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Sunday, November 12, 2017


This diagram - reveals what is evident -
the source from where we get our clean drinking water -
a resource - stolen from the Native Americans -
on the way - other foul water is added - and closer
to home " contaminated " - ground water.

 In San Francisco when its comes to our  "Infrastructure " has failed miserably - more,  when it comes to our supposedly - very " clean drinking water ".  Time will tell.

Our aging and failing " electrical grid ".

Of course our sewer system - now being addressed with over $ 10  billion  - - all talk and less walk.

MUNI is a mess - and when the congestion of our roads are added to the equation - more, getting worse every day - it affects all manner of transportation - more adversely impacts millions.

Thousands of tons of dangerous particulates more 2.5 PM - kill our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, for sure our seniors - and Mayors Edwin M. Lee - is happy with his $400, 000 salary - screwing around and talking from both sides of his dirty - mouth.

For sure Public Transportation - the emergency services - ambulances caught - in the back to back traffic.

Installed traffic - while patients who need urgent help - get little in an emergency situation - and many arrive dead at the hospitals.

The old morgue served as an excuse before - when families had to wait for years for a report. Today - we have a brand new morgue - costing millions - but nothing much has changed.

The new Morgue - at 1 New Hall -  at Hunters Point -
has state of art equipment - costing millions -
a Bond Measure was passed - but no meaningful results -
linked to a long back lock and families waiting for autopsies  -
on their loved ones - years later. Forget - getting result from 
those deaths - linked to the indigent and poor.

The brand new morgue - under Doctor Michale Hunter is situated - in the Bayview by Hunters Point - exact address 1 Newhall Street - in the Bayview by Heron's Head Park - which is contaminated and use more by dog lovers.

The location of the morgue - built on land prone to liquefaction and flooding - costing $65 million of dollars - our tax payers money.

A bond measure was passed by the tax payers of San Francisco - a $400 million bond measure - named the Earthquake Safety Emergency Bond - imagine a Morgue - so called  " state of the art " - built on land prone to liquefaction and severe - flooding. 

Our SF Planning Department - our SF Department of Building Inspection - surely know what they are doing - putting an important building - in a location - which is " perilous " to say the least. Come on Dr. Michael Hunters - for all your talk - you fucked up - big time on this one.

Few in the Bayview Hunters Point - are aware of the new " morgue " and even few of their mortality - cut short by over 20 years - because of contamination, pollution and more radiological elements - registering at high levels.

Dr Michael Hunter himself and hopefully a qualified Toxicologist - could mediate on this fact - stop spewing diatribe and get to work - hundreds of families - have not received their  autopsies  - and more the poor and the indigent. 

If you want to really talk to me - please contact Barbara Garcia - I would like her to be present - while I describe to you - how fool hardly you are - and how stupid of you - for falling into the trap - putting such an important building - on land prone to severe  flooding - and very severe liquefaction. 

So close to Electric Magnetic Fields (EMFs) - a area where Depleted Uranium was tested - the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and more - I have the empirical data - for a food like you to check out - and can give it to you - if you want to see the true stuff - that I am talking about.

This Mayor - is a JOKER -
he has clue - the nonsense going on under his administration -
of course - " we are First Class City " -
are we? Really - this clown really ought to know.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee and pathetic SF Board of Supervisors - have NO clue what they are talking when it comes to our increase Carbon Footprint. Adversely impacting millions of innocent people - who happen to be - in the wrong place - and fall victim to the situation at hand.

The area from 4th and King to Geneva Street - all poor landfill - once the Bay - spews Methane Gas - over 900, 000 tons - one ton of Methane Gas  - equals twenty two tons of dangerous - Carbon Dioxide.

Add to that the many skyscrapers - using concrete and all sorts of building materials - spewing Carbon Dioxide an essential element in these material - and, we have - believe it or not - another 700, 000 tons of Carbon Dioxide - and that is a conservative factor

Note the areas that are prone to liquefaction.
Shame of those who with intent - put innocent people -
in harms way - building housing units, a morgue -
other public facilities - putting millions in harm way.
All this has been happening under Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

No one seems to care about the Precautionary Principle.

No one seems to care about our infants, children, youth and young adults, seniors and those with compromised - health.

Our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors, those with compromised health - the mentally challenged and the physically challenged - have their health compromised.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee and more of SF Board of Supervisors - who talk too much and address mundane topics - keep hoodwinking the public at large - these scumbags - all of them - must step down - and fade away.

Our clean drinking water leaves the Hetch Hetchy area - be it the Hetch Hetchy  reservoir - the rivers that lead to the dam -  but along the way  - inferior water is added.

Juliet Ellis - she is as " evil " as they come -
she has put our children in harms way -
she has been charged by the Fair Action Political Committee -
warned and fined - for lying, cheating - and failing in her 
duty to do right - and keeps doing wrong.

Closer to home the failing San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - has been adding " contaminated " - ground water.

 Often times - contaminated by elements like Asbestos, PCBs, Lead, Nitrogen at increased levels, pesticides, and a plethora  of other chemicals - too many to mention.

Our San Francisco Health Department - has failed us when it comes to our homeless - spending millions - having Hot Teams - that roam around with cars - and do very little to - eliminate homeless by find permanent solution.

Failing - to help and aid the poor - proving - the indigent - with a roof over their head - and what is more Rap Around Services - to better their health.

The City Department of the Environment - deals with issues where they seek fame - cutting ribbons here and there - showing off electric cars - and talking in vague terms about conservation of energy.

 Bleeding entities that do real time recycling - but begging for grants and money - and this nonsense has been going on - ever since Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. - a " thug " mayor - created the Department of the Environment - with Jared Blumenfield - as its first Director.

The preset Director - has no real experience - and I remember well when she first came on board - pushing - using poison to kill the rats - that make their abode - in our aging sewer system. 

When Dr. Espanola Jackson and I - informed her better - she kept quiet - and should not have opened - her dirty mouth in the first place. That was a long time ago - some 15 years plus.
Nothing much has changed since - accept - those belong to a certain life style - get promoted within the Department of Environment - that does not get its funding - from the General Fund.

Our clean drinking water - in the City and County of San Francisco - has many lead pipes - and more aging pipes - over 90 years old.

These pipes are corroded - and should have been replaced - but a whole 80% of our infrastructure in some way - impact the clean drinking water - when it pours from our taps - harming innocent children - at fountains - provided by the SF Public Utilities Commission - with Juliet Ellis wasting thousands of dollars - taking No precaution - what so ever.

More and more people are using " bottled water " it is much safer - and even more when we test - samples of drinking water - and find contamination.

Recently a report was released - our children - in the San Francisco Unified School District - have been exposed to chemicals and that includes lead - in their drinking water.

What has Juliet Ellis to day on this matter ? Nothing.

She is more concerned with slogans - " your number two is our number one " - such issues bode her well - corrupt to the core - she will drown - in the " cesspool " of her own creation.

She has blood on her hands - having exposed our innocent children to inferior water - while spending thousands of dollars - without collecting the empirical data. She needs to be fired.

Our Sewer System Improvement Project - has collected Billions of Dollars in Bond Money - and so far - we have NOT had a clear - time-line - worth the salt - with goals - on the matter - of our huge tanks - also know as digesters.

It is here  where the sewage is treated - creating the secondary effluents - also known as treated sewage - that finally lands into the Bay.

In recent years half treated sewage - have been pouring into the Bay - closer to Islais Creek - and the Regional Water Board - looking the other way. Time will tell.

Billions of dollars - have been set aside for the " Digesters  " - the large tanks  I mentioned above - at this late date - the proprietary design - Scandinavian in nature - is so expensive - it will cost more - to pay for the electricity - to operate the Digestors.

We the public have been kept in the dark - but as you know - someone like me has to tell the TRUTH - while those who are paid in access of $300, 000 a year - hoodwink the public at large. 

Behind the scene - Willie L. Brown Jr - a former Black  " thug "  Mayor of San Francisco. He has his finger - in every pie - and makes millions very single month - acting as a consulting - offering to give permit and financing venturers.

More - for a fee - this SHIT has been going on for years. Time to use the RICO act and send the crooks to jail - for a very long time.

Karen Kubick keeps trying to keep a straight face while giving her presentations - she Directs the Sewer System Improvement Project - whose stench is unbearable - literally and figuratively.

 So why do you not speak about the goals and timelines - and not once in the last 9 months has the community been informed - of the current status - linked the Digesters that now are touted to cost us tax payers - over $3 Billion dollars. How does this nonsense happen.

Sellouts are given grants and other benefits - to impress idiots who gather in places - and have NO clue what is happening - in the interim millions of dollars are wasted. 

Folks like Al William, Dwayne Jones, Veronica Hunnicutt,  Eloise Patton, Walton Shaman, Sophie Maxwell, others too many to mention - but crooks all the same - and entities like Girls 2000, Young Community Developers - who are NOT trust by the community at large.

Much like the Bayview Opera House has become a den of thieves - so has 1800 Oakdale - the San Francisco Public Utilities  Community Facility Commission Building.  

$2.6 Billion was once the price for the Digesters - now everyone is talking about $3 Billion - and before you know it - it will be $4 Billion.

We now learn - that is will cost - so much to operate the Digesters with the expanding use of  electricity we have now - that operating the Digesters - will be a liability. Go figure!

For the lay person - we require about 1100 MegaWatts - to run our SF electrical grid - in San Francisco - some coming from clean energy but not as much as we desire.

This diagram says some - but reveals nothing much -
empirical data - worth the salt.

The SF Public Utilities brags that the Hetch Hetchy system generates 400 Megawatts of electricity - but convoluted as they are - we know they sell electricity to Tulare and other counties - and we have no idea how much comes to San Francisco - using the Pacific Gas and Electric  - transmission lines.

Hetch Hetchy electric according to 1913 Raker Act - should have provided electricity to the SF City Municipal Facilities - to Public Housing and to the Department of Defense - it is all changed - and no one has asked for  a hearing on this fact.

The SFPUC purports that it generates 20 MegaWatts - more of clean energy - here again - we have No sound empirical data - just what Barbara Hale states - at the meetings - and I let her have her way - but no more.

We get about 960 MegaWatts from the transmission line coming to San Francisco - from the South - that stops at Geneva Street - more in Daly City - the Jefferson - Martin transmission line - that has been our main forte - when it comes to powering electricity to San Franicsco.

The Potrero Power Plant -
used for multiple purposes -
some land now sold for developing homes 
and may be a Park - never mind the land is very contaminated.

In addition we have a transmission line - that starts in Pittsburg and ends at the old Potrero Power Station - that sub-station - handles 400 MegaWatts - giving us sufficient to manage - our current needs. 

The many new skyscrapers who continue to get their electricity, their drinking water, their sewer - at normal rates - when we should demand more - in utility fees. We seem to foster permitting - the large developers - to abuse our system, compromise our infrastructure - and what is disgusting cause immense contamination and pollution - adverse impacting the health - of millions of innocent people - both our day time and night time population in San Francisco.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - the Commissioners that I have seen rubber stamp - decision - must be ashamed of themselves. 

We advocates are fed up to these ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - the corruption at the Commission Level has reached saturation point. 

Again and again when the " advocates " speak to the truth - the Commission will side with the " crooked and corrupt " - SF Public Utilities Commission - staff - many of them lack good judgment - and some - as I have said corrupt to the core - one of them Juliet Ellis for sure.

We brought to the fore - the facts about Mountain Tunnel - money wasted - when we could have done a better job - years ago. 

Jacobs the company did a poor job - took the money - thousands of dollars - and ran away - without fulfilling their obligations.

Jacobs failed in its assessment - not paying attention to the pertinent and salient features - the fissures - the many cracks - the close proximity to the Hetch Hetchy Reservior.

Impacting millions of Regional users and San Franciscans - and we take this matter lightly - shame on SF Public Utilities Commission - for thinking and act in such a callous manner.

The paradox is we still give Jacobs and crooks like AECOM -  projects - totaling millions - we do that to AECOM - who is connected to Richard Blum - who just happens to be the husband of Diane Feinstein - who just happens to be the aging - Senator of California - who must step down.

The aging Diane Feinstein -
who must step down - selling out our Nation.

 Since 1992  - the aged Diane Feinstein - has done injustice to our Nation - selling it out - and more to California.  

There is no decency left in San Francisco - and more at City Hall in San Francisco - for sure not in Room 200 - when the corrupt Mayor Edwin M. Lee - wheels and deals.

San Francisco has a $10 Billion dollars budget - a pension fund that is experiencing a  "melt down " - too many people  have been " double dipping " - the five year plans to control the budget are a joke - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee  took upon himself - pretending to freeze City Jobs - while giving over 1500 jobs - to his cronies - most like him - selfish to the core - greedy and what is important to note - who cannot and will not contribute to San Francisco and its decent citizens  - hard working who pay their taxes - only for the sellouts to profit - while our City goes down the drain - into the " cesspool " of the Mayour Edwin M. Lee and his panders - the likes to Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein - others  " evil " to the core.

Fuck them all - more when our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults - our seniors - those that have compromised health - other that truly need help our homeless are suffering. 

Those crooks make fat salaries - many over $275, 000 plus benefits - think nothing of those who are suffering. This and more must STOP.

Visit Transparent California for more detail information - on these scum of the Earth - Aho.