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Thursday, October 11, 2018


Chief Joseph -
he took care of his people -
more those that could not defend themselves.

As much as all of us hope and pray - that the " homeless " situation will get better in San Francisco - the situation has become unbearable.

It is getting worse by the hour.

All over our neighborhoods - the " homeless " desperate and come to seek refuge. They have been moved from location to location - so now - they have chosen to invade and will the rest to fate.

The invasion has brought in needles, excreta, filth and Mayor London Breed is busy pussyfooting around - shopping for herself - making a few appearances with a broom in hand - photo opportunity. Every time she open her dirty mouth - she spews - diatribe.

All this in the land of the Ohlone. Three hundred years ago - this land we call San Francisco - and the adjoining lands - was pristine. Today it is a concrete - jungle.

The dark side -
dark money in the hands of political -
pimps and whores leading the charge -
Malia Cohen and London Breed.

Plans are afoot to remove large segments of the population - I made this prediction years ago - under Mayors Newsom, Edwin Mah Lee and now London Breed.

The bottom line for these three jerks - one dead - the remaining two like minded - fill in their campaign coffers to the brim.

No one can harm the poor, our Elders - those that need help most - and pretend to support any cause - their heart NOT in the right place.

Check this song - a singular rendition - to wake up - homeless should not become fashionable :[0]=68.ARB79ODOSM1f-Dr1g7JWz2WLqZPy8hR3swRgk8ZlfoCgiySC-HJYqZtX5sTs81nGpjyrtzfFgWzG-yRoyH4quIPnr3NMO7prQoagixqBzGBSb773h-AgBWpdvz4glirPtL0raYmP7ossz9IyltaJQI-j5uZPXtSo_bs85zkhyiqAo_u_2176rEs&__tn__=K-R

Over the last 10 years over $900 million has been spent - all we have to show are some - " navigation centers " - go take a look at the Navigation Centers - at the most each Navigation can accommodate 100 people.

We have over 12,000 homeless - all over San Francisco - the worst areas the Tenderloin, Embarcadero, Sixth Street, Bayview, Mission, other locations too many to mention.

Malia Cohen - President of the SF Board of Supervisors attending events -
spewing lies - she has no clue what she stand for -
lying is part of her DNA - she is NOT
about serving the people - more the homeless -
despicable to say the least.

At one time the SF Board of Supervisors received $38,000 a year and did a good job - today they receive over $150,000 with benefits and do a lousy job.

Malia Cohen, London Breed, others make millions from sordid " bequest money " - wheeling and dealing - and adversely impacting the lives of thousands. 

In recent months it is become a " mantra " that some like minded women - should take control of the SF Board of Supervisors. 

If we are going make blatant remarks - favoring one sex over the other - rather than being educated on issues.

We must be focused on stellar leadership - if we do not - then San Francisco is heading in the direction of a " cesspool " - a cesspool of their own making. Created by corrupt politicians - more corrupt women the likes of Malia Cohen, Catherine Stefani, Katy Tang and London Breed.

Native Americans in large measure suffer in the Bay Area and more in San Francisco. This has been going on for many decades.

Many of the Native Americans were removed from their Reservations - a brother sent to Los Angeles - a Sister to Oakland - few know about this - hence the issue of mental problems and alcoholic facing many Native Americans.

The few institutions - Native American institution are poorly funded - and San Francisco can do better - I have spoken before the SF Health Commission - and numerous times before the SF Board of Supervisors.

No one should beg on land that belongs to their ancestors - and has for thousands of years - over 15,000 years - all carbon dates artifacts and remains.

Actions count more than empty words - more hot air - that that is what Vallie Brown, Malia Cohn and London Breed are doing - winning brownie points - on the back of others.

Resolution and Proclamation at just that - an ordinance, laws and action - bring about change, find solution, and bring about actual - progress.

Indigenous people must be treated with respect - and given opportunities - more viable and sustainable. Where has all the progress been - all these many years - stuck in the mud.

Wisdom must prevail -
has was handed over generation to generation -
we must not permit - dubious entities -
to tarnish indigenous values -
always honor the Elders, the Elders are our back bone.

Politicians in San Francisco for decades have chosen to dishonor the California Tribes - we have witnessed this again and again - more when it comes to our Natural Resources.

Not once have Malia Cohen, London Breed, Vallie Brown spoken about the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir and the millions of gallons wasted - leaking pipes - and inherent problems with Mountain Tunnel and Calaveras Dam.

The rivers damed - other impediment put - in the way of the Salmon - waters the belong to the Miwoks, the Pomos, the Pieutes other tribes - have been taken for a ride.

Sacred Waters are brought all the way to San Francisco from Yosemite.

Today in San Francisco - these pristine waters - more fit to drink - are used in the millions of gallons - to flush our toilets. This is an insult to the Elders and to the Great Spirit.

Water is Life.

These steps lead to the dens -
where the wheeling and dealing takes place -
what is Sacred to the indigenous people -
is tarnished by those that do not believe -
in spirituality more fail to respect Mother Earth.

The City and County of San Francisco participated in many crimes - we must remember until 1927 one could scalp a Native American and fetch $5.

Thousands of children were sent to boarding schools - and deprived of their culture - forced to learn English - and punished if they spoke their Native languages. 

The City and County of San Francisco - participated in these crimes - all documented and available - in our SF Main Library on Grove Street.

Here is the Proclamation - that much has been made about :

The frivolous Proclamation fades in comparison to the crimes - and must be incorporated in any Proclamation - when honoring all  Indigenous People - all over this Nation.

Mention of the removal of the Pioneer Statue and some minor issues are noted - but there is more to justice and fair play.

We must not forget - not for a second - the thousands murdered and killed - more women and children. These atrocities are all documented. Murder, rape, killing innocent children - is not pretty - these crimes were committed when those on the other side could not defend - themselves.

I do not defend the living today - who have NO clue about history - more about empirical data. I defend the ancestors - because I know deep in my heart I must.

Those innocent cries - were heard loud and clear - they continue to  plead for justice and prompt adjudication - the Great Spirit sees it all.

Do not be fooled by - political whores and pimps - who will do nothing much.

They cannot do much - accept talk diatribe - hoodwink in broad daylight - only those can do some good - and that too only if their heart is in the right place.

We advocates at ground zero known better - have fought the good fight.

Only for some usurpers to invade the scene and join some groups of indigenous people - nonchalant - who have NOT being with us on the frontlines. Aho.


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