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Tuesday, January 2, 2018


We may NOT want to believe that the Democrats - screwed us all up - but the fact of the matter is - that the Democrats have.

More when it comes to our " Security " - our peace of mind - to be free - there is license and there is " freedom " - abuse of freedom is license.

The foreign agents who have been fighting us " citizens" on important matters - such as " net neutrality " - removing the rug from under our feet - using fake names - and in numerous cases - using the addresses and other pertinent information - linked to persons - who are deceased - dead and gone - but alive in cyberspace - is simply mind  boggling.

The Alliance for Securing Democracy - headquartered in Germany - other astute and stellar citizens - who love the United States - treasure our freedom.

We stand united on many fronts - to reveal and more take out and down - those entities some within our present United States government - who are selling out our National interests - our freedom - and what is important to many our - peace of mind our very freedom.

Here is a breath of fresh air - stop the on going nonsense - take to the streets and make things happen for the better :

In the year 2008 - we all experienced the spiraling of our economy. 

I remember it clearly -  our savings - our Retirement Savings - that we thought in a way sacrosanct and safe - had vanished.

The United States Government - more former President Barack Hussein Obama - met with this lackeys - and bailed out the very large Financial Institutions - none of which had vetted rules to abide - and still do not.

These large United States Financial Institutions - the major  U.S. Banks - pledged to follow and abide the " Fiduciary Rule " - simply stated to protect the assets of those that put aside their retirement savings - aside.

Assets that were required by law to be protected  - no entity for whatever reason - should and could adversely impact the savings - belong to the retiree - but that happened in broad daylight - and was kept a secret for an extended period of time - by the House Negro  - Barack Hussein Obama. Make no bones about this fact.

To this day many of those retirees suffer - many lost a major portion of their " retirement savings " - and the United States Government and more it head - had nothing much to say.

Accept to suggest to us all - that the Huge U. S.  Financial Institutions and Major Banks - needed the tax payers - to bail out - the crooks, the corrupt, those that had stolen our money - using tools like sub-prime loans and other modalities - to steal and deprive us all - of our savings and  financial assets -  decent citizens - in broad day light.

Suffice to say - to this day - Wall Street and other major entities that play with peoples money - huge amounts - do not have transparency and more accountability - in spite of the the 2008 spiraling of the economy - that adversely impacted millions of innocent, hard working citizens.

The lasting scars - now etched on our minds - our psyche - so many hardworking, innocent, decent - citizens of the United States - who took upon themselves to save some money for at the rainy day - and loose it all.

President Barack Hussein Obama and his lackey - took upon themselves - to favor the crooks and deceive us all  - by all following the basic, simple - yet straight forward rule - known as the " Fiduciary Rule ".

We have a President - Donald Trump - reminiscent of another stupid, egoistical maniac Andrew Jackson - also an " egoistical maniac " who purports to know all

Donald Trump - is never wrong - and has a cozy relationship with the Russians - who brags that there is  "no collusion" with the Russians - by Donald Trump, his immediate family, his supporters - when the opposite is true.

Most Federal Bureau of Investigation employees are trained well - and most are well educated - savvy enough to find out - about foreign operatives - mostly from countries that steal our information - and want to take us down - foremost the Russians and the Chinese.

Not long ago the Chinese Government hacked into the accounts of many Federal Government employees - and stole all our information - more those of us that have clearance.

Many of us who served the Federal Government - thought sufficient precaution, fire walls - other astute and proven methods were in place - but where the Chinese Government hacked the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) - many of us were shocked - and are shocked and very perturbed to this day.

We have millions of trained Federal Personnel - who have served our Nation well. Many of us well trained to comprehend and investigate - what normal so called lay persons - are not trained to do - and when we see what is happening to our Nation today - and how our personal security is compromised - most everything is thrown to the wind.

The Fiduciary Rule, Net Neutrality, the careless manner the Office of Personnel Management, the Internal Revenue Service, other Federal Agencies including the Pentagon - all of whom have had their assets stolen - and what is more - all these entities - that we once thought - had stellar fire walls - and other precautions taken - all of them - have let us down - down, down, down ....

Politicians the once that have deceived us - liars and cheats the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barack Hussein Obama, Willie L. Brown Jr, others too many to name.

 Democrats in general - who have been having a hay day - today, are huffing and puffing - because a " demon " - is in power - and teaching them in the open - a lesson that they never paid attention to - how to be righteous - how to have one's heart in the right place - how to serve our Nation - with fortitude and extraordinary discipline. None of them did - and none of them do - today - except throwing arrows in the air.

Had the Democrats done their duty - none of this nonsense we see today would be taking place. 

Daily the " foreign agents " are being given access to whatever they need - they do even have to spy - our servers, our other fire wall modalities are open to those that we must take down - the ones that we had fought all these years, the many deaths that have taken place - decent Americans putting their  lives on the line.

Most Democrats are scumbags - the assumed they had it all - looked down on the Republicans - much the same what the Republicans are doing today.

The Republicans - passing a major tax bill - with little or NO support from the Democrats.

Nancy Pelosi can scream and pull her hair all she wants - she is a liar, a cheater, and what is more today links with the Mafia on the East Coast.

Her husband Paul Pelosi even worse - has used Nancy's influence to rake in billions - they pretend they love San Francisco - while screwing most of the time in Napa - selling San Francisco to the highest bidder - in bed with rogue developers like Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Holdings LLP.

Live in Napa while pretending the love San Francisco.

It is the same with Diane Feinstein who works for the Zionists and her husband Richard Blum - who has been handed sole bid contracts on a platter - has links to Prime like AECOM and URS and has milked San Francisco.

Which bring me to the San Francisco Mayoral Race - and the many stupid, ignorant, shallow, inept candidates that have thrown their hat in the ring.

None of them address the economy of our Nation - less education and transportation issues. For sure most do not comprehend the Security of our Nation - most of them did not serve in the military - nor have the experience to comprehend logistics and communication - other deep understanding of local, state, and International happenings and dealings.

San Francisco City Hall under Edwin Mah Lee - was corrupt - as corrupt as could be - wheeling and dealing - and he took care of himself - with off shores accounts that are being looked into right this very minute.

Edwin Mah Lee fucked us all - so when he had to go - and now that he is gone - no one worth the salt - respects him. Those that praise him - are the lackeys - who profited from knowing him.

Closer to home the pension linked to the City and County of San Francisco employees is in PERIL. The trains is moving fast and about to crash - more with double dipping - and fake investments made - adversely impacting the City workers and their pensions.

Closer to home our communication system, our GRID, our software are all ancient - more Smithsonian - anyone can hack into our system and hacking has been doing on for years.

Our Human Resources Agency is primitive - using the Internet Explore Platform and other software - that should have been replace decades ago.

 Edwin Mah Lee is dead and gone - yet the new employees must listen to his shit - as part of the orientation - those new employees seek to join the City ranks as temporary employees. 

The permanent employees - having secured tenure - raking in the millions - more the City Administrator, the City Attorney, the District Attorney, the General Manager of the SF Public Utilities Commission, the main stupid heads of City Department - wasting million of our hard earned money - we pay the taxes and they milk the system.

 Even low down vermin - more minions the likes of Juliet Ellis and Diane Oliva - Aroche - one worse than the other - daily adversely impacting the City and County of San Francisco.

Our City and County IT can be hacked by anyone - and has been hacked several times - in the last six months - we live so close to the Silicon Valley - but one would not know that - the software used by our Office of Emergency Services, the Department of Building Inspection, the San Francisco Police Department - all talk and no walk.

The Russians have been targeting San Francisco - and are deeply embedded in San Francisco - at all levels. We have seen the Obama Administration - late to weed out the double agents from the Russian Consulate - the U.S. Army have been following the Russians for decades - more from the Presidio of San Francisco - and closer from homes and other facilities - closer to the Russian Consulate.

For sure those candidates displaying their assets - some porting to be purveyors of good horse breeding, others astute as managers of some drab corporation, some politicians seek to climb the ladder more from New York.

Pretending - trying to embrace San Francisco and this late date - the most visible one from the hood who brags she was influenced by Bill Cosby - a pervert of sorts,\.

 There are other who think because they are gay they can have access to anything San Francisco - which is a misnomer.   They beat that drum and some one could kick your ass - and rightly so - for the best reason.

Behind the scene is Steve Kawa - the permanent fly on the wall - that mover and shaker - who thinks he can pull this one too.

 As I said the many that have thrown their hat in the ring - are not qualified - to govern a world class city - that has been inundated with the highest and worst type of corruption. 

Corruption has reached a saturation point in San Francisco. 

This is the land of the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco. Enough of your desecration and more of your pomp - you that are haughty - will fall flat on your face - dead. Aho.