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Sunday, October 7, 2018


Chief Joseph -
majestic and a true leader -
he understood the pale faces -
and those that speak with a forked tongue.

Large corporations, big government, corrupt entities that control natural resources that do not belong to them - now, are trying to reinvent the wheel.

Have you heard of folks that pollute the rivers, lakes, the land, the forest, the air - an then after causing the damage - make plans to clean the situation.

Few Californians fully understand - how important it is for us all - to keep an eye on our natural resources - the land, the water, the air - how we tap into all resources - Mother Earth - take only as much as we need.

In California every drop of water - rain water - belongs to the people.

So, how did very corrupt entities in San Francisco - take control of the Hetch Hetchy Valley - flood one of the most beautiful location in the world - all in the name of providing pristine and reliable drinking water to San Francisco ?

They went to Congress - and used the Raker Act of 1913 to hoodwink the public at large? Few have read the Raker Act - not even the SF Public Utilities Commissioners - less crooks like Juliet Ellis and Barbara Hale - who for SFPUC - who are busy every day of their life - lying and bluffing - and doing the devil's work.

Daily this woman Juliet Ellis -
is involved with ploys and machinations -
of the worst order -
cheating, lying, bluffing, and hoodwinking.

Today the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - a disgraceful and dysfunctional agency - more an Enterprise Department - has failed San Franciscans. Wasting millions of dollars - tax payers money.

More, adversely impacting - society, the citizen, the tax payer.

If we the people - do not discern - and closely monitor the SF Public Utilities Commission and other such rogue entities - our resources will be tarnished and what is more wasted.

We must NOT permit these evil folks - to destroy our resources - and harm Mother Earth.

Turtle Island -
before someone called it America

The Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People of San Francisco

Water is Life.

The SFPUC daily wastes millions of gallons of water - leaking and leeching from its old clean water pipes.

As much as they talk the talk - they do not walk the walk.

We do not have in real time - how many of the 1200 miles - in and around San Francisco - of clean drinking water pipes are been replaced - the average age of the old pipes - over 90 years old.

Any water that travels through the old pipes is tainted, contaminated, and NO mention made - how millions drink contaminated water - every single day - more infants, children, youth, seniors, those with compromised health. 

If the pipes are corroded, rusty, leaking - the end result - millions are exposed to contamination and their health adversely impacted.

Our Mayor London Breed does not understand this fact, nor does Harlan  Kelly the General Manager of SFPUC.

Nor does his wife Naomi Kelly the City Administrator, nor does the Controller Ben Rosenfield.

 The City Attorney Dennis Herrera, the District Attorney George Gascon, the SF Planning Director - John Rahaim - the many other heads of Departments - one worse than the other - who do not monitor the empirical data.

In the interim our infants, children, youth, young adults, Seniors, those with compromised health, more our mentally and physically challenged - are adversely impacted - as I have been saying for years.

Right now thousands of dollars are spent by the SF Public Utilities Commission - focusing on Pooh - yes Pooh also known better as excreta.

The person in charge of this advertisement - Juliet Ellis. An incompetent, corrupt - this woman  was charged by the Fair Political Practices Commission.

Read the charge:

For millions of years the land in California - was pristine - then came humans - some 20,000 years ago - most of them indigenous - for sure none of them were White - Caucasian - for those familiar with that name or designation.

Indigenous people have always set the tone - because simply put indigenous people - love Mother Earth.

Not so the greedy Caucasian - always exploiting everything she or he sees.

The tribes and clans - lived in peace -
before the strangers - landed on the scene -
and screwed it all for everyone.

Today we have empirical data - the contamination and pollution - seen every where - more, in a concrete jungle like San Francisco.

Hetch Hetchy Valley -
one of the most beautiful valleys on this Earth -
now flooded with waters from neighboring rivers.

Imagine corrupt, crooked, mostly San Francisco White men taking control of land outside their jurisdiction - 160 miles away - flooding the most beautiful valley in the world - the Hetch Hetchy Valley.

These men were Congressmen - who were racists - they had NO respect for those that were here - much before their ancestors arrived here - some 350 years ago.

The indigenous people of Turtle Island - were here for a long time - Carbon dated remains and artifacts - going back 15,000 years. Yes, 15,000 years. Fifteen thousand years.

From time to time I visit the August Chambers - Room 250 at San Francisco City Hall.  The eleven members - known as the SF Board of Supervisors - are an anathema.

They say they purport to represent - but most of them are NOT educated on issues. Most of them do not have their heart - in the right place.

The SaleForce Building

Time and time again - they react after the fact - they have NO sense of the dewatering ploys and machinations - conducted by the SF Public Utilities Commission. In and around the SalesForce building.

Millions of gallons pumped linked to the SalesForce Building - the water pumped into manholes - controlled by the SF Public Utilities Commission - millions of gallons wasted - and sent to the dual-system sewer system - that takes in sewer waste and rain run off - the final product lands in the Bay and adverse impacts all life.

The SF Public Utilities Commission has not revealed the thousands of tons of minute fibers - from polyester and other such materials - thousands of tons - as much as 750 thousand tons, annually - going into the Bay - and adversely impacting the fish and other life - including migratory birds.

Add to this mercury from the old deserted mines, lead, PCPs, oil, other toxic materials - and the Bay has been tested - the result revealed by the Bay Keepers and other advocates.

The SF Public Utilities Commission- for all its drab talk - is just dumb, inept, not educated on issues - and totally - dysfunctional. 

Check this article about the micro-fibers and  learn more :

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior 

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - no one invited the strangers to pollute and contaminate. 

Today those that speak for the Muwekma Ohlone must be careful - the host nation always rules - more those that have spoken about their rights - and put the strangers on notice.

Read more - and educate yourselves :

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