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Saturday, September 21, 2013


They say the Rim Fire is contained - those living in the area - talk about hot spots - if it rains - that is when they say - most of these hot spots - could and would be under control.

We have over 295,000 acres directly and indirectly burned - lots of ash in heaps of two, three, four feet and in some case more - the large cavities and crevices that burned the ground - and have left craters deep - many feet deep.

Thousands of trees burned - some will revive themselves - that is how Mother Earth and Nature - has worked all these thousands of years. Others will be felled. Some two hundreds trees are felled daily - according to some reports.

Missing in the discussion - with all the sensational news - more hype and less truth and facts - the adverse impacts to the Native American population - in the area itself. 

It is their land that was stolen. Their women raped, their children killed and taken to boarding schools, their culture curtailed, deprived of the very essence that made them live - in the open, in tune with nature - and not the artificial, mundane, shallow - ways of the soulless - White men.

Here is our challenge today the United States Forest Department and the National Park Service are at the for front - trying to assess the damage - linked to the Rim Fire and more.

So called experts 50 of them - will create a report - and just like that we are supposed to follow their mandate.

There is the BEAR team and they are supposed to know more. Everyone with some clout purports to know more - but there is no concrete action on the ground  and more in the impacted area.

The paradox is that the U.S. Forest Department and to a lesser extend the National Park Service have permitted the under brush, and other time proven methods of "clearance" of brush and bushes and trees - from being removed, burned, utilized for meaningful purposes.

The all Black - Buffalo Soldier managed our Federal Lands - and did a great job. I wonder if the Standard Operating Procedures were even followed. Now is the time for that reality check.

The mess created over the years - was a time bomb waiting to explode - "deferred maintenance".

Those at the fore- front of this Rim Fire - do not know what to make of the lesson - shown them. They are the ones at fault - but there is no mea culpa - from these folks. 

Quickly they turn to experts who in turn will create models that favor others who want to make money - linked to the Rim Fire and the opportunities to rehab and build new.

Big Primes have lined up - and they are willing to participate - more to rake in the millions -  our tax payers money - that the Federal Emergency Management Agency - has set aside for the Emergency Work - millions of dollars.

This is the time to permit the local people under the expertise of those that know how to handle the situation - work and inter-act with Mother Earth. It is a healing process that the First People were part of and must now lead us all.

Not the U.S. Forest Department, not the National Park Service - not the local San Francisco agencies - who are nonchalant and do not really know what to do. They all lack deep spirituality.

It has been weeks now - and even Mayor Ed Lee is a bit disturbed - and all this while I have been suggesting what we can do - in fact we have a team - ready to go into action - complete with Plan A, B, C, D, and E.

There are those that talk the talk and those that walk the walk.

At this hour we need leaders who know the way, show the way and go the way.

We do not need those that sit and talk and talk and have meeting after meeting - cut ribbon at some Water Treatment Plant - that has failed to meet standards - in the area - and have no idea how to set up their priorities.

This is not the time to pat ourselves - especially those that work far away from the Rim Fire - and purport to know a lot.  They know less and are experts at faking. You ask them the right question and they talk in circles.

You must go near the impacted areas - and our recon of hundreds of photographs reveals a lot - and what these photographs - reveal is not very pretty.

Contracts will be put out - and even a large Emergency Contract - needs bonding - $50 million - $100 million - who has that type of money.

Only those Primes that have connections - have amassed wealth - and know how to play the game.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has failed us all on Calavares.

If the details are revealed - they will be shocking.

URS has failed and it will take over $300 million to fix the Calavares dam - some one was asleep at the wheel - and most of those that should have been vigilant at 525 Golden Gate Avenue - were led on.

When FREMONT - floods - that is the town near Sunol - let us  see who says they are fully responsible - for whatever the consequences will be.

The Rim Fire and addressing the issues at hand is not for the faint of heart. 

Only those with proven leadership qualities can address the situation at hand. We have as usual those that talk the talk - have failed again and again to walk the walk.

Mayor Edwin Lee knows me - I know him - and we must do something quickly.

Much like some of us did in 1989 - when the Big One struck.

We went to places that needed help - and made it happen. 

Of course most of those - looking at the Rim Fire today - have no clue what I am talking about.

The Army was there at the Presidio of San Francisco in 1989 - and we had stellar leadership.

We did what we had to do. The City and County of San Francisco had no Office of Emergency Services - in fact they were caught with their pants down.

It is the same today - if you press the question - they have no vision, no plan, and they will talk about money - not so much to do the work - but to pocket the money.

Waiting to make change orders - create fake amendments - grease the pockets of those that have failed us on Calavares and other places - to the detriment of the tax payer. This nonsense must stop - and some of us have been watching these sordid episodes forever.

It is important to remember HISTORY - we - few that speak our mind and tell the TRUTH - we are not beholden to anyone.

We speak the TRUTH because only the TRUTH will set you FREE.

There is freedom and there is license - abuse of freedom is license.

That is what is going on now - the vultures who have been permitted to RUIN our economic - use undue license, undue influence - continue to adversely impact - our economy.

God is watching us all - and we know the evil and their ploys - they are never direct - they talk in circles - while all the time - thousands of innocent people - are adversely impacted.

Where is the leadership?

Is there some one who has the balls to do the right thing quickly, with fortitude -  more with accountability and transparency?

If you are there - come let us sit down and review the Empirical Data that is there for all to see. Aho.

To the First People I say you will not be forsaken. More the Miwoks and the Piutes.

The Great Spirit watches all and the sign of the times are here - if those that do not pay heed quickly and do the right thing - they will perish - quickly and without much fun fare.

Some photographs of the impact of the devastating Rim Fire: