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Friday, July 6, 2018


As I mentioned weeks ago - it will take months if not years to track many infants, children, youth, young adults - that have been sent - to many homes.

The many homes all over this Nation - that are out-sourced to hold infants, children, youth, and young adults - most seem asylum and treated with disdain.

The Health and Human Services is fully responsible for this mess. Further repercussion from the Border Patrol and Immigration and Custom Enforcement ( ICE ).

Many of these homes - were the immigrants are sent to - are here in the Bay Area - and when some Congresspersons want to visit the homes to see things for themselves - they are denied entry.

The out-sourced vendors making excuses that the victims - must be left alone -to heal and better deal with their ordeal.
When all the time - the victim are preyed upon - and denied their human rights - laid down by the United Nations and our Constitution that is NOT  upheld.

Shame on the current White House - but there is more ......

We are just beginning to understand - how the Secretary for Health and Human Services - is throwing numbers our there - much like arrows shot in the air - falling all over the place - trying to tell us something - and making a fool of themselves.
Much like the prison system - that is privatized - we now see how these homes that harbor the infants, children, youth, young adults - have been kept in isolation - in many cases the operators lack cultural competency and exhibit " implicit bias " - for the worse - far higher then the ordinary population - who lack cultural competency - mostly biased Whites.

Donald Trump is an egoistical maniac -
you mention his name - and people laugh -
Donald Trump is the laughing stock - know the world over.

Again and again Donald Trump has encouraged those in charge of our Southern Border - to deal severely with those seeking asylum.

Many of those fleeing - come from countries - where the United States - created a mess - we remember the Banana Republics and who was behind the ploys, machination, and shenanigans. 

Some of those countries El Salvador, Guatemala, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela  - may I say more. Such actions led by the CIA are well known - and Donald Trump is old enough - to have profited from some of these actions.

Health and Human Services have failed - not only with this sordid Republican Administration but when the Democrats were in power.

The Democrats who are quick to point fingers  -  failed to deal with sound Immigration Laws - when they were in power - and kicked the can down the street.

The House Negro - Barack Hussein Obama - who continuous to visit California to fill the campaign coffers of the Democratic Party - was instrumental - sending millions of immigrants back into Mexico - most of these immigrants - seeking asylum. 

Cartels were awaiting - salivating - to prey on young girls, boys, women - and more.

The cries of these victim - cry to heaven for justice - and the Democrats be they Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, the others one worse than the other - are now totally blaming the Republicans - but they too - the Democrats - have BLOOD on their hands. Let it be known.

We visited North Dakota -
where over 20,000 gather from around the world -
in a show of unity, fortitude and tenacity -
protesting North Dakota Pipeline

This is Turtle Island -
now has a fake name United States of America -
there is nothing suggesting UNITY - as mentioned in the name -
the land was stolen , the women raped - 
other atrocities committed too many to name.

Here in San Francisco we have politicians - more political pimps and whores - using and pandering with tax payers money - to pay their minions.

 We have unearthed documents - provided the empirical data - and soon the world will hear - about those that show a different facade in daily life - while their inner being has been sold to the devil.

Edwin Mah Lee -
corrupt to the core - his minions follow his example -
in this land of the Ohlone
He set the tone - and laid the foundation -
for all the wheeling and dealing -
he has left us - but not the stench that he created -
it still stinks to high heaven.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
San Franciso is Ohlone Land -
every square inch stolen - by thieves -
they do not have one single document 
where the Ohlone - authorized them to have the land.

In Room 200 today the wheeling and dealing goes on - the current Budget Process -was a joke - we have a Budget of over $11 billion and less than 3% of that budget has been appropriated for the Homeless.

A full one third of San Francisco's population are Seniors - most of them dying a slow death. We have a population of 830,000 - no one is really paying attention to the Seniors citizens - less the mentally and physically challenged.

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