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Friday, October 12, 2018


San Francisco's skyline has changed -
for the worst - the millions of tons -
of concrete, aggregate - all contribute -
to the increase of the Carbon Footprint -
impede our health - more contribute to respiratory diseases.

All over San Francisco -more in our inner city areas - our infants, children, youth, young adult, seniors - those who are compromised health - are adversely impacted.

It is widely known - for all our talk that San Francisco is  called " world class city " - that we have some glaring adverse issues.

Foremost, the disparity that exists - in San Francisco - the wide gap - the haves and the have nots - is as close if not exceeds the " disparity gap " - of Rwanda - a Third world nation in Central Africa.

London Breed and Olson Lee

Of course Mayor London Breed of San Francisco, Malia Cohen the President of the SF Board of Supervisors - would not know about the disparity prevailing in our - so called - world class city.

Two very corrupt - Black women well know in many important circles - that matter in San Francisco - House Negros.

The evil Malia Cohen and her side kick -
Willie L. Brown - they two make a good pair -
you smell Sulphur in the air.

It does not matter to the House Negros - that the population of the Blacks that once made up twenty five percent of the San Francisco population - about 930,000 in total - is now hovering around two percent  (yes, 2 %) - and spiraling. 

The Poverty Pimp Pastors - mostly Blacks the likes of Amos Brown, Aurelious Walker, the Tabernacle Group - continue to wheel and deal.

Many Black shepherds having no congregation - using every opportunity to beg for money - and use it for their own personal - need and gain.

The Bayview advocates have always -
fought the good fight - putting community first -
only for the political whores mostly to let us down -
the latest in the line - Malia Cohen.

In the Bayview Hunters Point - those that serve the community - are left to fend for themselves. Outsiders seeking office - faking their credentials -  seeking office - for ulterior motives -  all the wrong reasons.

As we all know - Life matters - and synonymous with Life is Health - sound health - permits one to live and work .

Many surviving facing too many impediments.

Few make a living that is if they are fortune  - and if opportunires come their way  - if one is lucky - can hook up and find a career job.

Fancy conceptual plans -
those that plan such units -
and catering to those hat make over $200,00 a year.

In order to live in San Francisco - for anyone who has a couple of children - or even one child - you must make $150,000 at least - to live a decent life.

Paradoxically - our SF Board of Supervisors, our City's Economist, our Controller and his office - others from the Mayor' s Office of Economic Development and Work Force - have failed us in San Francisco.

The affordable housing for those that make below $80,000 is non-existent.

It is non-existent for those that make $150,000.

Those that have chosen to live on Parcel A at Hunters Point are dying a slow death.

It will be the same for those planning to live on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and Candlestick Point - both location very contaminated - registering high levels of radioactive elements - cesium, plutonium - elements such as mercury, lead, and dangerous particulates.

Most people have to work two jobs - and in many other cases three and four jobs. This is called modern day - slavery.

Career Jobs are hard to come by - and those that do not have connections in San Francisco - have a hard time finding good career jobs. 

85% of our San Francisco Police Department - Police Officers live outside San Francisco. No one seems to care about this blatant fact.

Over 60% of our City and County of San Francisco employees live outside San Francisco.

Our City and County of San Francisco employees have a pension system - that facing a high speed train - moving towards a target - that will crash. 

There is NO talk about this situation - more since we see the free fall - of our Stocks  and Shares - for the last few days - and the future does not hold good - with Donald Trump playing with fire - tariffs, failing to adhere to international agreements - putting our Nation in harms way. 

Governor Jerry Brown -
will soon be termed out -
woe to California if Gavin Newsom -
becomes the next Governor - this Joker - 
will ruin California - for all the diatribe he spews.

California is the world fifth largest economy - but one would not know about that - with all the homelessness and other adverse impacts.

Governor, Jerry Brown will soon step down - and if Gavin Newsom becomes Governor - all hell will break loose - the man in a JOKE.

Quality of Life have been compromised - more and more - in the last 15 years.

Forget it if you have compromised health - those that suffer from respiratory diseases - which have increased by 40% in our City and County of San Francisco. More our infants, children, youth and young adults.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - circa 1950

A tally of some war ships, submarines -
other contributions to World War II -
over 15,000 employees worked at
Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - mostly people of color.
Many of these workers exposed to all sorts of 
contamination and pollution - high levels -
of radioactive elements - many died a slow death.

Those that suffer from unique tumors - those living in close proximity to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - where too many women are giving birth to defective babies and more delivering - still babies. 

The signs are all there - but our SF politicians continue to pussyfoot around - more Mayor London Breed and Malia Cohen - two professional political whores.

I have been fighting in the trenches for over 35 years - addressing the issues at hand.

We have the empirical data to show.

All sorts of experiments -
were conducted at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard -
one atomic bomb - assembled at Hunters Point Shipyard -
was dropped on Japan - killing and maiming -
millions - K  A R M A .

SF City Hall - fast asleep at the cockpit.

Now all that I said and revealed  more for the last 35 years - most of the facts - the empirical data has come to bear -  hitting hard - those in charge - who now realize they failed.

The SF Mayors and SF Board of Supervisor have put innocent people in harms way with intent - including our San Francisco Police Department Officers - a case pending in court today.

It does not help that Barbara Garcia was fired - as the Director of Health - many are missing her - she was caught in a web of corruption charges - aiding and abetting her wife.

It does not help that we have Mayor London Breed who lacks etiquette and scream and shouts - when she talks to decent people.

I just do not know - how these political whores - position themselves to represent - and who among our community voted for these - scum bags of the worst kind.

The skyline of San Francisco has changed for the worst. 

More concrete, more aggregate, the congestion on our roads - the millions of vehicles - spewing dangerous particulates more PM 2.5 - Mercury, Lead, dust of the worst kind - inhaled by human beings.

Causing, all sorts of chronic diseases  - mostly respiratory chronic disease - all noted - in the data that comes from our hospitals and not revealed to the public at large.

The Sutter hospitals in the Bay Area and here in San Francisco - are the worst ever.

At Saint Luke's in the SF Mission - entire wings  that catered to the Mentally Challenged, those suffering from Asthma - those that fall into the category of sub-acute care - are left to fend for themselves.

Entire wings shut down -  Registered Nurses and other trained personnel - cannot believe what they are dealing with.  Many attached to their patients - they care-givers are stressed and no one seems to care. What is happening to San Francisco?

Greed prevails and those in charge our politicians - take the bribes and look the other way. And there is more ..........

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