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Saturday, July 7, 2018


This is Malia Cohen - when she first started
running for District 10 in San Francisco.
Looking plain and simple - and pandering to the 
entire world - she was planted in the Bayview.

This is Malia Cohen today -
wheeling and dealing and selling out the community -
one of the most despicable political whores -
ever to dare to represent the constituents of District 10.

In the Bayview Hunters Point we have mostly Blacks -taking orders from Black politicians - who take their order from very corrupt WHITES - the likes of Malia Cohen - selling out the community.

Malia Cohen has never, ever been in the trenches - working for the community.

Malia Cohen is a transplant - that came to the Bayview Hunters Point to destroy the community.

We have a person - Barbara Ockel - who is the Director of the Bayview Opera House - and this woman a White woman - keeps discriminating - calling Blacks - animals and goons. 

The District Attorney George Gascon has called her out - and the SF Sunshine has charged her - and mandated her to disclose over $3 million from a possible $5.6. 

To date NO - disclosure.

This ugly Rock Garden - was never planned -
but here it is - and money meant for the original 
plan and more green - wasted. Malia Cohen has sheltered
those involved in spending the money - and may be
has dipped in the pot - according to reliable sources.
The SF Controller's Office is looking into the ploys -
linked to $5.6 million.

This was the original concept plan -
do you see the difference between the shitty Rock Garden
and the original plan -
so where did the $3 million plus - vanish.

Malia Cohen has her aunt working with Barbara Ockel - at the SF Bayview Opera House - her sister too.

If this is not blatant nepotism - what else do we want to happen. Malia Cohen is as corrupt as they come - hoodwinking the Bayview Hunters Point constituents - broad daylight. Work with those who are NOT straight - favoring those that are outsiders - with strange life style issues - demeaning morals, ethics, standards - destroying our community.

As the current Chair of the Budget - Malia Cohen will play a role in the distribution of $1 million - given to each of the 11 Districts.

Malia Cohen already has plans to dole out a higher percentage to the Bayview Opera House - for a brand new floor, removal of the chandeliers, a brand new Green Room - lighting fixtures, and technical training.

Money was allocated - before, for all of the above and more - so where has the money disappeared ? 

More - under the watchful eye of Malia Cohen - who is a political whore.

The Bayview Hunters Point does not have a single facility to care for the homeless - with decent beds and lockers - for all the talk that Malia Cohen is known for - she continues to have utter disdain for the poor. 

Look well at the first photographs above - when the political whore came to the Bayview Hunters Point - and look at her now.

For some strange reason - under the leadership of Malia Cohen - crime has risen in the Bayview Hunters Point area - so has gentrification.

Malia Cohen wasted $70,000 on a project " I am Bayview " - that portrays some funny looking people.

A project were " life styles " - and strange folks that have invaded our community - buying property and running business - with ample tax payers money - are highlighted - at the bus stops that stink of urination and strange smells.

When was the last time Malia Cohen called upon Ed Reskin to clean up the bus stops - most stinking  to high heaven - many damaged - and still many - do not have pertinent things in operations - more the time stating - when the train and bus arrives.

By the Arleta bus station - millions were spent - weeds have over grown the small plaza - for years - I bet you Malia Cohen has seen the nonsense - and done nothing about it.

The Bayview Opera House - for all practical purposes is a den of thieves - the Board of Director linked to the SF Bayview Opera House - have most of their terms expired.

 Yet, the Board members continue to wheel and deal - meet for free holding dubious meetings - for other purpose besides linked to the SF Bayview Opera House.

The crooks receive -  money from dubious sources - to buy  real estate and more. What is happening?

Dwayne Jones - doles out Community Benefits -
to entities that are nefarious -
the many on his pay roll - will be exposed soon -
we are just waiting for some focused - adjudication.

Millions of dollar - flowing -
down the Third Street Corridor -
who is fencing  the millions -
we want to know ?- While our infants, children, 
youth, young adults, seniors, those with compromised 
health - more the mentally and physically challenged suffer.
What up Bayview Hunters Point - STOP this SHIT.

The vermin need to be locked up -
for a long, long, time - to ponder on the 
damage they have done to the community at large.

The decent people of Bayview Hunters Point will NOT tolerate folks like Dwayne Jones - openly defying norms - through his company RDJ Enterprises - doling out -  tax payers money - to his cronies and minions - all, corrupt to the core. 

Juliet Ellis - has destroyed our community -
doling our tax payers money -
to entities that do not do justice to the 
Bayview Hunters Point Community -
we have never, ever seen these roaches - in the trenches -
we fought for the Community Benefits - and these vermin -
waste million of dollars - mostly - outsiders.

Juliet Ellis has been fined - she has bee reprimanded - she still continues to destroy our community - doling out our Community Benefits - read on :

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