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Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr, Gavin Newsom,
and Edwin Ma Lee - 
one worse than the other.

Talk is cheap - our great City and County of San Francisco - started the spiraling of Quality of Life issues - starting first with Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., - followed by Gavin Newsom, 
then Edwin Mah Lee - now imitated by the recent Jackasses.

We all remember how Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. promised us in the first 100 days - he would fix the problems - with MUNI - he did not. He promised other things - and did not keep his promise.

Willie L. Brown Jr. hired over 2000 City Employees - his lackeys - most of them as Administrative Assistants - many of them holding key positions - in fact Naomi Kelly and now London Breed - were some of the many - who rose up - using this sordid ploy.

Willie L. Brown Jr. did help fix City Hall - and that is perhaps his only stellar - accomplishment.

Then came the Metro-sexual Gavin Newsom - who helped the Academy of Arts - gobble up buildings - with rent control units - and covert them to dormitories - all over the City and County of San Francisco.

 Over 30,000 rental units - all under rent control - went under - we lost them and suffer to this day.

The skyline changed forever -
San Franciso has lost its identity -
on the streets congestion, the increase of the 
Carbon Footprint - and pollution and contamination -
galore - the idiots who are responsible - keep lying.

When Edwin Mah Lee came on the scene - he just followed the two Mayors before him - wheeling and dealing - and allowing all those permits in the pipe-line - giving a green light - to build recklessly - skyscrapers - changing the skyline of San Francisco - forever.

The Crooked Mark Farrell -
he was the Interim Mayor -
played hell with the homeless  - showing no
compassion - less empathy - he will get his reward 
here on Earth - and should remember my words.

Mark Farrell made more money - working as a consultant - raking in million in edge-fund investments - at the same time pretending to be the Supervisor of the Marina District in San Francisco.

He plotted with the others - knocked out London Breed who was the interim - for a brief second - and ruled the roast - targeting those that could not defend themselves - he should be ashamed - having been educated by the Jesuits in San Francisco.

Towards the end - he put in place modalities - to help those that will bring down - London Breed in the short two years - she will be Mayor. Time will tell.

There is nothing decent - about London Breed -
she is a political whore - selfish to the core -
she talks a good talk - but fails to walk the walk.

Here is one fact  - she needs to verify - when one so called affordable unit is built - there are 80 people waiting in line - to get into that one unit - not 8 as she opens her mouth wide - and declare - that she will do something.

Once it cost about $650 per square foot to build any decent, that went up to $1200 - now nearing $1800 per square foot.

With the increase in steel, all building materials, electrical and plumbing - no one wants to build - new, sound buildings will be sparse - because building them will be cost prohibitive to build.

London is a political whore - there a number of cases pending against her - she has a track record of taking bribes, lying, and what is more being very selfish. 

As I have said - many times before -  much like Malia Cohen  - London Breed is a professional political whore.

Some Blacks feel that London Breed will do some good - much like the House Negro Barack Hussein Obama - in both cases they pander to the crooks and the corrupt - while pretending that they were doing something. 

Once a sell out always a sell out.

For starters all those making in access of $350,000 - our tax payers money should take a cut - the SF Police Chief and the Mayor making in access of $380,000 plus benefits - all tax payers money.

The City Administrator, the General Manager of the SF Public Utilities Commission - other too many to mention - making in access of $250,000 and not worth the salt. Again all tax payers money.

San Francisco belongs to the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone.

We just cannot think that by calling ourselves Natives - we are Natives - truly speaking the only Natives are the Ohlone.

It is amazing how this City and County of San Francisco - has disowned the Muwekma Ohlone - on many fronts. Time will tell. I will never, ever sell out to political whores - I can get deep into the issue - but will STOP - here.

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