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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The worst thing anyone can endure are those who lack spirituality - will lie, steal, who are spineless - and use the community like a dirty rag - and we have some dime a dozen in the Bayview Hunters Point - and most of them Black.

The paradox is that these individuals and leading the pack Malia Cohen have so called tax payes discreationary money - what exactly that is no one knows - and the beat goes on.

Doling money to crooks while pocketing some of it. Breaking the laws - and this woman was censured by the San Francisco Ethics Commission and more - and is shameless. She has started puting a fake ring on her finger - and now need a ring - on her nose.

The hub of most of the shenanigans the YMCA situated on Lane Street in the Bayview.

It is here - where all sorts of sordid meetings are held - money exhanged - much like a den of thieves.

We have never, ever seen Malia Cohen, Bridget Le Blanc, others that I can name - ever do anything worthwile - when it comes to Violence Prevention.

Yet the District Attorney George Gascon has chosen these parasites - to waste $1 million over three years - to spend on Violence Prevention.

Folks like Malia Cohen and Bridget Le Blanc lack cultural competency and think they can hoodwink the community at large. Time will tell. They are Black all right - but sellouts of the first order and must be ashamed of themselves.

While still serving on the Southeast Commission Bridget Le Blanc managed to get a grant from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission  (SFPUC)- when this was brought to her attention - and more the issue of "conflict of interest" - she now wants to get out of the Southeast Facility Commission - that has very close ties to the SFPUC - but will keep the money.

Violence Prevention in the true sense is not for cowards, those that have no history of the community, those that favor "gang injunctions" in our community, favor divisiveness, have no spirituality, are known sellouts - and use the political system - political whores that they are - mostly Black women - and Poverty Pimp Pastors - who think - all is well - while they conitually do he devil work.

This is a clarion call to the youth and those that care - watch out for the crooks - and do not endorse their evil work and mores. These are the scum of the Earth - these are the ones that smile on your face and stab you in the back.

We once help estabish the COMMUNITY RESPONSE NETWORK - way back in 2002 - again, only for outsiders - who are not culturally competent - to come and create pandemonium in our community. Use millions of tax payers money and waste it - without any meaninful dialog and less accountability and transparency.

Recently, Mayor Edwin Lee has got interested in one model of Violence Prevention.

It is taking too much time - to help those that really need help most - that are  dedicated and doing Violence Prevention on a meager budget.

Decent people putting their lives on the line - while sell outs take money, use money, and make a mockery of our hard work - while all the time using tax payers money.

While jackasses are bragging - never mind if the money comes from our San Francisco District Attorney - who is positioning himself - for higher office - and has NO understanding of the long history in the Bayview, stellar advocacy, and proven ability to deliver - against great - odds.

George Gason and his cronies that he has embraced have just to talk to Dr Espanola Jackson, Francisco Da Costa, Simi Iulio, John Nauer, Mitchell Salazar, Jeff Adachi, Rannon Ross, Veronica Shepherd, Bruce Giron, Daniel Landary, Mark Muhammad, Derrick Toliver, Elder Joseph Kauleve, Jamo Muhammad, Pastor Williams, Joe Muhammad, Ross Mirkarimi, Tony Winniker, Maria Su, the Mayor Edwin Lee - the Chief of Police Gregory Suhr, Deputy Chief Cashman - and I can name hundreds - who do what they have to do - and care less about BLOOD money - and sordid folks that receive the money to do the devil's work.

Again and again we get waves of crooked folks like Cathy Perry, Malia Cohen, Bridget Le Blanc, Millard Larking, outsiders who run Young Community Developers, Nadine Burke who wants to operate the Wellness Center at 3450 Third Street - the most contaminated area in the Bayview - the Director of the YMCA - who portends to know - knows less - and are despicable when it comes to serving the community at large.

No one can fool all the people all the time.

No one can fool - all the people all the time - when the issues are serious and consequences - even more serious.

It has happend before in the Bayview - and it will happen - suddenly and more importantly - with a bang.

In the sixties Army tanks were brought on Third Street to quell he riots and most people - do not know today - their attention span is short - and idiots like Malia Cohen rule the roost - evil to the core - faking it all the time - pandering to the sell outs and selling out the community.

I have informed Mayor Edwin Lee as best as I can about the situation at hand. It is now reaching saturation point - and I am not about to beg - no one should beg - who values his respect and honor. I have served my Nation well and earned the highest commendations - one can get.

We just cannot appoint cronies to the Southeast Commission Facility to rub stamp projects - and run the Bayview like a Mafia operation.

The Hunters Point Parcel A project is going no where - let us be realistic. 

The China Railway Construction Consortium have LENNAR on their SHIT LIST.

Willie L.Brown Jr can hoodwink a few of the stupid folks that listen to him - but the CRCC - will get  his ass and those that fake play with the CRCC.

Quickly and without much funfare - they will meet their fate. Lennar is doomed and they do not even know it.

It is the same when our Economy in San Francisco which is artificially propped up.

Millions of dollars in the hands of the  Chinese money flowing - and the Chinese investing in properties - just like the Japanese did in the 1980s.

Only this time our United States economy will spirial down - and all those real estate investments - will tank too. Time will tell.

San Franciscans are not fools. Chinese buying homes with hard cash all over our great City. Any simple investigation will reveal the hand of some sordid agents. I know what I am talking about.

Look for the Chinese Consulate to be situated at Executive Park - in a gated community - in the near future.

150 Executive Park and 250 Executive Park by Candlestick Park - just needs the thumb print of a man who owns these buildings - but has taken refuge in China.

The Chinese will get the documents ready - remove the respirator on which this aged, thief who stole money from Taiwan now depends for each breath.

He stole the money from Taiwan and fled to Main Land China - in excess of $800 million - and the rest is history.

APEX a Chinese conglomerate headquarted in Oregon has bought 5 Thomas Mellon Circle and is poised to control more - the impending Candlestick Point and more. They have the money and more they have sell outs who do their bidding.

The Chinese will NOT invest on contaminated land for sure - that much I will tell you. The Superfund Site that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

They consulted me a long time ago - and the Elders and Leaders of San Francisco China Town - know what I speak of. You can consult Pius Lee, talk to Calvin Louie, whisper sweet nothings to William Lee - and seek guidance from those that know - not those that exploit.

The mostly Black sellouts have no vision, have no spirituality, have no back bone - are a disgrace to the human race.

They have no conception about the Civil Right Movement - the rights that have been fought by folks like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and others.  Time will tell.

Those that actively participate in the on going gentrification have a price to pay and we are watching you all - like a hawk. 

Bayview Footprints:

The China Railway Construction Corporation connected to the former erstwhile Army regime - that welds power like no other - including making people disappear - if you are on the wrong side and hurt their feelings: