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Monday, October 1, 2018


The fake Malia Cohen -
she is being termed out -
she will be running for the California State -
Board of Equalization - a seat that is vacant.

Unknown to many in San Francisco - District 10  - has been suffering  " chronic disparity ".

This fact has increased during the term of Malia Cohen - a sell out - a panderer - some one that no one in District 10 trust - less wants to have anything to do with.

In the last 8 years Malia Cohen has reached out to rogue developers the likes of Lennar Urban Forest Hill, other Big Developers - Webcor, Nibii, Cahill, others - to fill her campaign coffers.

As I said she has failed her community -  and this on going nonsense has got from bad to worse. Malia Cohen is an anathema - she is the devil.

As the President of the SF Board of Supervisor - she thinks - that using the gavel much like her predecessor - that power hitting that " gavel " - gives her some power - the opposite is true.

Malia Cohen - when she first came into 
our community - notice the pins and badges -
she was not known at all - wanted some recognition -
so the good people of Bayview Hunters Point -
gave her an opportunity.  She has let down our infants,
our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors -
our mentally and physically challenged - those that need help most - all this and more has reached - a chronic level.

The demographics of District 10 - Bayview Hunters Point, Kiska Road, Middle Point, Oakdale housing, Little Hollywood, Visitation Valley, Dog Patch, Potrero Hill, Silver Terrace and more - has changed  - Asians make up 38% - followed by Latinos 30% - together they make up 68% - then you have the Whites they make up 14%, Black 12% - others 6%.

Again this are the statistics for the entire District 10.

A salient and pertinent fact to note is the disparity - all over District 10 - the worst ever - worse than any Third World Nation.

Women deliver " still babies " and no one cares. The SF Health Department has the statistics - receives million - as much as 800 million - in the last 8 years - and nothing much has been done.

Barbara Garcia who was the SF Health Department - was fired - she was caught hoodwinking - aiding and abetting her wife - yes he wife - and gave her wife contracts on a platter - she was caught - red handed and is now no more.

It is the same with Malia Cohen and others that I have named before - go to the new businesses and find out how they got their money - and where have all these " jerks " come from. We from the Bayview Hunters Point - all over District 10 - must do our research - and get rid of the vermin. Yes - vermin.

Check this one report that was done around 2012 :

In the Bayview the myth that Blacks are in the majority - is just that - a myth. 

When it comes - who is registered to vote - the empirical data reveals a pathetic low percentage - have registered to vote - and over 50% do not have a permanent address.

Hardly 20% of the Black population has registered to vote.

If you truly studied the " disparity studies " you will cry, it is not easy to read the studies - more pre-natal cases - so many babies dying. This seriously affects our Black Mothers - and no one seems to care.

Where are the Brothers on this fact? Where are those that pander to the crooks - the likes of Dwayne Jones, Aurelous Walker, Calvin Jones, Doris Vincent, Oscar James, Eloise Patton, Veronica Hunnicutt - who is fooling whom.

Millions of dollar - all Community Benefits are given to crooks - mostly Blacks - to divide the community.

Of the $5.6 given to the SF Bayview Opera House - over $3.1 million is missing - cannot be accounted for - and we all are silent. Come out and protest - when you are called to protest - and let the crooks know that we are still alive.

In the past we have had Blacks - lie, cheat, and hoodwink the community at large.

More - telling the District 10 constituents that they will represent them.

Once elected  - the end result - these sordid candidates - have failed the District 10 tax payers, constituents, more citizens. 

Note I am saying District 10 - which is not only Bayview Hunters Point - but Potrero Hill, Dog Patch, Hunters View, Mariners' Village - Middle Point, Kiska Road, Oakdale Public Housing, Silver Terrace, Little Hollywood, Visitation Valley and more.

Here is a link that will reveal to one - some good statics - for those interested in buying a home - just in the Bayview Hunters Point area :

Statistics are confusing - mostly when we try to use the 2010 census.

 Other studies done - more recent are difficult to find - some one is hiding the facts - what I call - the empirical data.

So, they deceive us - using data much before 2014.

Today in 2018 we are dealing with a completely changed demographics with Asians and Latinos growing in numbers - rapidly.

Whites and Blacks remaining steady - more Blacks leaving the community - heading for other areas - because they cannot survive.

Other segments of the population registering - Native Americans, Mixed Ethnicities - registering - in the single digits.

It is amazing our some areas - the likes of Middle Point,  Hunters View, Kiska Road, Oakdale Public Housing, Silver Terrace, Dog Patch, Visitation Valley - have little or no qualified outreach done.

The people kept in the dark - and this is not far.

In the past I have been involved in doing blanketed outreach - and learned a lot. The candidates at every Election - talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

Sophie Maxell - she filled her coffers -
and is on the look out for more -
not a word about the debacle going on 
at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard -
of course - she played her cards well - and is ready for more.

In the past Sophie Maxwell - District 10 Supervisor - followed by Malia Cohen - both have failed the community - miserably. 

Both of the above - did not have the courage to address the contaminated " Super Fund " - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Today both are silent. Both Sophie and Malia pocketed millions from Lennar Urban and 5 Points Holdings LLP - other Big Developers be it Forest Hill, Nibbi, Cahill, Property Managers like the John Stewart Company, Apartment Investment Management Company (AIMCO), and the list goes on and on.

The above sellouts have BLOOD on their hands.

If you hear and read - some of the candidates - bragging that the UNIONS - be it any of the UNIONS - are backing them.

The UNIONS per se have NOT helped the Bayview Hunters Point - they have got money from the Big Developers - and all they do is hoodwink the community at large. 

Most of the Project Labor Agreement - are faulty - devoid of accountability and transparency. 

The UNION add fuel to fire - by hiring folks from outside - and in many cases tolerated hundreds of workers from out of State.

The Contract Monitoring Division - has NO Commission - the head person the City Administrator - Naomi Kelly a Black - she can sit with the Mayor - and hoodwink us all.

There is ZERO quality compliance at the sites where hundreds of UNION workers supposedly work - but very few from San Francisco - this nonsense has been going on for years.

We the people are not involved in the many Project Labor Agreements  - there is NO transparency and less Accountability.

This pertains to all the UNIONS - it could be any of the UNIONS - they have NOT helped the Bayview Hunters Point Community.

These UNIONS be it the Plumbers Union, the Electrical Union, the Elevators Union, the Carpenters Union, the Laborers Union, the Metal Sheet Union, you name the UNION.

These sordid UNIONS - have NOT help the constituents from Bayview Hunters Point, Huntersview,  Kiska Road, Mariners' Village, Dog Patch, Silver Terrace, Little Hollywood, Executive Park, Visitation Valley - in short they have NOT helped in a real and sincere manner - any of the constituents.

The people united - will never, ever, be defeated.
Look at the candidates and ask them -
if they have been fighting in the trenches -
and if so - how come we have NOT seen them. 
If you have seen the candidates - those that are jerks
 - ask them the questions that matter  -
vett the suckers - do not give them anything -
if they do not deserve anything -
for too long - have these charlatans -
hoodwinked us all.

We know that we the people, we the constituents, we the citizens - have hoodwinked us for too long.

Those that are cowards - who have NOT represented us - crooks who do not want to speak - Truth to Power.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People of San Francisco.

Study this map - and note the areas 
prone to liquefaction and flooding -
here in the Bayview Hunters Point -
no one in their right mind should be 
living in the area that show very high chances -
of liquefaction and flooding - ask the candidates 
who are hoodwinking you - if they are for 
building in these locations - where no human beings -
less our infants, children, youth, young adults,
Senior, those with compromised health - should NOT be living.

Check this out - Bayview Hunters Point - Toxi City :

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