registering high level of radioactive elements were send to the landfills - MNBC brought this to light.

Our SF Board of Supervisors love to have their two minutes of fame.

Mostly - asking stupid questions of the regulatory agencies - who in the past and recent past - were told by Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Mayor Edwin Mah Lee (who recently passed away ) to look the other way.

The Whistler Blowers will tell you that. Any decent advocate will tell you that - I have written articles going 30 years - on the known contamination, pollution, illegal dumping and so on. 

It was amazing to witness the ignorance of the SF Board of Supervisors -  who have little knowledge of abatement and less about mitigation. The worse among them London Breed and Malia Cohen - one worse than the others - both seasoned political whores.

For sure we know deplete uranium was tested. For sure we know large animals exposed to the Bikini Atomic testing - were brought to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and buried.
Our stupid SF Board of Supervisors mostly are NOT educated on issue - they are fucking idiots - who love to have their two seconds of fame - asking fucking stupid questions. Dog and Pony show.

The many Black from the Bayview Hunters Point - who have been taking money - are put on notice - those that worked on Parcel A - who are now coming down with all sorts of health complication.

Missing in the current discussion - the very high levels of Asbestos Structures - Serpentine Rock - when crushed releases these Asbestos Structures - that entire the body - and take years to adversely impact - thousands.

There was NO discussion about this fact - Parcel A abounds with high levels of Asbestos Structures.

Many of the those Whites living there - will in years to come - die a horrible death - Asbestosis or Mesothelioma as the condition is known- kills you slowly - as one dies a excruciating death - intense pain - howling and screaming - seeing in believing.

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