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Tuesday, January 2, 2018


This is Turtle Island -
invaded by strangers - that have no clue -
how best to treat Mother Earth.

There are many wannabes trying to vie for the position of Mayor - none of them - I repeat NONE of them are fit to lead this City and County of San Francisco - from a stellar leadership position.

Good leaders that truly can show the way, go the way, and know the way. They talk the talk - but fail to walk the walk.
In the last 20 years - none of them  - have been on the frontline - fighting for those that most need help - they have made their money - pandering - and trying to hoodwink the pubic at large.

Times have changed - and we have a " rap sheet " on all of them - starting from cocaine lines, to bribes, to hoodwinking, to a long list that - proves that most of them - are into hoodwinking us -  one more time - in broad daylight.

One can take each of the so called prospective candidates - and review their performance over the last 20 years - and find out - how have they performed - when it comes to addressing Quality of Life issues. 

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
I represent the Muwekma Ohlone -
more on Quality of Life issues.

In an instant you can find out their participation when it comes to the current congestion on our roads, the increase in the Carbon Foot Print - of which they all have NO clue about.

The increase in very high rent, our compromised neighborhood, the increase in car break ins, the increase in home break ins,  the increase in assaults, the increase in killings and shootings.

The very poor results when it comes of our infants, children, our youth, our young adult, our seniors, those with compromised health, more those mentally and physically challenged. I have been on the forefront and know these wannabes - none of them have their heart in the right place.

The previous 5 Mayors have milked the economy - favoring Big Developers - the likes of Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Holdings LLP - if any of the prospective candidates - have taken any money from the above mentioned " rogue developer " they have BLOOD on their hands.

The Primes be it AECOM, URS, JACOB, Webcor, Nibbi, Obayashi, Cahill others too many to mention - all pay to play.

We must NOT Tolerate one single entity - one single Prime, our single business -  who pay to play - tolerate this nonsense - and further think - such practices will be tolerated.

All of the above for sure must be debarred from doing business in San Francisco. Those that facilitated their nefarious actives - must be brought to book - the millions in off shore accounts - returned to our great City and County of San Francisco.

Follow the crooks that take junkets - and tells us they are going abroad to learn more about those places - when here are home - things are getting our to hand - Quality of Life issues - compromised.

We must investigate those that have preyed on the poor - pretending to help the poor and those in need - while milking them. These so called Property Managers - have been given millions by the State and our City and County of San Francisco - to further the current disparity - hurting decent San Franciscans.

Not to mention Mercy Housing that owes this City millions of dollars in access of 40 million.

 The John Stewart Company who has an inordinate amount of housing - meant for low incomes - that is it preying upon those that cannot afford the very high rents. Too many complaints about the John Stewart Company - the owner was once fired from Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac.

John Stewart also made his money from operating the Geneva Towers - nearing Visitation Valley - a building that was imploded.

Further fostering crimes, drug selling, and prostitution - we all know this and yet allow " vermin " to foster in our communities - more those poor that need help and empathy.

House Negros pandering to the John Stewart Company - the likes of Malia Cohen, London Breed, Amos Brown, Dwayne Jones, Shaman Walton, Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Veronica Hunnicutt, Linda Richardson, Doris Vincent - we must not forget the harm done by  vermin - who continue to prey on our community.

Bridge Developers part of HOPESF - a nefarious entity - that is exploiting San Franciscans - and most those that hold two and three jobs to make a living in San Francisco.

Gunning for the Potrero Hill Public Housing - the better views of San Francisco - from that high venue

More, to cater to those that can afford higher rents - moving out hundreds of tenants - that now think they will be accommodate - but will not.

We have one candidate who thinks that just because she was raised in the HOOD - she deserves to be the Mayor of San Francisco.

The woman - has been a sham from day one - her brash attitude - at the SF Board of Supervisors - interrupting and depriving us of sound " Public Comment " - and thinking her shit don't stink.

Imagine watching the Crosby Show - and thinking to be like that - " people can live like that ".

Such thoughts and ideas - she says that television was her escape - " I wanted to live like that ".

This  is exactly what will get us into trouble - politics is a dirty game - more with the Zionists - using previous Mayors like a dirty rag - directly and indirectly -  doing harm to our great City and County of San Francisco.

This is Muweka Ohlone land - and my experience comes from running the Presidio of San Francisco - a city within a city - dealing with all the SF City Departments - and comparing how the Federal entities with their Standard Operating Procedures - and the SF City and County works - the left hand not know what the right hand is doing.

San Franciso has a more than $10 Billion dollar budget.

Millions of dollars are wasted by salaries - too many individuals make more than $250, 000 plus benefits - and milk San Franciscans - most of them do not even live in San Francisco. 

San Francisco has been ranked when it comes to " disparity ' the divide between the filthy rich and the working poor - and compared to Rwanda - a third world nation in Central Africa. What does that say - to Society - what does that say to Humanity - what does that say - to Justice?

We the people want to know.

We do not want some Mayor who lives in the past - tell us about how the Crosby Show open her eyes - little knowing that Bill Crosby himself - is and was a pervert - and charged with sexual harassment. 

The Crosby Show was a charade - more about House Negros and did not reflect the millions of Blacks - that still continue to be deprives of decency, opportunity, and what is most important to remember - RESPECT.

It may come as a shock that  Black sellouts - more the Black Pastors - Poverty Pimp Pastors - the likes of Amos Brown, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones - others too many to name - have not served the sheep - the shepherd has been busy passing the hat - collecting the money - and keep it for themselves.

Our neighborhoods once stood tall and represented everybody.

 No more - we have the rich and those that have so much money -  these vultures come into the neighborhood - and buy influence.

It is a shame that we have so many sleeping in tents - living in conditions - that defy humanity - the elders - slowly dying - facing inclement - weather.

Much like the entities that have proprietary contract with our SF City and County of San Francisco - the fake Job Order Contracts, the Primes who bribe their way and get large contracts with SF Public Utilities Commission.

The SF Airport with the SF Public Utilities Commission - two Enterprise Departments - that have to be changed - top to bottom - the cancer - removed.

More individuals like Juliet Ellis - who still thinks - she can play with fire - and not be touched.

Juliet Ellis was fined by the Fair Political Action Practices and the SF Ethics Commission - and should not be paid over $230, 000 by the SF Public Utilities Commission - our tax payer money.

We have powers who headed the Plumbers Union - spent the dues of the Plumbers - and still do as they please.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation - has all the empirical data - but again and again Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein - and before that Barbara Boxer and others - have intervened - not to mention Willie L. Brown Jr - who has put his two cents - to cover up and defend the crooks.

Imagine investing in a swamp in Florida - and spending millions of dollars - dues - that belonged to the SF Plumbers - the swamp was supposed to be a " golf course ".

No one even bothered - to check out the land - tell you how deep - the corruption is and how far the tentacles of influence who rally - and come to the rescue of the crooks.

The City has large contracts with the Teamsters, with other entities linked to Utilities - Unions that have members who belong to the Elevators Union, the Electricians, other one of a kind Unions - that have been having very serious issues at the " Bargaining Table " -  they all consult me - and I know truly - what is happening.

I know the Mayors who take money - millions of dollars - pay to play. Fill their campaign coffers - and the lackeys pander to cheating, lying, and tying to hoodwink the public in broad daylight.

It would not be nice to reveal the amounts - nothing comes for free -  when you pay - whoever the entity , whoever the Developer - they compromise - allow them to take short cuts, they are involved in hoodwinking the public at large.

Many of the cases go to court - few layperson have the time to collect the empirical data - and when you go as deep as I go - those that see me at City Hall - know I mean business.

2018 will be a time to " reveal " - take on the crooks - open the windows and door - the take care of the cobwebs - that have stagnated progress - and fostering corruption of the worst - order.

The " dewatering mess " where millions of gallons was pumped - linked to the Millennium Building - 58 story building - more,  when we had a serious drought - is a slap on all decency - and adversely impacting - morals, ethics, standard, and plain decency.

Today we have NOT received an apology from the SF Public Utilities Commission and more the General Manager Harlan Kelly.

No apology from Naomi Kelly and the City Administrator - who makes over 300, 000 and has a ten year contract.

No apology from the Department of Building Inspection - the department inspectors - did not do a good job.

In fact they inspectors and their superiors - did not know what they were rubber stamping - a 58 foot building with no sound foundation - pilings that did not go deep enough - that did not hit - the required - " bed rock ".

The SalesForce stands tall -
next to it - to the right - the
Millenium Building - sinking 20 inches -
cracks in the building, the $5 to $15 million -
condominiums now compromised - Go Figure!

The last three Mayors of San Francisco - had a lot to do with the Millennium Building - that is sinking over 20 inches and tilting 12 inches. All of them failed. Just next to the SalesForce Building.

Do you think we have a single candidate vying for the position of Mayor - that can find solution to address the mess that is the Van Ness Corridor, the Central Sub-way that started at $600 million and is now closer to $2 billion.

Do you think we have one single candidate - with an IQ that can find solutions the real problems of the people - and have  viable and sustainable solutions - not the fucking drab talk?

The very high rents, the over 30, 000 homes that are vacant, the over 20, 000 market prices condominiums that are vacant - all this and more contributes to the " abject disparity " that prevails - in our great City that belong to the First People - the Muwekma Ohlone. Who is fooling whom - and these stupid folks - think they can fool all the people - all the time.
Not this time - we will take you on - and the scene will not be pretty.

I represent the First People the Muwekma Ohlone  - and I am looking forward to see.

 How these wannabes - all of them - trying to hoodwink us all - in broad daylight - each and every one of them - some bragging of the past that has long past. Living in the past - having No clue of the present and less of the future - because they have NO vision - and what is important to note - their heart is NOT in the right place.

Others begging for empathy just because they came from the hood.

Still others behind the scenes backing candidates that those that invest in them - will use like a " rag " - but not invest in advocates - organizations, that care for Mother Earth - we got all our priorities screwed up - and think this nonsense - can do on forever.

Again this is Muwekma Ohlone land - all of it - stolen and contaminated. 

Those who with intent - contaminate, steal, pillage, play one against the other, steal and think they can get away with it - all have to deal with Karma.

The corrupt - will die a slow and painful death - as we have witnessed  in recent weeks - others,  still think - it is business as usual - not so - we are watching you all. Aho.