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Friday, September 27, 2013


The contruction going on at Parcel A has stirred up the dust and the Asbestos readings have been on the increase.

I know the Bay Area Air Quality and Management District has received the weekly readings - but, has done nothing to warn the residents.

The residents living near by Mariners' Village, Kiska Road, Huntersview - when the winds blow - all is takes is one single Asbestos Fiber to enter one's system and make you a victim of Asbestosis.

Lennar the rogue developer who is going on where - continues to hoodwink the public - portending that the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is - prime land by the Bay. It is NOT.

It is in very simple language the most contaminated land - more containing very high level of Radiological contamination - and over 95% of the land - poor landfill - prone to liquefaction and flooding.


The ploy to encourage the Chinese to pay huge sums of money to buy into Lennar machinations and ploys aided by the former "thug mayor" of San Francisco has failed.

The crook wanted to amass in access of 800 million - sell visas and permit to the Chines - but the Chines no better and will not fall for the ploy.  The crooks have only gather about 40 million - at the most - and now are pulling their hair and teeth.

More the China Railway Contruction Consortium (CRCC) is watching LENNAR and also Rose Park and Willie L Brown Jr. - no one can hoodwink the Chinese - who will play you and do away with you. You are warned.

At a recent event before the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco I clearly heard Mayor Edwin Lee and Kofi Bonner - speak about Hunters Point and the proposed development. Keep on dreaming. No one can fool all the people all the time.

Bothe Ed Lee and Kofi Bonner - can chide themselves, fool themselves, lie to themselves - but they have no clue - what they are talking about - much as they had no clue when they spent over $100 million on Proposition G fighting Proposition F.

I was the proponent of Proposition F - which fought against the crooks and all those who backed Proposition G.

We spend $5 thousands - Lennar and the tugs spent in access of $100 million. Go figure! Guess who won? Guess who is winning? Guess who is right? Guess who will FAIL?

Today, in and around Hunters Point Naval Shipyard the United States Navy that tested Depleted Uranium during the World War II efforts and futher who conducted all sorts of nefarious experiments, more with intent - harmed thousands of mostly minorities. This crime cries to heaven for justice.

The United States Navy - has FAILED to clean up the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

I worked for Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco and I am privy to all the ploys, machinations, and shananigans - and have valid proven documents that can reveal the truth with Empircal Data.

Added, to this - at Hunters Point - more Middle Point - also know as Hunterview - the John Stewart Company has been warned by the Bay Area Air Management District - linked to exposing the resident to Asbestos.

The on going  harm done is permanent to the residents and more to the Seniors - and all those living in the area - will suffer now and in the future.

Those who have participated in this on going crime have BLOOD on their hands.

The entire area by Hunterview contaminated by the Hunters Point Power Plant for over 60 years. 

The recent clean up done by Pacific Gas and Electric - without any detail notice given to the residents.

The John Stewart Company - doing the same - bombarding the residents with toxic dirt, laden with Asbestos strucutres.

The residents should have been removed to a safer area - but were kept in the area - because they were poor and minoriteis and disrespected.

The resident exposed to the most hazardous, toxic, and dangerous particulates - and dangersous Asbestos Structures - recent as high as 20,000 structures per cubic meter.

All it takes is one Asbsestos Structure to kill you down the line - and God forbid anyone suffering from Asbestosis.

The crooks and thugs do not see it that way - and right now the contractors and innocent employees by the Trailer by the Navy Gate are being exposed and do not even know it.

When will the San Francisco Health Department awake from their slumber?

When will Barbara Gracia who purports to the the Director of the San Francisco General Hospital - but acts nonchalant on these matters - act?

When will Mayor Edwin Lee - a former housing advocates - stand for what is right.

When will Naomi Kelly the City Administor full comprehend the conditions meted out to the indigent and those elders who cannot defend themselves. Live is poor condition, filthy condition, raw sewage running in their homes - go to unit 133 at Middle Point - and I challenge anyone to not have a revulsion.

The land all of it belongs to the Ohlone and it was stolen from them.

The stangers and the thives have always been despicable. Before and today - more the Zionists. The likes of the John Stewart Company - he is on the Presidio of San Francisco, at Treasure Island, in the Tenderloin, the Northrige Cooperatives - Huntersview and he wants more.

Most San Franciscans do not even know that land belongs to the Ohlone.

That it was stolen by the thugs who today - exploit the poor - and as the "thug Mayor Willie L Brown Jr." said once with glee" if you do not make $100,000 or more you have no business living in San Francisco".

The audacity of this man who a janitor - who uncle was a gambler and pimp, was helped by many, passed the BAR - joined the Assembly, became the Speaker in Sacramento - was removed with the passing of term limits.

Became the thug mayor of San Francisco, is not respected by decent people, and today has his fingers and toes - in each and every pie - that rakes him millions.

He has assests in casinos in Macao, off shore counts, has been investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and is being watched closely. Time will tell.

Willie the thug mayor brought in Lennar and as long as Lennar is in San Francisco - no good will come of anything.

Never mind if  Kofi Bonner who represent Lennar Urban - tries to act nice and lie.

That will take him no where - Lennar is the devil itself and must be thrown out of San Francisco - lock, stock and barrell. 

Today hunderds of indigent mostly Black are living in despicable conditions.

No one is paying attention to this situation. The Main Media is out of the picture - bragging about other mundane stuff. The entire Southeast Sector has no representation - only crooks who want to make the money - many of them do not live in San Francisco.

This City of San Francisco was named after San Francisco of Assisi. It is known for compassion and embracing all - to do good.

Today we have folks like Malia Cohen, Nadine Burke, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Kathy Perry, Veronica Hunnicut, Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Lolla Lottle, Doris Vincent, Sophie Maxwell, YCD, BVHP Foundation, YMCA by Lane Street - others who have passed away Willie B. Kennedy - rake in the thousands - sell out the community - and they all think - that there is no one watching.

God sees it all - and your time is comming.

The Poverty Pimp Pastors mostly Black are now working with the biggest crooks that ever came to the Bayview - Ron Batiste - who was suspended by the Human Rights Commission - but now has been re-enstated by the Contracting Monitoring Divison (CMD) - that does not have a Commission - and has failed to monitor and less be in compliance.

Ron Batiste and his evil company Eagle Environmental Construction has joined the Tabernacle Group.

More to do something at Alice Griffith. Another ploy where daily people live in despicable conditions. Raw Sewage flowing on Caroll Street - and people exposed to contamination and serious prospective - out-breaks; of all sorts of diseases.

Wood chips are thrown  over the open sewage spill - from old sewage pipes - that should be replaced - and this nonsense has been going on for over 20 years. Cover up the smell and cover up the on going shenanigans.

49ers fans have been exposed to this hazard and so have those that live in Double Rock - also know as Alice Griffith. The San Francisco Health Department better check into these filthy, despicable - hazardous conditions - and do something about it.

The City Administrator is busy addressing some issues - but it is the above issue that must be looked into - no one can look the other way - and not address the more important issues rightly.

More when you purport to be educated by the Jesuits and the Universtiy of San Francisco. We are good friends but some one must tell the truth.

Yesterday; I attended the first televised San Francisco Housing Authority meeting.

The members appointed and annointed got a mouthful - and will get more as the meetings are now held at City Hall - away from the thugs that hovered in and around at 4444 Turk Street.

4444 Turk a God forsaken site that must be torn down. Thousands of innocent people were adversely impacted by that building - whores and pimps ran it - including the last Director who as fired - Alvarez.

The new President of the Board of the SF Housing Authority  - who replaced the sordid Amos Brown - is trying his best .

Joaquin Torres the new President of the Board - is surrounded by liars, crooks, many steeped in their evil ways - have numbed their conscience - constantly deceiving, cheating, lying, buffing the poor - that must be helped.

There is no transparency and less accountabilty. Some try diatribe - try telling the truth - have no fact rights - and action items - need - public comment. 

You talk, and talk, and talk - and give the public two minutes - at the end? No must be kidding.

Action items require public input. Stop having clandestine meetings - twice you folks were busted. More without meaningful notice and less with sound public - outreach. We are watching -and if do not change - drastically - you will be help accountable.

If you find it hot in the kitchen - get out  - and learn to be humble not pompous - do this and do that to the public - while you all are fake - dumber than dumb - and do not intimidate the public at large - not in San Francisco. If the hat fits you wear it - if the comments hurt - get out of the way.

Blessed are the poor for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.

The crooks who worship Mammon would not know that - more folks like Malia Cohen who was present at the meeting.

Malia who is like a sordid gad fly on the wall - pandering, cheating, amassing illegal wealth - and in the evening the dumb ass Supervisor - walked home with a flower plant in her hand - grining like a jack ass - failing her community and more disgracing all Blacks. 

She spent her entire day - screwing around and pandering. Aho.