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Thursday, April 3, 2014


You would think and find it reasonable that the United States Supreme Court would do the right thing when it comes to the sordid issue - of campaign contributions.

I guess that arm of our system - the judicial arm - is numb to justice and fair play - and has voted in favor - of entities and individuals - contributing as much as they can contribute - to any candidate - opening up a can of worms.

The Koch Brothers come to mind - but there are others too.

The President can fly to Hollywood - and collect as much mullah as he wants - and give it to those that pretty much will do his will - if elected - even at this late hour.

Closer to home the "MACHINE" will elect the same old hags that we have sent to Congress and the Senate - corrupt to the core - and boring.

At the local level we better up the game plan and get rid of Malia Cohen, David Chiu Jane Kim, Scott Wiener, London Breed - and the rest of the corrupt ones - too many to mention.

The United States Supreme Court has compared our "First Amendment Rights" to that of the right of any individual giving as much as she or he can contribute - to prop any individual - and elect a whole bunch of "morons" - not to say that we have it worse - now.

Those that have some idea, some decency, some morals, some extra ethics, some stellar standards have always demanded a limit to the campaign spending and the way contributions are made.

There must be some even play field. Not any more - it is a free for all - and catch the Media raking in the millions - and creating all sorts of divisiveness - people are fed up - but now it will be in our face - too much to bear - and too much to endure.

Well, our United States Supreme Court - the judges we elect for life - and who stay there for as long as they want - have lost their sanity. 

Not all of them - but those that feel strongly - and if someone wants to empty all the money she or he has - to bet on some candidate she or he strongly feels must be elected - more power to that person.

To hell with qualifications, experience, morality, ethics, and plain common sense - and of course - stellar standards.

We will now become a government of, for, and by the morons.

Not to say that more on the local level it will get better when it is worse, now - where we have sufficient buffoons - who rule the roost and defy common sense - that is a rare sense - and have compromised Quality of Life issues in San Francisco.

Using a 'pilot program" as a ploy - we have supported the GOOGLE buses to invade our MUNI bus stops - and for just $1 - make hay while the sun shines.

Never mind there is a State Law that prohibits such actions - but our SF Planning - taking instruction from Room 200 - deems fit - under the "pilot program" - we will be able to collect empirical data - and then truly make up our mind.

All this while we have congested our roads - our MUNI buses are packed, slow and filthy. Our Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) - is pathetic - the cameras do not work - and at the MTA meetings too much talk and less action.

Never mind the rules of play are all set by one track individuals - who do not have the ability to blow their nose - but now will - enforce and monitor some ploys - full of machinations and shenanigans.

TWITTER, GOOGLE, the others that pander to the "very corrupt politicians" have money - they have the mullah - for heavens say - they will not bleed - if they are mandated to pay more - and if they for once abide by the rules and regulations - we all abide by.

If a lay person parks in the bus stop zone they get a fine - over a hundred and fifty dollars - but GOOGLE buses - will pay one dollar each time they park their buses.

The common person can scream, huff and puff - they sordid get what they want - and you can have your stress, ulcers, and a heart attack - by getting mad.

When will you get even? Come on San Francisco enough is enough - time to boot off the crooks!

Our politicians have lost their mind - and at the polls - whatever type of polls are collected - no one in their right mind - respects a - "politician".

They may respect a "skunk" - a "hog" - even a "twit" - but not a - politician.

Even the United States President's rating is so low - that it is pathetic to mention.

Daily these politicians eat, drink, and live - corruption.

If you are a Senator or Congressperson - daily you better rake in $5000 or so - to fill your campaign coffers - to be re-elected.

No one is talking about education, principles, experience, addressing Quality of Life issues,  morals, ethics, standards, or even plain etiquette. 

At City Hall in San Francisco - wheeling and dealing more with David Chiu, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, and London Breed - behind close, doors. The all must be booted out.

For years we have been saying the One Percent control more than Eighty Five percent of our Nation's wealth - the One Percent have an advantage - they have all the money - they have all the mullah.

The politician must represent - in order to represent - they must be educated on issues, have some ethics - that unfortunately is not the case in San Francisco.

They wag that tongue because it has no bone.
Had that tongue had a bone - it would have fallen off.

When it comes to public comment - they announce with glee - "public comment is two minutes". Especially that jerk - Scott Wiener.

The local politicians - will sell their mother for a nickel - and in the name of the once Almighty Dollar - their soul.

God have mercy and save this the United States of America.

As for the United States Supreme Court - look at it and see for yourself - what it has accomplished recently - more; that is of value - time to install some cameras, while they deliberate and make their unchallenged decisions of a kind.

More - so that we can see - play for play - how the sordid decisions are made.

As I said - "God have mercy on these the United States of America - the land stolen from the Native Americans". Aho.