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Thursday, July 5, 2018


Malia Cohen does not seem to comprehend - that wheeling and dealing - will get her no where.  Not now and not when she assumes that vacant seat - State of California Board of Equalization.

More "nepotism" of the highest order - the Bayview Opera House - is one such blatant case - corruption has reached - saturation point.

This blatant nonsense -  has perturbed - thousands in the Bayview Hunters Point Area.

For the last 11 months after getting a verdict 9-0 in our favor at the Sunshine Task Force - the District Attorney George Gascon - sent a letter to the Directors of the Bayview Opera House.

The letter reminded the Directors of the SF Bayview Opera House  - of the blatant discrimination - meted out to the residents - of the Bayview Hunters Point area - by the Bayview Opera House Director - Barbara Ockel - tolerated and endorsed by the Directors mostly outsiders be they House Negros - who think they can add fuel to fire.

You all are all put on Notice.

There is a $1000 reward - if any witness comes 
forward that witnessed the destruction of  -
the adjudication - leading to a determined - conviction.
A sign - bearing the name Ruth Williams Memorial
 Bayview Opera House - 
that Barbara Ockel ordered to be demolished -
after she says was damaged by a car that ran the curb -
and somehow hit the sign - some five feet high -
the Arts Commission which own the Bayview Opera House -
did not permit anyone to destroy the sign -
that was displayed at the Third Street side of the 
Bayview Opera House. 
All this happened on Mother's Day.

The sign before - slightly damaged.

The destruction and removal of the sign -
destroyed on Mother's  Day.

A sign bearing the name of Ruth Williams - was destroyed. 

Supposedly a car jumped the curb and hit the sign - some five feet high - and there has been NO police report.

This one incident has the SF Police Department confused - the same SF Bayview Police Station - that honored Barbara Ockel - with a commendation - honoring her as Citizen of the Month.

protest was  held a few weeks after the sign was brought down - by the Bayview Opera House - in the afternoon.

Barbara Ockel confronted the protestors - and started video taping the protestors.

When the protestors approached her - Barbara Ockel called the SF Bayview Police Station - stating some " terrorists " had invaded the SF Bayview Opera House.

The SF Bayview Police were dispatched - and when a flyer was shown to the Officer in Charge - the protest proceeded peacefully to the chagrin of  Barbara Ockel - a White woman from Germany - who acts like a Neo-Nazi.

The corrupt and crooked -
Malia Cohen - District 10 Supervisor -
who is NOT respected by the people of Bayview Hunters Point.

We now know that Malia Cohen backs Barbara Ockel - Malia Cohen is well aware of the singular and pertinent document - linked to the over $3 million - that cannot be accounted for - by Barbara Ockel.

Barbara Ockel - who is the current of the Director of the SF Bayview Opera House.

We are also fully aware that Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisor - has full knowledge and participated in  hiring of two relatives - her aunt and her sister - both worked for Barbara Ockel - who calls Blacks - " animals and goons ".

The first person Barbara Ockel called - after the protest that was held at the SF Bayview Opera House - to come to her rescue was Malia Cohen.

The time has come for Malia Cohen to investigate - why the entire Board linked to the SF Bayview Opera House - has termed  out. 

Why there is NO movement to replace these SF Bayview Opera House - Directors to date.

Malia Cohen has full knowledge of the corruption and more participated in the ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - going on at the SF Bayview Opera House.

The SF Bayview Opera House -  amended the status of its Non-Profit Status - to that of 12 L - which mandates noticing Public Meetings - which the SF Bayview Opera House has not done.

Anything above $250,000 is taxed by the Internal Revenue Service and the Franchise Board - the SF Bayview Opera House has NOT paid their taxes - for years.

A recent audit done by the SF Controller's Office - clearly points to mandated changes that were put in writing - that the Director Barbara Ockel - and the Directors of the SF Bayview Opera House - failed to adhere.

This audit should be posted on the SF Bayview Opera House website - it fact the SF Bayview Opera House has taken a position they can do anything they want - this arrogant manner of doing the people's business - must stop in its tracks.

This conceptual plan was agreed to -
more green and aesthetically blending -
with the history building.

This green patch favors what we 
planned and had in mind.

This ugly rock garden was never, ever envisioned 
dogs and cats use it as their latarnine -
the stench unbreakable as you enter the 
SF Bayview Opera House - 
over $3 million is missing - and no one seems to care.

The original plans to rehabilitate the SF Bayview Opera House have NOT been implemented - the Rock Garden was never contemplated.

The " lead abatement " was done recently - thousands of innocent people exposed to an environment - that adversely impacted their health - in the interim.

The SF Bayview Opera House is a  "Land Marked " historic building that comes under the Department of Interior mandates -  the many rules and regulations - linked to  Historic Buildings. 

The SF Bayview Opera House has received the money - but failed to maintain accountability and transparency  - for over 15 years.

To top it all - the SF Bayview Opera House has been used for Economic Development - Malia Cohen has had several meetings and events and NOT paid rent. 

Malia Cohen uses the SF Bayview Opera House like a bordello. Often ascending to the high floor - where only a few can go - and then looking down - on those gather in the main meeting room - much like some ugly, bloated - madam.

Others too - those cozy to Barbara Ockel - have held events - and not paid rent. All these accounts must be produce to us - who have requested it under the Freedom of Information Act - but these pertinent documents are NOT forthcoming.

Most egregious the PIMPS had an event - contrary to wishes of any decent citizen.

 Barbara Ockel - knew about this - and permitted this event to be held - something Ruth Williams would not have permitted.

Barbara Ockel favors nefarious individuals - holding sleazy events - while charging Blacks from the Community - who want to honor their relatives - anywhere from $4000 to $6000 per event. On top of that demanding Liability Insurance - in the millions of dollars. All this nonsense must STOP - now.

Within a month - there will be a change - but first the IRS will visit Barbara Ockel - and may be those that aid and abet Barbara Ockel's actions.

Imagine some Black being the Director of a White organization in the Pacific Heights area - and behaving like Barbara Ockel - a despicable woman - who is a disgrace to the human race.

Malia Cohen is pathetic - she does not feel ashamed that there is NOT a single well managed - Homeless Shelter - for the thousands that are homeless in the Bayview Hunters Point Area.

I have seen Malia Cohen act pompous as the Chair of the Budget Committee.

We now have a $11 Billion dollar budget - that is the City and County of San Francisco - less than 3% of this large budget - is set aside for the homeless and the indigent.

Millions are spent on crooks - and those fighting for the community - are treated with disdain. Not for long - get ready and be prepared to go to jail - your time has arrived - crooks mostly Black of highest - order.

We have crooks and the corrupt forming the Legacy Foundation, some Equity Committees, another Community Benefit District.

 The same crooks - Blacks - failing to pay attention to the changing demographics.

Failing to pay attention to diversity.

Mostly Black crooks  - using Community Benefits money - from the SF Public Utilities Commission - to dole out money to those they deem to favor and pander to. Time will tell.

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