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Wednesday, January 10, 2018


This is the land of the Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People of San Francisco -
they kept this land - we call San Francisco and beyond -
pristine for over 13, 000 years -
it is surprising how the strangers behave -
talking in circles, and thinking they can get 
away with murder - in broad daylight.

San Franciscans are well informed and did us all proud - when they demanded - that our great City and County of San Francisco - have an Interim Mayor - at the SF Board of Supervisors meeting - held January 9, 2018.

An " interim mayor " - one that is experienced, has fortitude, is dependent.

If this policy is implemented - giving all those who are vying for Mayor of San Francisco - come June 18 - on an equal footing - and one that those who have followed similar situations - in the past - agree.

On another level embedded in our politics - stemming from early on - our Founding Fathers - again and again - did not favor mixing the Legislative duties with the Executive duties - something San Francisco at this late date - must address - but sadly embraces. 

What ensued when Edwin Mah Lee passed away - was just that - a repeat of what happened when George Moscone - was assassinated - and Diane Feinstein who was in SF Board of Supervisor - decided to be the " interim mayor " - established her  - " name recognition " - went to to become Mayor of San Francisco - and on to becoming the Senator for California - for umpteen terms.

In the past we have had another situation - much as we have today - a Mayor vacating his seat - going to take another important position - on that another occasion - the Mayor was Gavin Newsom - the man he anointed - who repeated again and again that he would not take the position of Mayor - Edwin Mah Lee.

We all remember how Mayor Gavin Newsom - played his cards - because he wanted someone to carry on his policies - Edwin Mah Lee at first - vehemently spoke against seeking the position of Mayor - the corruption we have in Room 200 - started with Willie L. Brown Jr, - followed by Gavin Newsom - the Edwin Mah Lee - who saturated SF City Hall - with abject - corruption.

We all were present -  when the SF Board of Supervisors took the matter - Edwin Mah Lee - was chosen as that " interim Mayor ".

Edwin Mah Lee - he himself was in Hong Kong - and the wheelers and dealers - calculated most everything - even the announcement made late at night. We were present at SF City Hall - late at night - where most of us - did not expect Edwin Mah Lee - to accept the offer - he did - and the rest is history. 

Once Edwin Mah Lee -  was infatuated with the position of Mayor - history will reveal the details.

Right now most San Francisco are dealing with other issues - much too important - and all adversely impacting - thousands of innocent San Franciscans.

Many have no clue about suffering - the thousands suffering in San Francisco - foremost our Seniors living in tents.

More indigent and poor - more than 12, 000 living on the streets, under bushes, under the freeways, anyway where they can lay their head - facing inclement weather.

 Many of us care - we care more than the politics of opportunity - the pay to play - the disdain shown by those that represent -  breaking so many laws.

The United Nations was formed in San Francisco - and when one reads that Charter - the many laws formulated by the best minds - to protect humanity - addressing property, health issues, decency - human rights - in short Quality of Life issues - all have been thrown into the garbage - by the SF City and County of San Francisco.

Some entities have taken the SF City and County to Court - and yet all our SF Board of Supervisors - will focus on the Navigation Center - that can accommodate small groups of a 100 or more - but what about the 12, 000 plus - who have NO where to go.

We have shelters that cannot offer a bed - they can offer a chair - how can someone sleep in a " chair " all night long. Now once - has can SF Board of Supervisor - spoken about the inhuman way - for decades now - how our Seniors, those with mental and physical challenges - are treat in a inhumane way. All this right here in San Francisco.

They say as California goes and sometimes as San Francisco goes - so does the Nation. Only if the Nation really knew - how we treat our homeless, our mentally and physically challenged.

When the advocates try speak to the issue - we have some SF Board of Supervisors - including the present President of the Board - have side-bar talks - laughing - and what is important to note - an investigative reporting done - reveal many spend their time " surf the internet " - right while the deliberations and going on -  in Room 250 the August Hall - where the SF Board of Supervisors meet.

The disparity and the divide in our City and County of San Francisco - has been compared to that of Rwanda - a Third World Nation in Central Africa.

You would not accept that to be a fact - but it is - challenging many San Franciscans - who have their heart in the right place - who are looking at the many candidates - who are vying to become the Mayor of San Francisco - to represent - but will they.

At this early date most of the candidates vying to become Mayor of San Francisco - have NOT  disclosed to us - their platform -  how they hope to address homelessness, congestion on our streets, the very high rents - thousands of families that contributed so much to San Francisco - have left us - never, ever to come back to San Francisco - again.

Add to that many issues linked to safety, transportation, education, health,  the other issue linked to immigration - linked to the dreamers and DACA and more.

Closer to home our infrastructure is failing us all - the billions set aside to address the Sewer System Improvement Project - is not going anywhere - the construction of the Digesters - supposedly set at $3 Billion - is stalled.

Apparent this proprietary model - by some Scandinavian Nation - will cost us - so much in energy - electricity - that is will be financially a burden to operate the Digesters. No one is stepping up - to reveal what really is happening - and Karen Kubick and Harlan Kelly - are pulling the teeth, hair and god alone know what - to figure out what to do.

We as citizens - want to express ourselves and want those candidates - vying to seek for the position of Mayor - to listen to us -  such a meeting is in the offing and will be held soon.

Hopefully -  the citizens and constituents - will and can have their input - much light will be shed where now there abject - darkness.

There is a slight of hand - innuendoes of a kind - those that purport they know more - be it from their own sordid, unvetted angle - their own point of view - jumping the gun - and not understanding the process.

One armchair threw the word " ally hip " - I know a word - that much has made about " allyship " - each trying to contribute and bring diverse folks and other together. Less talk and more walk. 

Some of us have tried to bring people together - and those who are on the frontline - know who are the ones - that daily think only about themselves - and foster divisiveness.

Some times one has to speak against such folks - then all hell breaks loose - and these " knuckle heads " - start targeting the messenger.

Currently the process at SF City Hall - linked to choosing the " Interim Mayor " is flawed - and invites - " conflict of interest "

We know truly representing and being the President of the SF Board is challenging - and has brought a lot of dissension and hostility. The President of the Board - deals with Legislative issues mostly - but has to work in sync with the Executive Branch - in this case the Mayor and the City Administrator.

The Mayor deals with " Executive Issues " - paradoxically in all the talk - very few are focused on this convoluted situation - where both the Legislative and Executive issues - currently is  addressed by one person - who has to deal with both the Executive side and the Legislative side of things - creating - conflict of issues.

Looking deeper as in today case in San Francisco - District 5 is suffering - the Supervisor now happens to be the " Acting Mayor " - as well as the Supervisor - and daily whoever hold the dual position - has serious issues - adjudicating - and more helping District 5 - at ground zero.

We have 11 seats - 11 Supervisors - when the President of the Board who is a Supervisor - cannot vote - and time comes to vote - more in picking the " Interim Mayor ".

We may have those that favor the left - often called the progressives, the right who are deemed the conservatives, the moderates - who mostly choose sides. Whatever the group aligned in this case - they have to garner 6 votes from the 10 Supervisors.

This entire situation - become perilous - bordering on utter pandemonium - and that is what is happening behind the scene.

Acute and stellar San Franciscans are aghast at the lack of understanding the process. All the candidates should vie for the position of Interim Mayor - and all have equal footing and standing to represent.

Each of the candidates - bring their own baggage - Carmen Chu is the present Assessor - she was anointed to that position by the past Mayor, Edwin Mah Lee - she use to be a Supervisor too of District 4 - once an incumbent - she ran again for Assessor position and won. Now, she is moving ahead - vying to be the Mayor of San Francisco - she may not run for Mayor - but her name has been thrown out there.

Mark Leno use to be Supervisor, was a Senator in Sacramento - and now is vying to be the Mayor of San Francisco. He was never anointed to any position - all the seats he won - the playing field was level - and worked hard to win.

Angela Alioto was a Supervisor - in fact she was the President of the Board - twice she ran for Mayor once narrowly losing - and the other time losing by a wider margin. Every seat she ran for - she had to fight - and she is preparing to do so this time.

Her father was a mayor - Mayor Joe Alioto - and so name recognition helps - and Angela Alioto - wants to represent all San Franciscans - and become our next Mayor.

Jane Kim is the Supervisor of District 6 - and has proved to be a sound challenger - an ardent attorney - she has fought for the poor and more on housing issues. She ran for the sat of Senator - but lost to Scott Wiener - who lied, and tarnished her name. If elected Mayor of San Francisco - she could bring another much needed dimension - smart, quick to find solutions, and what is important to note - has a truly open door policy. 

The point I am making is about leveling the field - not creating - " conflict of interest " situations - and for sure - not aiding and abetting - and that and more takes places - when the situation is made convoluted. Holding two position one that should stay with the Legislative Branch  - and mixing it with the Executive powers - that muddies the water.

Thousands of decent San Franciscans - have left San Francisco - and the candidates that we have vying with each other - think they can address homelessness, the loss of thousands families - that built our many unique neighborhoods - the candidates as of today - are just beginning to understand the situation at hand.

The paradox - we have over 50, 000 homes vacant in San Francisco - over 60, 000 rental units vacant in San Francisco - be they market rate units - condominiums for the filthy rich.

 None of the candidates - have studied this one singular situation - they are looking at some situation - but not at the real situation -  eyeballing the situation - realistically.

Our Carbon Footprint in San Francisco has increased - with all the construction - the millions of aggregate and concrete used in the construction. No one wants to address the situation -  adversely impacting the health of our citizens, our constituents - decent tax paying, hard woking San Franciscans.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - the land was stolen - once it was pristine for over 13, 000 years.

Now pollute and contaminated - in less than 250 years by the strangers - who are NOT paying attention - to what really matters.

We need a Mayor who heart in the right place - who is educated on issues - who relies on empirical data - who can take us to a better place. 

Important to note when we vote in June - is to have a platform submitted by each candidate vying to become our next Mayor - who assures us astute and mostly stellar San Franciscans - that they are represent and for sure respected.

For sure we do not want someone who is brash, talks from both sides of their mouth - thinks the can wheel and deal - and connected to those few leaders - that smell of Sulphur - we will NOT vote for them. Time will tell. Aho.