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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The war mongers are many - and they all want to go to war.
Those that choose the sword all the time - perish by the sword.
Fighting is easy - creating turmoil - blessed are peace makers - theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Our Republic has certain laws that we must abide by them in toto -  any way one abides by the Constitution of the United States of American - a Republic - there is no reason - to waste millions - and attack Syria. This is not a viable - solution.

I heard the President - Barack Hussein Obama - loud and clear.

He thinks Israel can defend itself and has the ablity to do so - that is not true.

If Israel is attacked more than three neighboring countries will pound Israel. This one attack on Syria will be compounded - bringing disgrace to our Nation - the United States of America.

Do not listen to the Main Media - they talk a lot - but war is ugly - and blood spilled cries to heaven for justice.

This land we call America - Turtle Island - foremost belongs to the Native American. 

It was stolen from them - and this acknowledgement must be made - again and again -  by those who are strangers.

Most Americans are immigrants to this land. Our history less than 300 years old. We must be ashamed that we put our First People, the Native Americans - on Reservations - and treat them worse than second class citizens.

Let us fix our problems here at home - President Barack Hussein Obama.

We must not be hawkish - we must be wise.

While we brag; we Americans are the world's Superpower we failed in Iraq and we failed in Afghanistan.

We just have to review the empirical data of all the wars that have brought America misery - Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and so on and so forth.

Let Russia who is Syria's proxy - do the heavy lifting for once and prove to the world - that it can earn its place in the United Nation as one of the chosen 5 Nations that have Veto Power.

Russia has armed Syria to the teeth - and we just do not know the secret weapons Syria has - and the untold harm it can do - if provoked.

The Syrian people by large measure - want to live in peace.

The dictatorial government of Syria wants full control - and fears that it will be toppled.

Right now the many millions of Syrians who do not have the ability to be free - as we  -comprehend it in the United States - live in fear. Survive day to day - and have for years.

Make belief and pretend that all is well under the dictatorial regime of the Assad family.

The father was ruthless - and the present Assad trained as a dentist in the United Kingdom - use to be mild - but now is a rogue, Hawk.

The President - our President, Barack Hussein Obama - said many things - but, he does not have a Blue Print that has been fully vetted. The unknowns are many - and we really do not have a solution to the existing - problem.

We are not the world's policeman - and we are not the only Nation that can choose and pick our fights.  We did nothing in Sudan, less in Rwanda, we witnessed millions die in Cambodia, we care little about the Palestinians who have been suffering for over 60 years.

At home our seniors need help, our children go to bed hungry - one in four. Millions of refugees all over the world - in Kenya, in Turkey - if we want to help - we must spend money - caring for those that need - help most.

Too many adverse factors can be introduced - and the countries that do not want Israel to exercise its power against the Palestinians - the undue influence the Zionists have in the United States, the billions we spend to prop Israel up - all have to be evaluated, closely.

We, the tax payers - do not have the money to support Israel - more so the Zionists in  Israel - failing to abide by International laws, rules and regulations.

Israel has used "cluster bombs" in Lebanon before - illegally.
Isreal has used "white chemical" against the Palestinians.

The United States too has used undue force and caused untold destruction - 5000 lbs bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Agent Orange in Vietnam - doused innocent people and our own soldiers - by default.

It is useless to state the litany of harm done by the United States - by previous Presidents - in South Ameirica and else where - what is important to note - is that the majority of American Citizens - we who pay our taxes - do not want war - and are not HAWKISH.




Mr. President listen to the people - once and for all - and seek peaceful means - reach out and bring about peace.

Everyone loves the dove and peace - in today's world - those that seek war, destruction, and the untold misery it brings - are in the minority.

If Israel wants peace as opposed to war it must join the world family and not always live in the past and mandate especial status.

Iran must be proud of its civilization - seek peace - and follow the dictates of its poets and mystics - the Sufis and more - the land of civilization for thousands of years.

America is young and our democracy younger still.

We talk the talk but must learn to walk the walk. Slavery and other untold discrimaiton has hurt our Nation - and we must spend quality time - to heal America as a whole.

The Native Ameircan had a system of genuine Democracy for thousands of years. 

The Six Nations,  from whomt our Founding Fathers learned about Democrcy.

Listened to the Leaders of the Six Nations - who visited the White House.

The President is not cognizant of this fact. The Iriquois Nation and more.

Our history of a mere 300 years told in the land once called Turtle Island - and our population of 320 million - it is a speck of dust - compare to the civilization of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and many other countries - who learned much for thousands of years.

There is Karma and right now we must NOT go to war.

War brings the worst out  from human beings.

This one war - will bring the death of millions - and untold misery - that we the human race can avoid  with caution, wisdom and humility. 

Humility and compassion reigns over - an aggresive action - that is not holistic - favors total - healing and makes peace, possible. Aho.