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Friday, August 24, 2018


In this serene photograph -
the great Warrior and Peace maker -
Joseph Taeotui ( Jungle ).

Arrangements are being made - according the Polynesian tradition - the required religious ceremonies, the traditional customs enacted - everyone gathering and celebrating Joseph Taeotui - with reverence - the three days - September 8, 9, 10 - details will follow.

In the interim the youth gathered on Kiska Road at Hunters Point in San Francisco - and held an impromptu vigil.

A great sign that our youth - can stand tall and represent - and what is more show the world that they care and what is important to note - love. Adults joined the youth and that is how we must all show our respect, love and unity.

Love transcends everything - actions speak louder than words.

I like to remember my good USO - loving human beings, loving nature, bringing peace - a man of few words - and a big heart - his love for those surrounding him - knew NO bounds.

Joseph Taeotui leaves a legacy - most important his wife Mollie and daughter Jodie - will be cared for - by all of us who have committed to do our best to do so.

This has been a rough ride - but also an awakening - to actions, good deeds, and most of all unity.

When we are united - there is no force - that can divide us.

Joseph Taeotui and Mollie his wife -
two great individuals with a big heart -
we who love you - support you - one hundred percent -
we are with you Mollie all the way.

I know big Shaun - Mollie's brother - I know Joseph Taeotui - I know their families.

I know Joseph better as " Jungle " - the Polynesian community is dear to me - and more the love they have shared with me and others - all these many years.

This incident shocked me - but it will not deter me - to keep the memories and more the legacy of Joseph Taeotui alive.

We are here on this Earth - for a short time - and during this journey - we must leave a legacy.

Stand for good and take people to a better place. 

That is what Jungle did - he was a Warrior and a Peace Maker - foremost.

We write so that we can slowly read - we write to remember those who stood tall and represented - the best we have to offer. 

God bless us all - good women and men of Faith and most importantly HOPE.

Joseph Taeotui and his infant child Jodie -
Jodie is a young child that can walk now -
we know that this loss -  is something that cannot be 
explained to Jodie - a beautiful child -
all the more - those addressing our safety and protection -
should think deep - commit themselves to keep us all safe.

One week before the fatal incident - I had a long talk with Joseph Taeotui ( Jungle ) - all Jungle spoke was about his daughter - his baby - we must protect our children and those that cannot defend themselves.

We must have our heart in the right place to take others and of course ourselves in " humility " to a better - place. We must be united - and defend those that cannot defend themselves - do what is right at all times.

We must understand that violence and its adverse impacts do not only impact the family, loved ones, supporters - the adults, but most importantly our infants, children, youth, young adults, those that are older - our Elders - the more sensitive.

Violence begets violence - that is why we must be slow to violence - pause and think hard - before we dare to take the life of anyone. Life is precious - and no human beings should die at the hand of a coward or cowards - who ambush and kill - assassin. 

God will bring this injustice in due season - in the interim we must keep the peace.

Every life is precious and so I say to those that can bring about peace - step up and act with respect -  I say for those that have hate in their heart - be slow to act with hate - violence begets violence.

The world is watching us - and so far  our actions speak for themselves - foremost we must respect Joseph Taeotui and the legacy he has left. We must honor his wife Mollie and his daughter Jodie, his immediate family - all those children, women, men and Elders - of good Faith and Hope.

Let us keep the peace and all that peace stands for. The world is watching us.

Even as we prepare to give Joseph Taeotui (Jungle) our  deep respect, honor his legacy, and bid adieu to his remains - with reverence - starting on September 8 and ending September 10, 2018.

To all my Polynesian friends - I say - you all have displayed the best human beings can display - in the given circumstances. God will bless you - and those that are decent and love humanity - will honor you for your sound intentions and good works.

Polynesians world wide - are being informed - and they are following these events.

I get hundreds of emails - I consult Twit and Shaun - on many matters - my main goal is to keep those concerned informed - follow protocol.

Please keep the unity - and keep those who are bent on dividing us - keep us at bay - we know better - unity and love are paramount to us all.


We are all in this together - praying, loving, and most of all respecting one another - all human beings - we all are here  for a shot time - our sojourn on this Earth. Talofa.

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