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Sunday, July 8, 2018


Nancy Polosi for the longest time - she has received money - from those abating SF Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - to fill her campaign coffers - failing the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard community. This nonsense has been going on for over 20 years.

Congressperson Nancy Pelosi

Senator Diane Feinstein

It is the same with Diane Feinstein -
her husband Richard Blum - 
milking the community while making general statements -
about Hunters Point Naval Shipyard -
the House Negros pandering to these political whores.
Joining them London Breed and Malia Cohen. 
It is all about money - but at whose expense.

It is very difficult to imagine - mostly Blacks who want " free money " - more tax payers' money - set aside as Community Benefits - hoodwinking the community at large in broad daylight. This nonsense has been going on for decades.

Whites play the Blacks who are the most vulnerable - you never seen the other segment of the population - defend nefarious activities - like the sell out Blacks - the few who get bread crumbs - and purport to represent the community at large  - these folks will burn in hell - here on Earth.

London Breed for all her talk -
has taken the money from Lennar and other entities -
and looked the other way - she has done it many times -
so there is no way she is NOT putting out her hand for 
more tainted money. She talks a good talk -
but has failed to walk the walk. Time will tell.

Malia Cohen is a panderer -
she is NOT respected in the Bayview Hunters Point -
we have thousands of homeless - we do not have
one single sound shelters with beds and lockers -
for our seniors, those compromised with health problems -
families that are forced to sleep on the streets.
What is wrong with this picture ?

Leading that charge London Breed and Malia Cohen - who meet behind the doors - with like minded crooks mostly Blacks - all with a hidden agenda.

They have SOLD their SOULS to despicable Blacks - so called leaders - the likes to Willie L. Brown Jr. 

For how long can this blatant nonsense go on.

Harlan Kelly - he can and should do the right thing -
he chooses to hoodwink the community -
linked to Community Benefits -
using Dwayne Jones and Juliet Ellis to do his dirty work.
This nonsense will come to an end  - you all will be 
exposed on many levels - make no bones about it.

Naomi Kelly the City Administrator -
talking in circles - 
she has failed to take a stand - 
while our infants, children, youth, young adults, 
seniors, those with compromised health - more 
the mentally and physically challenged are suffering.

Harlan Kelly and Naomi Kelly can do better - but they too have chosen with " intent " to join this mess - corruption that has reached - saturation point.

Naomi Kelly who is the City Administrator - has not joined forces with the " good " to fight homelessness, housing and shelter for those that need it most.

Help for our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, those with compromised health - more our mentally and physical challenged.

Dwayne Jones who has been doling out 
"Community Benefits " has been spreading rumors -
that I have impacted his ability to dole money -
let me say - I do not have that type of power -
I do have the ability to speak " Truth to Power " -
Community Benefits belong to the people that deserve it -
there must be sunshine - and right now there is none -
you want to take on the FBI, the SF Controller's Office,
the SF City Attorney, the SF District District Attorney -
who have the empirical data - go on and make my day!

Juliet Ellis - who has had her day in Court -
 fined by the Fair Political and Practices Commission:

Harlan Kelly - not satisfied by giving direct access to Juliet Ellis and Dwayne Jones - linked to Community Benefits set aside for the Community - now librally - doled out to same dubious and nefarious entities like Girls 2000 / Hunters Point Families.

Baycat, Young Community Developers - the same old crooks  - corrupt to the hilt - who take money and have NO accountability and transparency.

Girls 2000 going to the times when Catellus Corporation - acted as the pay roll master - we have been following this scum bag and she knows that she is doing wrong.

She has been known for her corruption and blatant lies - " using Commercial Useful Function " - which is getting contracts under a facade that she knows something about - which is mostly access - then, using folks and entities like the " Conservation Corps " - to do their dirty deed.

Coming up with project like the famous " Pit Stops " that denigrate human beings - standing outside toilets - where people take a dump and this activity is monitored with some finesse and smartness - that only Girls 2000 takes pride in.

It is the same with Young Community Developers (YCD) that cannot fill positions - begging people to come and work for them - YCD  continues to receive millions - and if any decent audit is done by a sound Certified Public Accountant - they can be charged under the RICO ACT.

The Main Media has NO ability to do investigative reporting - imagine we are forced to use the age old tool Freedom of Information Act - receive the information and review the information. 

Follow the Money - and lo and behold - most of those crooks caught in the web - House Negros - who should be ashamed of themselves.

Read thousands of pages - and find the needle in the hay stack - while all these House Negros - think they can use Community Benefits money - and nothing much will happen to them.

We are about to post your photographs - for all the world to see - using digital tools.  Nothing seems to faze you crooks - who use their dirty mouth and that tongue that has no bone - to wag and tell lies - and sell out the community in broad daylight.

We have Blacks in the Bayview Hunters Point who say they represent the community at large - favoring building brand new homes on land - where " Depleted Uranium " - was tested. THIS IS A LIE.

Sell out Blacks the likes of Linda Richardson, Veronica Hunnicutt who is not from the Bayview Hunters Point, Eloise Patton - who has been in and out of the community.

Who once worked for YCD - has not participated - in the initial Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) and the Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs) - linked to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - who sides with any entity that doles money to her.

No one should work in areas - where high levels of radioactive elements and other dangerous particulates more PM 2.5 have been registered, in area where Methane Gas is spewing - one ton of Methane gas equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide.

We know how Lennar Urban - aka 5 Point Holdings LLP has stalled - more now with the high price of steel and other building materials - in a year - everything will be stalled - then the usual happens - some one will declare bankruptcy and flee. It has happened before and it will happen again.

Lennar promised Velejo to build 10,000 homes on Mare Island - and did not deliver - we know what happened to Velejo - it declared bankruptcy. That will happen to San Francisco - that will experience the " spiraling of the economy with 6 months " - in a year - there will be turmoil - never, ever seen on the streets of San Francisco.

The large projects like the Sewer System Improvement Project will be impacted - what I have said before - all has come to pass. In three years Harlan Kelly wants to jump ship - he may be forced to jump ship - earlier.

One large Project that I have mentioned before - in the Flow Chart - already has 85% of its Community Benefits linked to Sewer System Improvement Project - exhausted - who is fooling whom. 

I challenge the sell outs to a debate - on issues - and I staunchly believe an do thousands of those that believe in me  - mentioned above - who are NOT respected by the community at large.

The same old crooks - looking more like zombies - come to City Hall - and make general statements. Spending money on make up - and hair do - looking worse than zombies we see in the movies. 

Depleted Uranium was tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in the early 1950s - as part of the World War II efforts.

The bomber that dropped the bomb -
from a height of 1,900 feet - over a hospital -
on August 6, 1945
killing innocent people - more those that
could not defend themselves. The House 
Negros would not know that - all they care -
is getting free money - lying and taking sides 
with those who have BLOOD on their hands.

One atomic bomb left Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - was loaded on the USS Indianapolis - then loaded on a bomber - and dropped " Little Boy " on Japan. This one bomb killed thousands directly - maimed millions - many innocent people - KARMA.

On August 6, 1945 - from a height of 1,900 feet over a Hospital of all places - that Atomic Bomb was dropped and killed innocent patients and those that could not defend themselves. Some 15,000 tons of TNT.

Here is some information - books have recorded more -  and I have had access to confidential information working for Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco :

When elements such as cesium, plutonium, uranium - are registered at " high levels " - we have a serious problem.

These elements are not visible to our eyes - much like radiation - or X-Rays that we receive - when we go to the hospital.

Accept the radiation at the hot spots - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - are hundreds if not thousands the times, more - depends on the saturated -  " hot spots ".

Please do not put innocent people - on contaminated land - more registering high levels of radioactive elements.
More prone to liquefaction and flooding.

The idiots do not know all of the Hunters Point Shipyard besides Parcel A - was the Bay - two huge hills were demolished to create that land. 

The land besides being very contaminated - is prone to liquefaction and flooding - Parcel B, C, D, E. E2 - G, UC1, UC2, UC3, F which is the Bay.

When you think about these parcels - think Depleted Uranium - it was tested and adversely impacted all the above mentioned parcels.

It will requires billions of dollars to clean the land - to meet residential standards - we the advocates that know - want abatement and mitigation - nothing short of " residential standards " - the sell out House Negros - cannot comprehend this fact.

Then the United States Navy decided to conduct experiments - the National Defense Radiological Laboratory still stands - on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. 

Today it is contaminated - but no one mentions about it - because these idiots - have no clue what they are talking about.

It has become normal to call - contaminated land on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - Brownfield.

NO - it is a SUPERFUND - only the worst contaminated land are listed as SUPERFUND SITES.

Read more about Superfund Sites :

This is a clarion call to the Black sell outs - you are noticed - do not put innocent people in harms way. 

We warned you before about Parcel A - to NO avail. We warn you now - it will take billions - to abate and mitigate Hunters Point and Candlestick Point over 1200 acres - to residential standards.

We must not play with the lives of innocent people - promising them housing - on very contaminated ground - already the people from the surround area - are come down with chronic respiratory diseases, heart diseases , one of a kind tumors - women giving birth to still born children.

Those SF Board of Supervisor who are playing with the lives of the people who they agree can live on the contaminated ground - and with intent - permit this - have BLOOD on their hands - leading the charge London Breed and Malia Cohen.

I have empirical data going back to 1974 - material that was accessed by MNBC Investigates, others - and have personally been involved at the highest level - for 38 years.

I have not seen nor witnessed any of these SF Board of Supervisors - that fail to understand the pertinent and salient factors - and now pretend they know some  - when they talk the talk but have failed to walk the walk. 

Only the Muwekma Ohlone can speak for the land -
not the " thieves " - the thieves do not 
have one single document that proves -
they own the land - all they have is their forked tongues -
statement that will NOT stand the test of time.

I represent the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone. 

This land was stolen - more, the good land - pristine.

Then the Bay was filled in with contaminated fill - then contaminated more by - testing Depleted Uranium.

Creating a cesspool - only the worst contaminated land - are put on the Superfund List - they is NO joking matter. 

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - all of it is very contaminated land - do not trust the Rogue Developer Lennar Urban - aka 5 Points Holdings LLP - same snake different - head.

Those participating in this crime - will froth at the mouth and die.

This is NO joking matter - know that you that speak with a forked tongue - more House Negros - will meet the same fate as those before - you will suffer in proportion to the harm you are doing with intent - believe you me. Aho.

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