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Saturday, November 11, 2017


Conceptual plans such as what you see above -
built on land that is contaminated and prone to liquefaction
look good -  " a conceptual is like a dream 
you wake up and it can be your worst nightmare ".
We must NOT build homes on land that is contaminated -
more where " depleted Uranium was tested " in the 1950s.

The Bayview Hunters Point is the last frontier.

Much of the coastline - once was the Bay - for those that do not understand the word " BAY " - water - deep. The bay surrounds us on three sides - by my office - I just have to a little and spend some time by the BAY  -  the cool breeze and and the calmness of the blue waters.

San Francisco is surround by water on three sides - that provided us a favorable climate - and with the Ocean on one side - the warm waters - and the fog - offers us a climate - much desired by most - all over the world - mediterranean.

The estuary that was the abode of - all sorts of birds - more migratory birds from all over the world, frogs that kept doing what they do best - enrich the wetlands , the Bay rich with herring, abalone, and one of a kind marshlands - that cleaned the Bay - and contributed much - to Quality of Life issues.

Once you just had to go near the waters - and you found Abalone - all of it was fished - leaving nothing behind. Those few Abalone that survived - fell prey to the worst type of pollution mercury, lead, radio active elements and more.

Such are the actions of those that have " no spirituality " - who are " spiritually bankrupt " and more are the scum of the Earth- and call themselves human beings. Greed is their god.

A Muwekma Ohlone warrior -
the Ohlone thrived for over 13, 000 years -
now - the strangers in just 200 years - have
practically destroyed - all pristine land, water, and the air -
just are the deed of those - that do not - respect Mother Earth.

The strangers came - where once the Ohlone lived - and thrived. The strangers came and destroyed it all - and today congestion, pollution, contamination - the filthy ways of those that are not spiritual.

Those that do not respect Mother Earth -lie and will sell their mothers for a nickel - such scum bags make their abode on Ohlone Land - and think they are the masters of the times. 

Their time is coming - they will die a slow and miserable " death " - the Great Spirit sees it all.

In less than 200 years - the " strangers " - greed to this day - will grab any land - and build on the land - pollute, contaminated, do injustice to Mother Earth - while all the time - bragging - that they have reduced the Carbon Footprint. 

Such liars will never have it good - while on Earth they will reap the harvest  - of their many " evil and bad " - ways - here of Earth. Their spirits never resting in peace - turbulence and confusion will reign all the life here and beyond. This is your clarion call - not written in the books you worship - that are some concepts - that have no deep relation with Mother Earth.

Nationwide - all over the United States - Native warriors - more Chief - stood tall and represent their tribes - some like Chief Sitting Bull - united the Lakota, Dakota, and Natoka tribes - defeated those that had superior arms and ammunition - but lacked in " spirituality ".

Chief Siting Bull was very clear - on the treaties - signed by his tribe and the United States - the Treaty of Laramie in 1851 and the many versions of it - not one treaty was adhered to - such are the works of those that  - " speak with a forked tongue " - such are those that seek material wealth and think that is good for their being - when their should is tarnished with avarice, greed, and hate that know no bounds.

Some of us are so dumb - we think the Whites were here long before the Native Americans.

 So stupid and dumb - most do not pay attention to artifacts - and plain science - anthropology,  the works of leading archeologists, DNA, Sociology, and plain common sense - that reveal who preserved and protected this land - Turtle Island - for thousands of years.

Chief Sitting Bull - 
he united the tribes - formed the Lakota Nation.
Even as a young boy - I had found memories of 
Chief Sitting Bull - and when I stood and watched -
the beauty of the Black Hills - I saw it all - 
and knew in an instant - I stood on " hollowed ground ".

Even today - the misdeeds - the North Dakota Pipeline -
that will adversely impact the watershed -
is threatened by ' greedy corporation who are out to make money - at the expense of the Lakota Nation ".

The Great Chief Joseph - he was targeted -
for looking after his people and caring for his land -
the land of his ancestors - that was stolen.
Only the Whites zero in on land - and with avarice, 
greed, and materialistic madness - embrace and 
steal land - and with false pride say it is theirs -
in reality all that is land and what it contains -
belongs to all human beings - the ownership of that -
which is for all - claimed by some from the days 
of the Magna Carta - is a fake and false notion that has failed.

More and more the United States - is falling behind - on principles - with laying Hillary Clinton and egoistical maniac - Donald Trump - each failing to admit - they are both - idiots of the first order - " spiritually bankrupt ".

They all write books - Donna Brazille - when she handed the questions to Hillary Clinton - so that she would win favor, cheat and lie - questions linked to the debate - in the last General Elections. No one told Donna Brazille to commit this brazen act of cheating - she did - and had made her bed - she is not to trusted - more leading her life style - dubious in nature.

Now Donna Brazille - who has lied all her life - worked with the many elections campaigns  - on the many " election campaign slates " - saying one thing and doing - another - want to justify that she is fine - because she has written a book - that is full of lies and laden with guilt - one of a kind.

Hillary Clinton for all practical purposes - is finished - she and her lying, cheating husband Bill Clinton - who once occupied the White House - are anathema.

Some of us travelled from San Francisco to North Dakota - to see for ourselves - the plight of the Native Americans - more the Lakota Nation.

We went to support the Lakota Nation - in their faith against the North Dakota Pipeline and all the nefarious activities.

Fort Yates - a monument that honors -
Chief Sitting Bull.

Standing Rock - not far from 
the Sakowin Oceti camp -
where thousands gathered from all over the world.

We visited Standing Rock and we visited Fort Yates - we saw the rolling Black Hills - and most of all we met the tribes of the Lakota Nation.

Greed knows no bounds - and today Mother Earth is being contaminated, polluted, human beings living despicable lives - in tall towers, skyscrapers - high density living - the most despicable way of living.

Homo Sapiens - we human beings - were never, ever meant to live in isolation - in high density homes - each minding their own business - living side by side - and meeting their neighbors - after years of living side by side. 

We are social human  beings - who must be in touch with the Earth - and all the elements - as we were for thousands of years. Most indigenous - speak freely about Mother Earth - not so those that worship - greed.

Then someone brought some book - with fables and tales - and lies and more - to brain wash us human being.

 With thoughts and words - that speak of " fear " - and beings " condemned " - that is no god to respect - and I have studied Theology and more.

Most of these notions - can harm many - and those beholden to such notion and concepts - controlled by some one on the top - do more harm than good. That is putting is simply - and there is more for those that comprehend - and are educated on issues.

If you are a human being - and your heart is in the right place.  That is the highest distinction bestowed on you by the Great Spirit. You will NOT fear anyone - and what is more - your arrow will shoot - right at the target - empathy, compassion, and love for Mother Earth and those things and mattes - that elevate the spirit.

 If you are focused to do right - listen to your conscience - be sorry for doing wrong - because you are human - and do not bring up the past - those that do so - and doomed on this Earth. Move forward - and take people to a better place. The ignorant and arrogant - delve in the past - to open wounds - and act like the - " devil ".

 Be humble - be alert, watched out for those the speak with a forked tongue.  All the time respecting Mother Earth - and contributing to the Universe - you can assure yourself - your are on the right path.

In simplicity is true life -
skyscrapers defy Nature - and will come toppling down -
in San Francisco - we have the Millennium Tower -
sinking 18 inches and tiling North West over 12 inches.

The indigenous women - all over the world -
are the keepers of the light - empathy and compassion -
the Six Nations - led by stellar women - practiced democracy -
for thousands of year - some know about this " wisdom " -
but most pander - to the whims and fancy of the White World.

I have travelled the world and seen things for myself.

Today, we are in living in very " evil times " - it is a shame that so called leaders - " evil to the core " - not educated on issues - not adhering to " common sense " - are allowed to have a say. It was different in other times - when the crooks and the corrupt were singled out - and dealt with.

More those  - " spiritually bankrupt " - are adversely impacting the lives of millions - all over the world.

Here is the United States - we are really in the land of the Native Americans - known us " Turtle Island ".

It is a shame - that so many Native Americans - are incarcerated on so called " Reservations " and treated with disdain - while we proclaim - we are the land of the brave and free.

There is freedom and there is license.

Abuse of freedom is license.

As long as one single Native American - the First People of this land once know as " Turtle Island " - is harmed with intent - no one can say we are free - and treasure our freedom.

We have people in high place - authorities - that have no clue what I am saying - no one can harm anyone - more those that cannot defend themselves - and thinking for one nano second - they are doing " right " - when they are doing - wrong. 

San Francisco Police Chief - William Scott

I have met San Francisco Police Chief - William Scott - and I stated to him in person - the many issues linked to Quality of Life issues - fair play - community policing - and the right of the indigenous.

We do not want - White People - dictating terms - playing us - one agains the other - we do not need models - that do not totally suit the indigenous people.

The indigenous people - have fine tuned - spiritual values - anyone who is intelligent - can study the works of the indigenous people - their " core values " - supersede all the works of the Whites - they protected and preserved the goodness and honored Mother Earth.

Stop the killing in our neighborhoods - stop the lying and pretending to do something - while someone heart is not in the right place.

Stop killing our youth and young adults - and STOP listening to those that are NOT indigenous - they have NO place in this fight for the soul of the indigenous people - the core principles of the " indigenous people " - going back over 13, 000 years.

The core values that will save us is respect of one another - however - those that were civilized the earliest - are really far advanced - the ancient civilizations - reveal the truth - the Mayans, the Inca, the civilizations on the Indus River, the Babylonian Civilization, the Pyramids that no one can figure out even today - more complex building below than above.

The Vedas, the Upanishads, the ancient writings of the Egyptians. Stone carving that I have seen - with strange markings - human living on this Earth - who disappeared much as there will another happening sooner not later. 

The mathematical revelations of  the Incas and the Mayans, the signs left here and there - all over the world by the indigenous people. Indigenous people who respected Mother Earth.

The wisdom of Confucius  - many ancient documents - the most famous written in Sanskrit - and in other languages - still been studied - using algorithms and complicated equations - more will be revealed - during our life time.

In other lands - pictorial painting and carvings - destroyed by the White explorers - who colonized lands - and did more harm than good - keep haunting us.

In the final analysis - in the final arguments - some call the long discussion - an analysis of the paralysis - talking much and pondering little - silence reveals the truth - Respect for Mother Earth - if you do not do that - you are the scum of the Earth. Aho.