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Friday, January 5, 2018


The wheeler and dealer -
who smells of Sulphur -
he has played hell with San Francisco politics -
more with placement of Mayors and heads of
City Department - with special contacts - 
costing us tax payer - over $300, 000 each .

San Francisco is NOT about pushing, haphazardly - some wacky - " upward mobility " - or for that matter - what makes someone whole - for been brought up - in public housing - handing them the title of Mayor - on a platter.

More who  - just happened to run for District 5 as a Supervisor and won - nearly lost the second time  - and now must be elected Mayor of San Francisco.

Life does not work like that - and more in a City and County of San Francisco. 

Nor does the " politics " - in today's world - accept - giving titles on a platter - for those that have no manners - less etiquette - or think that just because their ass is Black - some extra consideration - is called for.

Tom Ammiano could have set the tone - when he ran for Mayor - but that did not happen.

Much as when we had progressives at City Hall - the likes of Chris Daly - and he and others -  blew it.

Aaron Peskin - who wants to run today as Mayor - was part of that group of progressives - who could have done more - but as I said blew it. Today, Aaron loves to work Jane Kim - who supported TWITTER - and faltered on some critical issues - using the wrong instrument to play the right tune.

When Willie L. Brown became Mayor in 1996 - he made sure he would have a say in whatever generated money for him - millions of dollars - for decades to come.

Willie L. Brown Jr. created the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - where he could place his lackeys  and set the tone for more corruption of the highest order.

Harlan Kelly - few know - 
he has a special contract - 
and makes over $300, 000 our tax payers money.

Harlan Kelly has a special contract - and makes over $300, 000 - because Willie L. Brown Jr - did that and the others just let it happen.

Malia Cohen - one of those 2000 Executive Assistants -
hired -  ran for District 10 and now is vying for
the seat of California Board of Equalization -
do you smell Sulphur in the photograph -
Malis is balled - the grin of the century.

Willie L Brown Jr hired over 2000 so called Administrative Assistants  -among them London Breed, Malia Cohen, and Naomi Kelly - each of these women - were given a break - and today vie for more power.

Willie L. Brown Jr changed the City Charter when it came to the City Administrator - Bill Lee had that position - and was independent in 1996.

 With the change in City Charter - voted by the voters in 1996 - brought the City Administrator under the Mayor.

We had the Legislative Branch the SF Supervisors - the Mayor and the City Administrator - forming the Executive Branch. 

The City Administrator who was independent - now came under the Mayor - and Mayor Willie L. Brown - from the outside later on - saw that Naomi Kelly got a special contract  - a 10 year term - and of course a salary of over $300, 000 a year - as the current City Administrator.

Willie L. Brown Jr ushered Gavin Newsom into San Francisco politics - and we know what the metro-sexual delivered to San Francisco.

Dead and gone - Edwin Mah Lee -
a very corrupt person - sat our City of San Francisco -
on Fire - and we had he audacity to tolerate -
such abject nonsense - and want other to continue -
this tradition. What the fuck is wrong with this picture?

Including ushering in Edwin Mah Lee - creating some shenanigans - and put in place a very corrupt Mayor - who has accrued - millions of dollars - in off shore banks.

Willie L. Brown Jr had a say in creating the SF Department of Environment - that leaches on Recology - receiving millions  in grants - doing nothing - but spewing hot air - praising electric cars - with fewer places to charge electric cars.  Says it does outreach - all talk and no walk.

Debbie Raphael - the Director of SF of the Department of Environment - will scream, shout, pull her teeth and hair - ordering people to send less to the landfill - having no clue is really happening at ground zero. She calls herself a Scientist!

Acting before the camera - putting one single used Christmas Tree - through the " chipper machine " - and that is the amount of heavy lifting she does - besides spewing vitriol all the time. 

It is the same with clean energy - how clean is clean - and when SF Department of the Environment and the SF Public Utilities Commission - both connive with convoluted ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - to deliver Clean Solar Power - no one really cares - that is cost more - and that PG&E in part of the equation - when it comes to pay the bill - so who really is doing the heavy lifting.

The are many candidates vying to be Mayor - Angela Alioto trying to vie with those oldies - who think she can be as efficient as her father.

During the term of every Mayor in the past - there was abject corruption - in today's world - we can do better investigative reporting - and of course it is easier to follow the money.

Jane Kim says that she needs a chance - having been cheated by Scott Wiener - who lied, bluffed, tarnished Jane Kim' s name and stole the seat she was qualified for - Scott Wiener must be ashamed of himself - and so too the Zionists that spent millions - to put him in the California Senate.

Today Senator Scott Wiener is fight for " Net Neutrality " - he will fight for anything - to gain publicity - Net Neutrality as we all comprehend - has the majority support of both Republicans as well as Democrats.

Then there is Mark Leno - who did as well as he could - never mind he supported the Treasure Island Development Agreement  (TIDA)  that is going no where. 

Wanted to create Hunters Point Shipyard Development Agreement -  (HUPSDA) - that I and other shot down. Had to go to Sacrament - taking the Grey Hound - and accomplished the Mission at hand.

Never mind Mark Leno supported Lennar Urban and has no clue the harm he did - when Lennar Urban now 5 Points Holdings LLP - harmed our children - bombarding large areas - with Asbestos Dust.

 Lennar removed the batteries from the monitors that registered the Asbestos Dust - Lennar Urban a low down - rogue developer. Fined by the Bay Area Air Monitoring District Management - $515, 000 - and paid the fine.

Dennis Herrera remembers well how he fought us when we collected 33, 000 signatures - fighting the now defunct San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - his ploy we  had to carry with us a 4000 page document that everyone who signed our petition - had to read. Go figure!

Now he wants to run for Mayor - after fucking us all - good, decent citizens - who spent our own money - to fight the evil SF Redevelopment Agency - that London Breed was in love with - as long as they gave her money - and she could salivate around her crevices.

There is Ed Harrington who today has deep ties with SPUR - an entity that Christine Johnson is tied too - Christine wants to run for Supervisor - and is charged for breaking the law - at the SF Planning Commission - pushing the SPUR agenda - she has raked in millions for SPUR - it is amazing how these " vermin " - work - whoring, political whores of a kind.

There is even a faint rumor that Naomi Kelly want to run - I doubt she will - she is already being compensated a lot - with a special contract - that she can keep for 10 years - making more than $300, 000 and few know about this and more.

David Chu from the California Assembly , Carmen Chiu the Assessor, the list is long - wannabes many lacking political savviness.

 None have the manners or etiquette - more,  thinking they can play the ' citizens " of San Francisco  - the constituents of San Francisco - who are fed up - with these politicians - who do not represent the citizens - at all.

All of them - fill their campaign coffers - and must be ashamed of themselves - a disgrace to the human race.

Well we need a candidate who has nothing to do with Senator Diane Feinstein.

Nothing much Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

Of course noting at all with Willie L. Brown Jr - all of whom smell of Sulphur - are corrupt, and have in years past - created opportunities - to share the spoils -  linked to pay for play. 

That time has ended - and it is time to use the RICO ACT - and send the corrupt to the gallows - or to prison for a long, long, long time.