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Thursday, January 4, 2018


The people united - 
will never be defeated - 
more those that lie, hoodwink, and hurt Mother Earth
and think business is as usual - time the time 
has come to act - now.

Much like the SF Public Utilities Commission - the SF Department of the Environment - generates its own money - both entities created by the former " rogue " Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr.

Both entities created for a hidden agenda - provide jobs and conduct nefarious activities - most of them convoluted.

Once you study the empirical data - the policies that are propagated - but not enforced - if you follow the money - you find out - why corrupt folks like Juliet Ellis - are still working - even after moving over $200, 000 for Green For All - and forced to pay a penalty by the Fair Action Practices Committee and the SF Ethics Commission.

Technically the SF Public Utilities Commission is called an Enterprise Department - and has many resources to garner its money - to meet its sordid - fiduciary commitments. 

Selling Clean Water - linked to the Hetch Hetchy system raking in millions, has hydro-electricity that is sells - and makes a lot of money - to counties like Tulare.

Has a quarry that generates millions, golf courses that pay the SF Public Utilities  thousands of dollars in rent, generates millions from sewer rates  and provides poor services - large areas stink to high heaven and no one seems to care.

The SF Public Utilities Commission -  leases large tracts of land - for cattle grazing and more - and collects large rents - bringing in thousands of dollars.

The SF Department of the Environment - was created in the early 2000 - from the sale of one of the Pacific Gas and Electric power plant - later called the Mirant Plant.

As part of their sale - PG&E contributed - the $18 millions or so - set aside for community benefits.

 The then Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr - created the SF Department of Environment - with a mandate that it be self sufficient. The Conservatory situated at Golden Gate Park - that has nothing to do with the Bayview - received millions to fix the place that was falling apart.

Some money was set aside to provide homes with Solar - gimmicks to replaces fridges, other gimmicks - none benefit the residents of the Bayview and adjoining areas - that suffered adversely impacts - from the power plant - which was sold to Mirant by Pacific Gas and Electric.

The paradox is that the SF DOE does not mention this history - on its website - some other jargon and garbage - that rewrites history - typical of those that do not have their heart in the right place - and live on this earth as scumbags.

The SF Deparment of Environment - has chosen to leach on the City Recyling Company - better known as Recology.

The present Director Debbie Raphael - talking a lot about clean energy, electric cars, toxicity of all sorts, sending less to the landfills - in general making small talk - and having NO walk.

We want to know who does the " heavy lifting " - we want to know who forks the millions to aid and abet SF DOE - and if so why all the diatribe - why spew so much hot air - and when will the bluffing and hoodwinking - STOP?

The SF Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) behind the scene in the past has written grants for the SF Department of the Environment (SF DOE) - and handed huge grants - for the SF DOE - on a platter.

The SF PUC has also paid for some Full Time Employment - thus saving the SF DOE - millions of dollars.

The SF DOE first Director - my very good friend Jared Blumfield - was instrumental in draft and creating an Ordinance - called the Precautionary Principle.

It is been enforced from time to time - but NOT in recent years.

Please read the Precautionary Principle - to understand moe about this article :

For all its talk the SF DOE has got a pass - and an audit - which I am requesting the SF Contoller to under take - is a must.

The audit when executed precisely well  - will reveal that millions of dollars - much of it grant money - has spent on frivolous things - office space, equipment, junkets to conferences.

The RICO ACT will further - clear the air - and silence those that pretend that they are help our City - when in fact - they are harming our City and squandering millions of dollars.

The SF DOE high living - must be curtailed - and its Full Time Employment slots - reviewed. More every year all FTE must be evaluated - with Standards in place - and no BS.

There has NOT been a yearly serious evaluation of those employees - who make over $100, 000 a year - considering that the SF DOE touts so much - that it can do this and that.

There are many SF DOE making in access or $200, 00o and this is uncalled for - you see them roaming, taking junkets, have meetings that last for hours - and all this and more - must come to a STOP.

The current Director Debbie Raphael stepped into the shoes of two former Directors - the first one Jared Blumfield and the second Mr. Assman.

Debbie Raphael loves to brag and talk the talk - will rubber stamp anything that is sent  to her from the Mayor's Office - other entities that pander to her - without any sound - vetting.

San Francisco brags that it has curtailed its Carbon Foot Print - this is the first big lie. The many skyscrapers, the thousands of units being built - all require aggregate and concrete - that release millions of tons of Carbon Dioxide.

The SF DOE and the Mayor's Office and those lackeys that purport to be Environmentalists - have been having a field day.

 You see how impotent these lackeys are - when they are taken to task - more, when you visit the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC), the Regional Water Board, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) - and learn who truly is impotent, shallow and inept.

Those that must do their duty - whiling away their time - seeking grants -saying much and doing nothing at all.

Advocates who love and care about our City and County with limited resources - do a lot - and these " vermin " who keep wasting millions - think they can go on bluffing and hoodwinking the public at large - in broad daylight.

It is the same with SF DOE Commission - anointed people - who pat their behinds - talking and talk - wasting our time - and do nothing much for our City and County of San Francisco.

Few of them acknowledge the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone - the other Ohlone Tribes - who cared for this area including San Francisco for over 13, 000 years.

I use to attend the very first meeting - first when the SF Environmental Committee was formed - Mayor Art Agnos created the committee - which then became the SF Department Of Environment  Commission -  things keep getting -  from bad to worse.

In our neighborhoods more closer to the garbage sites in the Southeast Sector - garbage is found - piled up and laying there for days on end - and some times - weeks. No one seems to care.

This is an eyesore when such garbage piles are found on Commercial Shopping Blocks - San Bruno Avenue that pays the city millions of dollars in taxes.

Receives NO benefits -  gets nothing at all - no benefits linked to through clean up - be it the side walks - and other open space where children and others - congregate.

SF City Employees visit the restaurants - see the garbage and do not lift a finger - to address the issues at hand.

All over the City and County of San Francisco and more in the Southeast Sector - we have in total - over 5000 toxic hots spots that the SF DOE has not addressed.

Why is no one enforcing the Precautionary Principle :

If you contact Stephanie Cushing who heads the SF Department of Health - the Division of Environment - they refer you to the State - and the Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC).

It is a shame that Barbara Garcia - the Director of the SF Health Department - who I know very well - has permitted those that should do their job Stephanie Cushing and Amy Brownell to have a field day.

Why is the City and County of San Francisco - not abating and mitigating the many toxic hot spots - why?

The SF DOE is busy collecting grease and other oil products - competing with other entities who already have been doing a good job. 

Messing with some neighborhoods - pretending they are Environmentalists - and love Mother Earth.

 While never once acknowledging - the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone.

Such haughtiness does not fly in the year 2018 - we know more about Debbie Raphael and she knows that too - but let us say - to keep the peace - enough is enough.

As I often say - if you have the empirical data and follow the money - all the ploys, machinations, and shenanigans will fall in place.

Lennar has built thousands of poorly built homes - close to land that is prone to liquefaction and flooding.

Surrounded by land - know as a Superfund Site - where Depleted Uranium was tested.

More - registering high levels os plutonium, cesium, lead, mercury and a host of other elements that have adversely impacted the community - living in close proximity to the Hunters Point Shipyard.

What has Debbie Raphael said about this issue - and why not?

All this woman does is rubber stamp - fosters some gimmicks endorsed by the Mayor's Office - failing to implement the Precautionary Principle:

It is a shame - that San Francisco - that purports to be a City that embraces Environmental Issues - has failed to do anything at all - in its own back yard.

Suffice to say - the Bayview still has a Raw Sewage Treatment Plant that stinks to high heaven.

 To hell with the adversely impacts - to our infants, our children, our youth, our seniors, those with compromised health - for sure those impacted most our mentally and physically - challenged.

What has Debbie Raphael who purports to be a scientist done?

 Nothing at all - she makes over $200, 000 plus benefits - and has failed San Francisco and San Franciscans.

Our City and County of San Francisco - has a budget which exceeds  $ 10 Billion dollars - you would not know that - from the rampant toxic sites - that spew toxicity into the air.

The Quality of Life issues that are ignored - the congestion on our roads the worst in the Nation, rents the highest in the Nations - our Neighborhood built by decent, hard working San Francisco - taken over by those that care less - and have No heart.

The garbage piling in our neighborhood - is too much to bear - at times 20 and more - used commodes - dumped where children and decent families - have to endure the ugly and filthy sights.

We see the Department of Public Works trucks - plying up and down - but trying calling them - or the 311 number - and find out for yourself - how long it takes to get the mess removed? Weeks.

Our City Departments have been having a field day - failing to have standards - more following Standard Operating Procedures.

 The DPW trucks that pick up garbage - to aid the larger garbage trucks - who are focused on their schedule runs  - must work side by side - and in harmony. This is not happening.

It is strange to see how the City and County has chosen to treat the seniors and those who have compromised with disdain.

Going to the sites - where the poor camp  - destroying brand new tents, taking the precious possession of those that have nothing but these few things - take away their medications - and trashing it all.

I have been an Environmentalist for over 45 years - all over the world - and have seen things - that few Environmentalist have seen.

I represent the Muwekme Ohlone the First People of San Francisco - and seen people in high places - fall flat on their face and die  - because they failed to acknowledge the First People.

The SF DOE is a disgrace to the human race - always pandering - always into gimmicks - always trying to play to the cameras and doing a poor job.

We the people want to know - who is doing the heavy lifting - and why are the advocates who silently do their work - and NOT being supported?

The City and County of San Francisco today is so vulnerable - those who once were bragging are teetering  shitting bricks - many fear that their days are numbered.

For too long the cheating, lying, bluffing, hoodwinking, and more has been tolerated - leading that charge the San Francisco Department of the Environment - leaching on others to bill their bills.