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Monday, October 8, 2018


Mayor London Breed -
screaming and shouting -
no one having such manners - deserves to be Mayor.

Politics is a dirty game in San Francisco - more, when the worst of the worst politicians - try to hoodwink the Muwekma Ohlone - that matter - saying a lot - but not one action - that has been put in writing - worth the salt.

Even as some think they have a victory in the removal of the Pioneer statue - its replacement which should be tied to the Ohlone - has NOT been mentioned nor plans made for a replacement - honoring the Muwekma Ohlone or the Ohlone in general.

Interesting enough plans are afoot to erect a statue to Maya Angelou - a Black poet - with connections to San Francisco.

Paradoxically - we fought for the Native Americans - the indigenous people of San Francisco being the Ohlone - precisely the Muwekma Ohlone.

A small group - representing the Muwekma Ohlone -
were present at this event -
none of them have been seen at the many deliberations -
held in the City and County of San Francisco -
the deliberations that counts - we hope to see them in the future - speaking English - and being educated on issues.

The Muwekma Ohlone have a singular distinction - they were on the Federal Register until 1927 and then illegal removed by a Bureau of India Affairs Agent - L.A. Dorrington.

Ohlone Warriors -
dancing in front of those that wanted 
to control their lives.

San Francisco has given the Muwekma Ohlone tribe several commendations and Resolutions - in the past.

While these documents honor the Muwekma Ohlone - the time has come to respect the Muwekma Ohlone - by providing more viable and sustainable - measures.  Viable and sustainable measure - the situation at hand - the Ohlone at the table - the terms as the Ohlone deem fit.

The days of Commendations and Proclamations are long gone and over.

The pivotal point to be discussed in the 2018 - is Federal Recognition - the many Shell Mounds that have been desecrated - the ancestors looked upon with disdain.

Kudos to the Shell Mound Walkers - with whom I have worked to the best of my ability. As I said the ancestors matter - more the thousands - that were raped, killed, murdered, tortured - we remember them all - but most of all we honor them.

The blood of the ancestors - was not spilled in vain.

When we spoke with authority - we were able to incorporated the name Muwekma Ohlone - into the General Plan of the City and County of San Francisco.

Years ago we were able to incorporate the name of the Muwekma Ohlone - when the post of the SF Planning Director  - was held by Amit Ghosh. Amit Ghosh a fair person - was able to sit down with us - and comprehend the singular issues - being indigenous - he felt our pain - and that one victory we remember to this day.

Latter we impressed upon Mr Green, Mr Dean Macris, and the present Director John Rahaim to honor the Muwekma Ohlone - by paying respect to the many Shell Mounds and related issues.

We have been having Shell Mound walks and have never seen the present group - representing the Muwekma Ohlone - present in person - less taking part in the walks. We know who matters and who does not.

We must learn to represent our ancestors in a manner that brings about peace and harmony. 

We must honor our ancestors - for they could not defend themselves - and thousands fell prey to rape, violence, killings and shootings.

Today some of us are at the table - we do not represent those that enjoy their two minutes of fame - some drama that I saw today. 

I have been on the frontlines for over 40 years - and what I saw today - was not very pleasing.

When I represent - I represent the ancestors - I do not care about titles, fake honor, and fake representation. That is why - I would like people to be careful and speak Truth to Power. If do not - you will fall flat of your face - that happened to former Mayor Edwin Mah Lee.

He was talking in the ambulance - and then arrived dead - at the SF General Hospital. To this date - the results of his post mortem - have not been - revealed.

District 5 Supervisor - Vallie Brown -
made a speech - stumbled on the word -
" solidarity " perhaps she saw me and freaked out -
truly, we must be educated on issues - have our heart 
in the right place - lead others to a better place -
honor the ancestors in action - words are just that - words -
more hot air - more, when spoken without any meaning at all.

The Supervisor from District 5 says she is Native American - and claims that she did not know her father. Claims she is from Utah - all enquires made - lead to a dead end.

Vallie Brown claims she had a rough childhood - moved from place to place - and was there at the eleventh hour - to support the removal of the Pioneer Statue.

Some how the politicians who gathered at the event feel the removal of the Pioneer Statute was their personal  victory.

Mayor London Breed, Supervisor Malia Cohen and Supervisor  Vallie Brown are opportunists. 

They have only one desire to fill their campaign coffers.

We advocates have monitored them from day one - and no one needs an introduction to a political whore - all three of them are just that political whores - of the first order.

The International Indigenous Day - is sponsored by the United Nations - and has been celebrated for sometime now. In the past  it has been difficult to organize this event on this day of celebration - a day for all indigenous people - the many tribes and others tribes from neighboring Nations - all related in one way of the other.

Indigenous people must take the lead - and not bring in politicians who have NO spiritual values - and has could be seen - statements made without recognition given to the Elders, nothing about the history of the Muwekma Ohlone the host Tribe, even less the mention of Chair Rosemary Cambra - with whom I have close relations.

The work of other Ohlone all of whom have relations with me - because we are in this - all together - and it is all about the ancestors - hundreds of remains defiled - be it at Yerba Buena Island - once know as Goat Island.

The Shell Mounds at Berkeley - that fight has been going on for years - the Developers have money to fight - but for us in the trenches -  " people power " - matters.

All over San Francisco Shell Mounds are desecrated.

Remains found are NOT reported - protocol established by the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe NOT followed.

I know this because in many cases I am contacted and then I have to inform others - follow through and do due diligence. 

We have an office in San Francisco - that I have managed for over 18 years. 

This is the office that has all the pertinent material - and the empirical data - and all this and more demands a lot of hard work.

All the work is done for free - we believe in serving the ancestors - and when we win - we will boldly say the Ancestors made it happen.

Supervisor Malia Cohen

I was shocked when Supervisor Malia Cohen said that Mayor Edwin Mah Lee - told her to honor - the Muwekma Ohlone.

Honoring -  the Muwekma Ohlone with a Proclamation - that Mayor Edwin Mah Lee had NO clue about - because he passed away - months ago - over eleven months ago.

This is a lie - a blatant lie - and Malia Cohen will die - having told such a blatant lie.

There is nothing unusual with most Proclamations - much like many Resolutions.

Unlike Ordinances that are binding - the rest are not biding.

Having said that the Muwekma have received several commendations and proclamations - I was instrumental in initiating some of them - for years.

Even as our case was before the Courts - The Muwekma Ohlone vs the Department of Interior - these commendations, proclamations, other evidence most notably DNA evidence - furthered our cause.

We created a web site and did well for a long time - thousands for out more about the Muweka Ohlone and other California Tribes - I know that because on my many visits abroad - that Muwekma web site - had a mine of sound information.

What truly impressed was the beginning of the web site with thousands of signatures - from folks - from all over the world - who showed their sincere support of the Muwekma Ohlone.

Together with thousands of signatures on our Muwekma Ohlone website (since removed ) - the present web site has been tweaked.

The Muwekma also submitted documents from Cities, Board of Supervisors, Mayors, Senators, Assembly persons - and I was responsible in large measure.

When Mayor Edwin Mah Lee was alive he did nothing for the Muwekma Ohlone. 

In the past nothing has been initiated by London Breed or Malia Cohen - to help the Muwekma Ohlone.

What these two politicians are doing today - is nothing new - they are known panderers. 

They are jumping on the bandwagon - so that some  " hidden agenda " may be accomplished.

The Muwekma Ohlone banner -
in solidarity the International Indian 
Treaty Council banner.

The International Indigenous Day - 2018 - its theme Immigration and Movement -  was not mentioned at this event of sorts.

Generalities - are the forte of today's politicians - and in particular Mayor London Breed, her anointed Supervisor Vallie Brown from District 5, and her side-kick - who wheels and deals in District 10 - Malia Cohen.

The indigenous people consists of many nations - and we are fortunate to have them here in San Francisco.

A great missed opportunity to introduce and have the many leaders - Indigenous Leaders - to speak for a few minutes.

After all the International Indigenous Day is sponsored by the United Nations.

 San Francisco has for decades paid lip service to Native Americans - they know it - and nothing much has changed today.

This one member of the Ohlone from the South - I like to say Monterey - berating the Franciscans Friars, speaking about slavery and atrocities committed.

A long boring speech that does not do justice to the people who were gathered.

I say this because many of those present - told me they hated his speech. I will say that again - they hated his speech. 

Being a historian - I did not hate his speech - it was long winded - and as such NOT appropriate for the crowd gathered.

Morning Star was the Mistress of Ceremonies -
she was busy - I would say burden -
too many things to do -  when I requested -
that she turn toward me -
proclamation in had she did - thanks.

I have been following Morning Star for many years. Watching here organize many events - and always - she is calm and recollected.

woman warrior - who we must support - and not take advantage off - she does not like to say NO - but that does not mean - we burden her. She is a devoted mother - and has children to take care off.

I saw Morning Star - the other day at City Hall - when Supervisor Vallie Brown gave some other delegation - linked to the Pioneer Statue and its removal.

This business of giving a Commendation - a Proclamation - is becoming a stale fashion.

On October 2, 2018 - I was present at San Francisco City Hall - in Room 250 - the August Chambers - someone wanted to have the Commendation given - without any details.

Much like the thief that slides in the dark and robs you. 

No details about the commendation - such are the ways of Supervisor Vallie Brown.

After agenda number 29 - there was a special line mentioned:

SPECIAL ORDER 2:30 P.M. - Recognition of Commendations.

When that item was called - a group of Native Americans came forward.

Some other group supposedly representing the Ohlone - which means people from the West Coast - sang a song - more, acknowledging the ancestors.

Then Supervisor Vallie Brown came to the podium - said she was from Utah - said a little about the Pioneer Statue - and that was the end of that story.

The commendation was presented - to a small group - who purportedly spearheaded the removal of the Pioneer Statue.

Photographs taken in the Chambers - and then all went outside the Chambers - to take more and more photographs.

As I said the movement to remove the Pioneer Statue has been a long one - forcing me to write a couple of articles - and several emails - to the Arts Commission.

To various Mayors - the Movement was going down hill - came before the SF Appeals Commission twice, The last time around - the Appeals Commission sided with the indigenous people. The Pioneer Statues has been removed - so now what happens?

On this International Indigenous Day 2018 - today October 8, 2018 - we must acknowledge our ancestors - acknowledge those that have their heart in the right place.

San Francisco is a Racist City - it has been difficult comprehending why London Breed who is now Mayor of San Francisco - and Supervisor Malia Cohen - have no empathy - no compassion for the poor.

The Seniors - thousands of them - our Elders- living in filthy conditions.

More families - in the hundreds - living with children living in tents on the streets of San Francisco.

The skyline has changed -
San Francisco is a concrete jungle -
if you do not make $150,000 a year -
then is it difficult to live in San Francisco .

Among the poor and the homeless - the indigenous many Native Americans.

Among them Veterans - that this City and County of San Francisco - looks with disdain upon our poor and those that have fallen on bad times.

Leading that charge London Breed and Malia Cohen - two political whores par excellence. Aho.

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