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Thursday, July 12, 2018


Hetch Hetchy

Hetch Hetchy

I remember well - when Barbara Hale first came over to work for the SF Public Utilities Commission - she was working for the California Public Utilities Commission - pushing paper.

Hired by Susan Leal - who ended being fired - from SF Public Utilities Commission - by none other then Gavin Newsom - after using her - like a dirty rag.

Today Barbara Hale is a panderer - just making noise - and wasting millions of dollars. Her salary over $250,000 and she fails to represent us the tax payers - while we continue to pay her salary.

Barbara Hale -
a consumate liar - always mudding the waters -
creating trouble - when there should be none.

I remember well how Barbara Hale and Susan Leal were pushing to place 3 Combustion Turbines - near the present Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) - Maintenance Central Shop - and we the advocates had to fight against - placing these 3 Combustion Turbines - using Fossil Fuel.
We shot the plan down.

Richard Sklar -
former Ambassador to Bosnia -
SF Public Utilities Commissioner.
He passed away some years ago -
we still hold him dear to our heart.

We advocates won - shot down the plan to place 3 Combustion Turbines - thanks to Richard Sklar who understood where we few advocates came from - and convinced the other SF Public Utilities Commissioners - right from wrong.

Barbara Hale has now risen to the position - of Assistant General Manager and keeps wheeling and dealing with so called Clean Energy issues - a far cry from the days - when she wanted to contribute to the Carbon Footprint -
placing 3 Combustion Turbines - in our community -
fueled by fossil fuels - increasing the Carbon Footprint.

Today Barbara Hale's gripe is Pacific  Gas and Electric - the installation of Primary Electrical connections - linked to higher consumption of electricity - more linked to whole sale prices - rules and regulation that are laid down by PG&E - after detail mitigation with the Federal Energy and Regulatory Commission - in place since 2017.

Secondary Electrical connections - for lower consumption of electricity - both connections available - when at the time of an application - the specific demand is asked for - all things being equal.

The problem with SF Public Utilities Commission, the SF Recreation and Park, other SF City entities - fail to comprehend the rules and regulation pertaining to whole sale energy prices, the role of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) - PG&E and its relations with those entities that procure energy from PG&E - following the Rules and Regulation.

Here is one simple document that can clear some of the many misunderstandings - for those that want to comprehend the issue at hand :

Harlan Kelly - the General Manager -
who makes over $375,000 with benefits -
has failed to deliver a standard -
when it comes to sewer, electricity, clean water -
the many other sources of incomes from the
SF Public Utilities Commission
 which is an Enterprise Department.

Pacific Gas and Electricity (PG&E) has been taken to court - hundreds of times - and 98% of the time lost their cases.

The problem with SFPUC is they think they know too much, mostly ignorant and for sure arrogant.

While Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) was established in 1920 and updated its protocols in 1977 - FERC lays the rules and regulation - not PG&E.

I could see the disconnect at the recent meeting held and chaired Supervisor Hillary Ronnen ( who made a fool of herself not comprehending the real issues at hand ).

The issue with the MTA toilet - was more where the meter had to be placed - which was some distance away from the the PG&E lines.

Some lines closer to the MTA toilet belonged to SFPUC and this matter - was really a non-issue - if SFPUC and MTA had a check list - much like I had one - when I worked for the Presidio of San Francisco.

The issues with the Balboa Swimming Pool and the issues with Recreation and Park are the same - the initial application was NOT vetted.

There should be a Clearing House - where experts review the application - and then only after one or two signatures from people who know about the subject - the Supervisors, Director, Managers, or Superintendents -  send it to PG&E.

When it comes to permits - some simple permits to open an restaurant - can take years -and our SF Board of Supervisors - must hold a hearing about this on going utter - nonsense.

SFPUC and more those in charge today have failed San Franciscans - more those who live in PUBLIC HOUSING.

The SFPUC was formed in 1996 by Willie L. Brown Jr. a thug Mayor - who worked with PG&E meter all Public Housing - and charged those poor and most needing help for the electricity and gas.

Willie L. Brown Jr. is a consultant to PG&E to this day - raking in millions .

In like manner those living in Public Housing - were charged for clean drinking water and sewer. They received these service for free and in many cases subsidized.

The Raker Act on 1913 - created the Hetchy Hetchy Reservoir or  Dam.

The Hetch Hetchy Valley - one of the most beautiful valleys some 160 miles away from San Francisco - was flooded so that San Franciscans could have clean drinking water. 

The water and land belongs to this day to the Native Americans - and was stolen.

The Raker Act mandated subsidized electricity and water - to the Army (Department of Defense ), the Municipalities, Public Housing.

When SF Public Utilities Commission talks about the Electricity generated from the Hetch Hetchy operations - they fail to spell out - their performance - with is pathetic.

Not once is an explanation given why Public Housing use to get their electricity for free - but now has to pay for it.

It is the same for gas and sewer services.

SFPUC leeches on the poor and indigent and makes them pay - and has since 1996 - and today continues to take a position that they can bluff and hoodwink the public is bright daylight.

The Raker Act - please read it - and note the shenanigans linked to the power lines that did not make it to San Francisco - stalled some 30 miles away - Newark :,_Part_II:_PG%26E_and_the_Raker_Act

Nothing good comes from SF Public Utilities Commission.

PG&E came into existence - because the high power electrical lines - could not be completed - some 30 miles away and stalled at Newark - on the Southern boundary of San Francisco.

To complete the line and bring electricity Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) was formed - and its investors were the filthy rich - most of them living in Pacific Heights - who I call the Pacific Heights - Mafia.

As I stated before - the land was stolen - the beautiful Hetch Hetchy Valley flooded - John Muir fought the plan - he died - despondent.

When PG&E decided to complete the high power lines and brought electricity of San Francisco - the National Park Service filed a suit - but the SF Congressmen were so powerful they won in court - under the pretext that this was just a temporary measure.

Today SFPUC is as corrupt as those days - today millions of dollars are wasted by SFPUC - one has just to investigate Mountain Tunnel and the millions wasted on this project, the Calaveras Dam and millions wasted, Irvington Tunnel and millions wasted.

The SFPUC and before that the SF Water Department could have completed the Transmission Lines - brought power to San Francisco - and had complete control - over the lines that own - and which FERC could have endorsed - if they had the High Power Lines in place and had full ownership. Today in the year 2018 - for all their talk they do not have that in place.

Today the Transmission Lines - the important Transmission line know as the Jefferson - Martin Transmission Line belongs to Pacific Gas and Electric - Hillary Ronnen and many of the SF Board of Supervisor have NO clue what I have stated above.

Our past Mayors be it Willie L. Brown Jr. who is a firm consultant of PG&E - controls SFPUC - and what Willie tells Harlan Kelly who has a special contract and makes over $375,000 - Harlan Kelly will tow the line.

We the tax payers suffer - when we pay more - those in Public Housing who do not understand their rights - pay for something - that they should not - their energy consumption, their gas, their clean water and sewer rates - must be subsidized - mandated by law - and incorporated in the Raker Act of 1913.

Hillary Ronnen is a transplant from Los Angeles - and she may mean well -  by pontificating - for ulterior motives - but she does not fully comprehend - FERC and all its convoluted rules and regulations.

When I worked for the Presidio of San Francisco - we did not have meters for the individual homes - thousands of them - no individual meters for our large buildings and facilities - we had some meters - at some key hubs - and paid one singular bill to PG&E. 

One singular bill that had to be negotiated every year - the bill in the millions of dollars. I attended these meetings and  know how these things work.

I worked on the many sub-stations that we had to install - the many smart meters - to gather the information - in today's digital world - we can in real time.

The SFPUC is primitive - they want others to do the heavy lifting - they use the Transmission Lines - from PG&E.

Agree to use the high powered transmission lines - then order PG&E around - without providing the right information

They cannot even fill out the application - because they are NOT educated on issues. I have dealing - with them all the time - pathetic.

Expect Pacific Gas and Electric to learn about their inner most thoughts - by osmosis. 

These jokers who work for SFPUC who are inept - should get a brain transplant.

Right now they are doling Community Benefits to the many crooks on their pay roll.  Shame on SFPUC.

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