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Monday, January 1, 2018


These skyscrapers generate -
that have changed forever our skyline -
millions of tons of Carbon Dioxide -
this is a fact - that is never, ever mentioned -
why not?

We begin the year 2018 - a small circle of crooks - controlling our City and County of San Francisco.

It does not matter that Edwin Mah Lee - was a puppet - who took his orders from the Pacific Heights Mafia.

Who now has millions of dollars - hoarded in off shore accounts - time is on our side - the Truth always prevails - those that hide and run - are always caught - their hand in the cookie jar.

On the sideline the likes of Richard Blum, Diane Feinstein, Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi, the crooked heads at the SF Public Utilities Commission, the SF City Administrator's Office, the SF City Attorney Office, the SF District Attorney Office - have each been doing - what is best in their own interests.

It does not matter that you just have to read the Grand Jury reports on the above mentioned City Departments - one worse than the other. Most of those heading these Department - make in access of $250, 000 plus benefits - and fail us citizens who live in San Francisco.

The haughtiness that exists in the San Francisco - City Administrator's Office - knows no bounds.

 Contractors doing what the want to do - with the hands of the Contract Monitoring Division - those in charge - taking their " orders " - from the Mayor's Office and the City Administrator's Office - there being no Commission linked to the Contract Monitoring Division  (CMD ) - a policy body that matters. A policy monitoring entity - that maintain standards - fosters transparency and accountability.

The SF Public Utilities Commission reeks with corruption of the highest order. 

Little is made of the Millennium Building - that is sinking over 20 inches and titling to the North West over 10 inches.

This 58 storey building suffering the adverse impacts - when millions of gallons of water - were pumped out of the ground - with no standards in place  - add this to this nonsense - a dysfunctional meter - that was there and did not work.

Who is fooling whom?

The more we delve into the the nefarious method used - called " dewatering " - the more we find out - how deep the corruption  - is - the tentacles of the those involved in the ploys and machination - wide.

More corrupt entities taking " bribes " - so deep - it shames this great City and County of San Francisco.

The Department of Building Inspection - those that represent it and testify - have made a fool of themselves.

It does not matter that the City Attorney, the City Administrator, other heads of Department - had no clue what was happening. 

They read reports from " consultants " - and no one could make head or tail - of the complex calculation - DeSimone the Engineer Firm - from day one knew they had the upper hand - because the City and County of San Francisco - had no one - that knew how to deal with the issues at hand.

More, the documents - that were stamped and approved - could not be found - and there is more - all pointing to a culture of crooks - " abject corruption of the highest order ".

Paradoxically the City Administrator Noami Kelly is the wife of the General Manager Harlan Kelly - who heads the  SF Public Utilities Commission -  and both of them - have been called to provide answers - and both of them have decided to use " consultants " - as scape goats - so that - something is said - a lot of noise made - hoping in the clatter - the issues will fade away.

For a long time we did not have a City Engineer - now we have one - but I wonder if he could sit down with the Engineering Firm of DeSimone - at this late date - and have a meaningful dialog.

Represent the City and County of San Francisco. Time will tell.

The SF Department of Environment is another Department - that seeks fame - by appearing - where ribbon cuttings take place - and where the Director Debbie Raphael - can get some two seconds of fame - making bold and vague sentences ' " that we are aiming at sending zero waste to the landfills". 

Who is doing the heavy lifting in this matter ?

Who are the people - breaking their backs - dealing with all sorts of  " garbage " ?

All kinds of garbage - for sure it is not anyone - working at the SF Department of the Environment per se. All talk and no walk.

I have been fighting more for those retirees from the the many years - carrying heavy loads of garbage on their backs - at one time I had allies - John Legnitto and others many have retired and many other just left the business - forced out.

The main purpose of the SF Environment Department is to rake in millions of grants - provided by the entity known to us all as Recology. 

The very high garbage  fees we pay to Recology - help provide grants to the SF Department of the Environment.

Sending zero waste to the landfills - has been addressed - many times - and if we use the " empirical data " - San Francisco is a long way - from attaining those statistics mentioned -  those standards that some purport to be in place - but there is no clear empirical data - that reflects the numbers.

Corrupt heads of City departments - work  hand in glove with the Recycling Operations - who are given grants - and other incentives - and I have witnessed all this and more for over 40 years.

Paradoxically again we have over 5000 toxic hot spots - in San Francisco - many in residential areas - we have an inventory of these " hotspots ".

The City entities - do not want to do the clean up - they just want to talk about the Carbon Footprint - bragging that it is under control - when our Carbon Footprint - has run amuck.

The many skyscrapers - the Sales Force building and surround skyscrapers - generate millions of tons of Carbon Dioxide - you do not have to be a genius to figure this out.

Add to that from 4th and King to Geneva Avenue - poor landfills - generate Methane Gas - including thousands of tons at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and more Parcel E and E2.

Over 600, 000 tons of Methane Gas spews into the air - from the 4th and King Street to Geneva Avenue corridor.

 One ton of Methane Gas equals Twenty Two tons of Carbon Dioxide. Who is fooling whom?

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and those who are heads of our City Department - have received a letter from me - as to the types of issues - that I can address with authority.

The strangers who stole the land - what we call San Francisco - have contaminated land that was once - pristine.

Never mind the strangers - desecrated the " shell mounds " - the Sacred Remains of the Ohlone.

Many of these Shellmounds found all over San Francisco - which the City and County of San Franicisco has chosen with intent - to disrespect.

All this will come to a STOP - more those that know what they are doing with intent - they will fall on their face - dead.

The Sales Force building stands to be adversely impacted - it is too close to the Millennium Building now sinking more than 20 inches.

Marc Banioff - the owner of the SalesForce building has been spreading his illegal wealth.

 It is simply impossible for any decent person - to make so much money - legally.

I have been following him - since his days - working for Oracle -  another one of those corporation - Larry Ellison - that makes hay while the sun shines.

Life is for the living - not the living dead.

The crooks those that feed off illegal wealth - charge those that cannot afford - but must pay for services - more services that do not meet standards - they work at the heads of our San Francisco City and County -  and they think and feel - they are beyond - obeying the law.

Well I have news for them - all one needs is the " empirical data " - the end result - comes from being transparent and more accountable - if you are decent, have your heart in the right place - work hard - you have God on your side. Aho.