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Friday, September 6, 2013


Once a Buffalo Soldier
Always a Buffalo Soldier
No Buffalo Soldier just dies
Buffalo Soldiers live forever
Cmdr Ulysses Moore - a Buffalo Soldier
Stood tall, brave and spoke to the Truth
Everyday of his life on this Earth
Buffalo Soldier Cmdr Ulyssses Moore 
Lived a rich life here in San Francisco
He owned his own hotel
Where most Blacks could stay
In those days of division and divisiveness
On every Memorial Day Cmdr Ulyssess Moore
Honored the hundreds of Buffalo Soldiers and others
At the Presidio of San Francisco
National Veterans Cemetery
A flag on the tomb stone for those he cared and loved
Our dear friend is no more
Gone to the side at the age ninety seven
No Buffalo Soldier dies in vain
Cmdr Ulysses Moore served this Nation
With great honor and pride
To his dying day he wanted everyone united
To leave a museum, some deep legacy to the Buffalo Soldiers
Alone he achieved this, he knew the way, he showed the way,
 he led the way
Good bye good friend - thanks for your friendship -
for the deep memories
Farewell Cmdr Ulyssess Moore
No Buffalo Soldier just dies - they ride, ride, ride  .....
Till we meet again
We all salute your dear friend

Francisco Da Costa
September 5, 2013