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Friday, May 11, 2018


Assistant General Manager of External Affairs -
 an added title - Chief Strategists -
of the SF Public Utilities Commission -
wheeling and dealing seems to be her chief occupation.

It is not uncommon for many decent tax payers, constituents who live here in San Francisco and have lived here for decades - who know me - to come to me and reveal - the many misgiving, ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - that our City and County of San Francisco - is know for.

Juliet Ellis has not contributed anything to San Francisco. She  may have to New York, Oakland, Jamaica or some other hell hole - but I will tell you - since Gavin Newsom appointment her to the SF Public Utilities Commission  (SFPUC)- as a sitting Commissioner - all hell has broken loose.

To make matters even worse - she jumped shipped and took the position of Assistant General Manager of SFPUC -filling the vacant position - held by Laura Spanjian - she left the position - to go to Houston, Texas and has done very well for herself.

Laura Spanjian

San Francisco seems to have an affinity - to hand over positions - to dubious and nefarious personalities - the chaff from the East Bay - brought here to San Francisco - all of them wheeling and deal - and involved in pay to play activities.

It is a shame that of SF Controller's Office even though they have concrete information - allow - folks like Juliet Ellis to be in the position she is in. Many SF Public Utilities Commission employees detest her - I get emails - so many emails that I must contain myself.

Recent I received some information from a high ranking SF Public Utilities Commission employee - very decent - who sent me some information. I could not believe my eyes.

Having worked for the Sixth U. S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco - as their last Congressional Liaison - I am very familiar about the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act. That is how we term it - in the U. S. Federal System.

I asked for some information from the SFPUC Public Records - and was provided very little substantial information.

 I sent another reminder after 15 days - and this time - besides making some direct request for more information added a statement - not to play with me.

 I request for all information that they may have that could be provided to me under the FOIA.

I also took an opportunity to provide the SFPUC Public Records - a Solis Repot that provided sufficient information - that I had more information - than the SFPUC could ever dream I had.

I am still waiting for more information - on my side - others within the SFPUC at the highest levels - have been providing me information - for a long, long time. Harlan Kelly knows about this - so it is all transparent - more seeking for accountability.

Right now SF Public Utilities Commission is a cesspool - soon one by one - these rascals - will be drowning in the cesspool - of their own - creation.

I am going to send this blog to the SFPUC Public Records - with the above mentioned typed - from an email that was sent to this high ranking official - who has since been forced out - under the ploy of -  " Early Retirement ".

Harlin Kelly - the General Manger of SFPUC.

Harlan Kelly is very close to Juliet Ellis - even came out before the SF Ethics Commission to support Juliet Ellis. In fact Juliet Ellis - should be fired - today - she continues to wheel and deal - and we have empirical data.

Harlan has a special contract with SFPUC - he makes over $300,000 but has nothing to show when it comes to morals, ethics, and proven standards.

From time to time I have schedules meetings with Harlan Kelly - with other present Tyrone Jue who use to work for the SFPUC but now serves as a special advisor on Environmental Issues - he seem to be flourishing in his new position.

Leamon Abrams -
he has since left SFPUC as works for
another Prime in the East Bay and loves his work

Another individual that I trusted was Leamons Abrams - Leamons Abrams worked as a consultant for AECOM - and more the Director of Community Benefits - he left recently - he could not take it anymore - the interference from Juliet Ellis.

The wheeling and dealing - and of course hovering in the background Dwayne Jones - who has been black listed by the SF Housing Authority now taken over by the Mayor's Office of Housing.

Another good man was Tony Flores who worked at the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - he left in disgust. What is it that the SF Public Utilities Commission - cannot comprehend?

May be a visit from the Federal Bureau of Investigation - will do the trick. These scumbags the liked of Juliet Ellis and Dwayne Jones - is too much to endure - doling out thousands to former " jail birds " and many of them do not live in San Francisco. 

Ask them for their PG&E bill in their name - and linked to their residence.

Dwayne Jones - keeps wheeling and dealing -
but not so much anymore -
he will have to fess up this time - and make sure -
he does not lie.

For sure we all know that Dwayne Jones is not from San Francisco - and for sure NOT from the Bayview Hunters Point.

Yet this scumbag has taken upon himself to play the decent people of the Bayview Hunters Point area. So all you sellouts on the pay roll - you are put on notice.

Most of you must stand up for what is right - but also support those in the minority - who have a conscience and their heart in the right place.

No tax payers' money must be spent on the candidates - running for some positions - we know who they are - folks like Malia Cohen a political whore - after screwing us all - now is running for the State of California - Board of Equalization - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Shamann Walton is working closely with Dwayne Jones and Juliet Ellis - taking behest money - and if one single dollar of tax payers - tarnishes in campaign coffers - he is doomed.

It is left to Law Enforcement to follow the money - and so far the SF Controller Office and others - are still looking into the situation at hand. 

However, the other regulatory agencies are now involved too - so that our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors, those with compromised health - may be helped.

Under Shamann Walton who I have never, ever seen in the trenches - now, suddenly wants to run of Board of Supervisor - 
District 10. 

Shamann Walton - may smile a lot - all dressed up and all.

 But, for sure people that need help most - he has not addressed  in his platform - running for District 10 Supervisor. 

He has been an utter failure - at the SF Unified School District - Black students have fared so poorly - when he was the President at the SF Unified School District in the Chair.

San Francisco Unified School District -
Shamann Walton failed miserably -
more, with Black student doing poorly -
Black student in regular classes doing worse than
Black Student in Special Education - go figure? 

Where are you getting your money from ?
If you received tax payers money meant for 
Community Benefits linked the SSIP - from Lennar,
time to think again - if you are on the right track.

None of the Directors of Young Community Developers - recently - be it Dwayne Jones or Shamann Walton - pass the "smelt test ". 

Most audits done - linked to Young Community Developers - have received poor marks - and its operation nefarious and dubious - well known by the SF Controller Office and there is more.

Recently he spent thousands - on a documentary depicting Violence - focusing only on Blacks -  having NO clue and looking at this particular  situation - tunnel vision.

Not only do Blacks die - but others too - Latinos, Whites, Asians and others. When you represent - you must represent all.

If you have taken tax payers money - be it from the Community Benefits - or other pools of money - be it tainted " behest money " - you will be called upon - by the authorities. 

Never mind who is guiding you in the wrong direction - they all need to rethink their Blue Print - the people cannot be fooled all the time.

Time will tell.

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