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Monday, October 8, 2018


Thousands of years ago - human beings travelled - more because of circumstances - and often because of a urgent need to survive.

In the Rift Valley in East Africa - human remains discovered by Dr Luis Lackey and his wife Mary Lackey - carbon-dated - point to the origins of early human beings - Lucy.

Latter remains found in Ethiopia and other places all over the world -  as far as China and Australia - connected the dots - the many remains - point to further details about the origins of Homo Sapiens. 

Here in the Bay Area - Shell Mounds dotted the entire area - acupuncture points - that the Ohlone considered Sacred ground.

The pyramids of Egypt - the huge temples built by the Mayans - the temples built in Babylonia - and those huge found all over the Earth - all point to human beings traveling from place to place - and when they entered the host territory - they offered the best they had to offer.

It is the same with the Polynesian - who traversed the oceans - thousands of miles - rowing their ships - with compass in hand - more, looking at the stars in the sky - and having a keen sense of smell for the ocean - its color telling them - places that made a good landing.

One has just to visit Auckland, New Zealand - and learn more.

Ships made it possible for the Vikings and sailors from China to traverse to Africa - more East Africa.

Vikings made it to present day Canada - present day California.

The Kontiki story reveals to us - how simple canoes could take one far across the Ocean blue - thousands of miles - and proved in some great - manner - where there is a a will - there is a way.

We know the Arabs - used the Monsoon Winds - to take them from present day Yemen to far off places in India.

They traded incense, perfume, ivory - for spices, silk, coins - there was a need to seek and meet - and broader one's vision - for the broader good of humanity.

The Portuguese and well known Captain - Vasco Da Gama - took his ships from Lisbon - navigated the tip of South Africa by Cape Town - sailed to far off places on the West Coast of Africa and India.

Followed by the Spanish, Dutch, English and others - latter the American Slave Traders - backed by powerful Insurance Companies most headquartered in New York - today.

The slave trade was made possible - because the Slave Traders - the Portuguese, the Spanish, the English, the Dutch, the French, the Americans - could use the sailing vessels to quench their thirst for money - and kill their conscience and bleed to death slowly. Karma.

Frederick Douglass

The millions of slaves were moved - or can one call that one long sordid, movement = an immigration of sorts ?

The word " immigration " is used loosely - as did some ignorant and arrogant Blacks folks here in the Bay Area - more House Negros - they created a fake ass document - about Blacks - and named it " Out Migration ". Go Figure.

Various Immigration and Movements have a story to tell - we can get deeper into it - open wounds, and reveal facts.

I have spoken to thousands about movements and immigrations - in the case of movements - revolutions as I am more interested in " revolutions " - speak Truth to Power.

When it comes to immigration - what puzzles me - is some people need passports to visit their own land - as in the case of the Palestinians - they live a few hundreds yards aways - and just because of a man made border - they need permission to move - but is more like an immigration.

Some are made to wait for weeks - they has view the ancestral homes - but the have to bid their time - while the Israelis - enjoy dehumanizing the Palestinians. 

This nonsense must stop - the Palestinians are indigenous not so the Zionists - who were taken to Europe as slaves - and intermarried the Eastern Europeans.

That one singular act - discussing immigration and slave movement  - could send deep shills - into  living being - and today we think nothing much of slavery - but there is more to that story.

Immigration and Movement - is synonymous with opportunity - you meet a Latino woman who tells you how with a child she fled El Salvador.

While she tells you her heart wrethcing story -  walking hundreds of miles, traveling by train - every inch packed with hungry souls - running away - from tyranny.

The atrocities committed by those that trade in human beings - and there is more.

An immigrant from Nigeria - who flees to Italy - and from there to England - and from there to Mexico - and from there to San Diego.

Brother he tells me - my family belongs to a family of military Generals - then there was a revolution and my family - had to flee or face death.

Today the Brother makes his living in the Bay Area - haunted by what happened to most in his family - and there is more.

I meet an immigrant from India - he tells me - he got an opportunity to work in the Bay Area - for some Tech firm - and then when his Visa expired - stayed here.

He shyly and reluctantly reveals to me - he married a White citizen - he want to be married to her - as  in the normal sense - she wanted the money - a marriage of conveyance. 

Today - he is divorced has his papers - but confused about - human beings.

With tears in his eyes he swears he did his best - she does not care about his feelings - she cares that she somehow helped him to stay in the Bay area. Implicit bias.

Immigration and Movement - we have to study the etymology of these two words. 

Go into the streets and ask the many human beings you meet - what does Immigration mean to you?

What does Movement mean to you ?

What does it mean to the Indigenous people - who in many cases - are treated as second class citizens in their own country.

Thousands of the Plains Native American Tribes  -  were treated with disdain. Then in the later fifties and sixties - siblings separated - a bother sent to Los Angeles - a sister to Oakland. 

Such atrocities cry to heaven for justice. 

This injustice of some " movement " has left deep scars - and when reunions are held and if you witnesses - the reunion of a sister with a brother - a brother with a sister - after years of searching for one another -  you must witness such reunions - and learn first hand - or soul searching - atrocities - we they say is a Nation of Laws.

For many decades thousands of Caucasians - from Italy, Sweden, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, England, Ireland - others - could come to the United States - until the present day Immigration rules were put in place.

The Immigration favor the Whites - and those - we call people of color - have to beg to come to the United States - jump through hurdles - treated with disdain.

Chief Sitting Bull

Friendship House East Bay

This land - once known as Turtle Island - embraced all - including those " White Strangers " that landed on the shores - half dead - they were given water and food - revived - only for those to bite the hand that fed them. Mayflower!

Today poor people - never mind the color of their skin - they move from place to place - much like the Bedouins - seeking opportunities. Finding ways to survive.

Today, the digital world has changed immigration and movement - if you have the ability to challenge the norms.

Using the computer and digital -platforms - you can control -  powerful super machines, power plants, hospital documents, large amount of mega-data - I can go deep - but let me not give the bad guys - ideas.

Immigration and Movement can be easily be fine-tuned and streamlined - more and more many farmers in Kenya do not have to move far off - they can get their salaries paid on their smart phones. 

Many who wanted to immigrate stay put.

It is the same in Mexico - factories pay good salaries - and thousands do not want to move to the United States and Canada.

Experts from China and other nations - have built railways - connecting many Nations - all over Africa - more East and South African nations.

More, where goods can travel by train - and other goods needed by the importer - brought to one's door.

With more money in one's pocket - one can travel by plane or train - not so much for work - but to take a nice vacation - families can now share in their wealth and broaden their mind. 

Humanity is humanity - and most human beings who are given opportunities and feel the connectivity of the genuine human spirit - rejoice in their heart being in the right place.

Many go to a better place - and spread waves of joy - blessing to the Universe.

In China millions move in seek of work - Shanghai has large cities built - thousands of units - complete with infrastructure - but no one lives there - only the filthy rich can afford to live in these brand new housing and shopping mall - complexes.

In Germany - the Germans learned a lot from World War I - and then it was World War II - America played a see role helping Germany.

The Germans worked hard - and took control of their destiny. 

I lived in Germany, Italy, other European Nations - so I know what I am talking about.

The movement and immigration on refugees from Syria, Iraq,  Afghanistan, Libya, East European nations, Nigeria other Nations - facing war, invasion, devastation from barrel bombs dropped on children and innocent civilians - have forced millions to move - some call it immigration - we can do deep into the matter - all we got to do it do our research.

France, Greece, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway - many other Nations - have done all they can do - and there is a God that sees it all. Along with the good - some bad apples cause adverse impacts - and those that have done so much - must persevere, have patience - there is always light - at the end of the tunnel.

Sisters and Brothers - I have seen it all - and visited all the countries I wanted to visit - to see things for myself. 

Paradoxically, here in the Bay Area when I meet most people - I can relate to what the homeland has to offer - and have often - interacted with Law Enforcement - to explain things and put things in perspective.

Mural depicting the Friars, the Soldiers,
the Ohlone - at the Presidio of San Francisco.

I represent the First People of San Francisco the Muwekma Ohlone - and so I have a special responsibility to share our well known hospitality but also speak Truth to Power.

Today we celebrate this day - World International Indigenous Day - 2018. 

The theme Immigration and Movement.

Each one of us must speak Truth to Power. 

The Great Spirit - sees it all - today and with every single day - the Sun rises and sets - we can use our goodwill - to bring justice to all - and see that fair play - prevails.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way. Aho.

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