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Friday, April 4, 2014


Lennar is a "rogue developer" brought to the Bay Area by Willie L. Brown Jr a well known "thug" mayor of San Francisco - way back in 1998. 

Willie Brown Jr is all about himself - and has stayed alive by wheeling and dealing - and using pawns such as Roy Willis and others - to lie, deceive, hoodwink, and adversely impact thousands in the Bayview Hunters Point area in San Francisco.

Lennar incorporated in 1998 and has since changed its name many times - but more has now incorporated in Delaware.

That evil place where the DEVIL makes his abode.

The headquarters of Credit Card mongers - who prey on those that use their credit cards - willy nilly - and have to deal with high interest rates - often bringing about their ruin.

As I said years ago: " no good ever will come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard".

The reason is simple - the land has been desecrated - the remains of the Ohlone - removed from two near by hills with the dirt - and spread all over the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Not one square inch has been surveyed and no one is paying attention to the Native Americans Graves Protection and Rehabilitation Act (NAGPRA).

There are other pertinent laws and regulations - Federal and State - but no one wants to do right by the First People - and so consequently - those that are in charge - mostly "thugs" will fall flat of their face.

Lennar has chosen to buy people to do its "evil deeds" - and no one can do "wrong" for long - before they themselves fall prey - to and end that brings them to their senses.

One day the "truth" will come out - and today in San Francisco those deeds that were hidden under the "rug" have come out in the open - but, there is more to come.

Some are aghast but I am not.

Lennar has ruined the lives of innocent children bombarding an entire area - with Asbestos Structures.

Removing batteries from monitoring equipment and lying that it did not know anything about the situation at hand. Well it did.

Lennar was fined $515,000 by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District -  and one Jack Broadbent its Director.

That money was suppose to be invested in the will being of the residents - that were impacted - but this has not occurred - ten years after the fact and adjudication.

Today Lennar still continue to bombard the area with very high Asbestos readings - all recorded - two days ago as high as 26,000 Asbestos Structures per cubic meter.

No warning to the community and NO - "notice of violations" posted for all to see.

Amy Brownell who works for the SF Health Department - continues to lie - and so do those like Tiffany Bohee and Thor Kaslofsky.

Bronson Johnson who works for Lennar - all the above - have BLOOD on their hands.

All it takes is one Asbestos Structure to enter one's system and lodge into one's lungs - and then just like that in a few years you can die - suffering excruciating pain - Mesothelioma. 

God sees everything and what we see today are "thugs" using people and dumping them - just like a "dirty rag".

In the mean time our innocent children are suffering.

Workers exposed to Asbestos are suffering. Poor mostly Black and Latino workers - mostly Laborers with Local Union 261 kept in the dark - about the Asbestos Structures and there is more. Our UNIONS are not educated on issues.

The so called environmentalist are fast asleep in the cockpit - doling out grants, inviting foreigners and giving them kudos and honoring them for deeds in far of lands.

In our own Backyard - despicable developers the likes of LENNAR - are slowly killing our children - minorities - mostly Black and Latino.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is designated as a Superfund Site. Only the worst contaminated sites are put on a Superfund Site.

At Hunters Point "depleted uranium" was tested.

One Atomic Bomb left Hunters Point to be dropped on Japan - that killed millions of innocent people.

San Francisco can do right - but lacks the immoral fortitude - folks love to brag - but cannot see under their nose - when it comes to do right - by those that are innocent and just happen to be - poor. 

Our City and County of San Francisco purports to do right - brags about "some fake Carbon Footprint".

All sorts of fake presentations by the SF Department of Environment - while all the time innocent constituents are - slowly dying a painful death.

Over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas spews into the air - from 4th and King to Midway near Geneva Street.

One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide. Who is monitoring this fact?

On land mostly prone to liquefaction and flooding. Landfill - with on going composting - the result of dumping all sorts of contaminated stuff, trees, vegetation, and material that decays and can cause serious, problem.

Right now on Parcel E2 there is a on going fire - it has been burning for years - over 15 years. 

The City knows about it - but cannot say much - the jurisdiction belongs to the United States Navy -who wants to cap the area - spews lies - does not care about the adverse, impacts.

What do those of our Land Use Committee think about this fact - nothing much.

Who do you think is on the Land Use Committee - rubber stamping - the despicable Jane Kim the side kick of Scott Wiener the Chair of the Land use - and the other - "air headed" laughing jackass - Malia Cohen who purports to represent the Bayview Hunters Point and has done nothing much to represent District 10.

The Navy and one Keith Forman holds meetings - makes it abode now at the YMCA - on Lane Street in the Bayview. Holding meetings and lying to the community.

Gina the Director - permits the YMCA to be a den - Ali Baba and the forty thieves.

The U.S. Navy wants to cap the land - we the constituents mandate the U.S. Navy to remove the contaminated dirt.

Follow Proposition P - where 87% of the voters  in the year 2000 - mandated that the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard be cleaned to - "residential standards".

Why do you want build 10,000 housing units in the middle of Chernobyl?

Why commit this blatant injustice - on land that once belonged to the Ohlone - the Ohlone do not want this - and I represent them - on matters linked to Base Closure and Infrastructure - Land Use, SF Planning and anything that has to do with Quality of Life issues.

The SF Health Department and one Barbara Gracia knows about the Superfund Site - the over 5000 toxic hots pots - the one toxic hot spot at 3450 where Barbara Gracia has permitted a Wellness Center. This one act is sordid and cries to heaven for justice.

Our great City and County of San Francisco does not have a resident  TOXICOLOGIST on our SF Department of Health - pay roll.

The head of the SF Health Department Barbara Gracia knows this - Barbara Gracia love to talk the talk - but NO - walk.

Lennar tryst with destiny at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is full of lies, deceit, hoodwinking, and abject failure to deliver - anything, decent. Aho.

Here is an interesting article hot from the press - neighboring Yosemite Slough - saturated with PCBs, lead, mercury, and a host of other very toxic elements: