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Monday, April 7, 2014


The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) is full of it - lacks full accountability and transparency. Pathetic.

Can you imagine an agency that is all talk  - with no walk?

You can demand from the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) their budget - ask them for a line by line item - one can huff and puff - and you get - nothing. NADA!

The MTA lacks full accountability and transparency.

This is the same agency that has raided the Trust Fund that belongs to the Taxi Operators of San Francisco.

The taxi operators that had their own Taxi Commission - and the taxi operators have been taken for a ride.

More, since the Taxi Commission - was taken over by the sordid - SF MTA.

The MTA cannot maintain a standard when it comes to their own operations. The Maintenance Department is a mess. 

In 1996 Willie L. Brown Jr the former "thug" Mayor of San Francisco - created the two tier system - the old one where the MUNI drivers get some benefits.

The newer one where the MUNI drivers - get shafted - with less - benefits. The public at large does not know this - and present MUNI drivers are all - stressed out.

It does not help that the MUNI UNION REPRESENTATIVES cannot fight for the MUNI drivers. Management does not treat them right - and some UNION representatives have fallen into a trap - with their hands tied.  They have been compromised - I go back to Carillo, Green, Johnson - who were Superintendents - way back when - when MUNI was decent - not anymore. 

The morale among the MUNI drivers is very low - and this state of affairs - adversely impacts us all.

The public that avails itself of PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION and have some relations with the MUNI drivers - the families of the MUNI drivers - friends and supporters.

MUNI management could not care less.

The  MUNI Lightrail system lacks proper coordination - and the current software is - to say the least - primitive.

Evaluate the present MUNI radio system - and it is Smithsonian.

The MTA has failed miserably on the Central Subway - started as a $600 million project and now has reached to a high $1.6 Billion.

This project is a failure - and the money spent is at the expense of the - tax payers.

This new Central Subway system will adversely impact the Seniors and those Physically Challenged - forcing them to walk long distances - underground - and falling prey to those that will prey on them. Much as the Seniors and Physically Challenged are preyed upon over ground.

The Stations are poorly designed - much like the 3rd Street Lightrail today from 4th and King to middle of no where Visitation Valley.

These station over ground linked to the Third Street Light rail are dirty, filthy, and not maintained. 

Will the Phase II of the Third Street - which is  now deemed the Phase I - will Phase II meet the expectations - and be of value and help - considering so much money has been spent - on the Central Subway Project?

At North Beach big rats - the size of a rabbits - roam and try to attack any one - that tries to cross the line - the rats think belongs to them.

Once these big rats made their abode underground - now they have come our of their holes - above ground - and are a terror - to anyone that stumbles on them.

Seeing is believing.

So where is SF MTA of this and other adverse impacts that the North Beach merchants - have been complaining about?

Can SF MTA reveal to us - how many businesses have gone under - because SF MTA keeps on bluffing the public that all is well - when it is not.  

Time will tell - Ed Reiskin does well - when you have the public meetings - where people vent and try to get answers - and the answers given are general in nature.

No one can fool - all the people - all the time.

There is going to be a revolution when it comes to our failed transportation and parking system. There is no doubt about that.

Also on housing and the increase in rent - $3000 for a one bed room - people are fed up - and many refuse to leave when they have created what the Mission is - other sections of San Francisco - that we are proud of.

The techies have money - but they lack - culture. They is no music that the "techies" have contributed - good music that we can say - makes us feel good.

There are no dishes - food dishes - that the "techies" have - not restaurant that we all can enjoy - they take, take, and take - and all they have to show is money. They can shove the money - no know - where.

The constituents of San Francisco have suffered a lot. 

So when Twitter says that it created 21,000 jobs - we want to know why it is getting tax breaks from our City and County of San Francisco - free transportation.

The City and County of San Francisco - keeps on saying - again and again - that is has no money and is broke?

There is a group of leftists - that is demanding $3 Billion from Google.

There must be an equal force applied to demand more from Twitter and the others so called "techies" that do not contribute anything worth the salt - to our culture.

When Jane Kim spear headed the movement to give TWITTER a break - she did that to fill her campaign coffers - a Korean American with roots in New York - still trying to comprehend our values.

No one knows where this woman, Jane Kim stands - not as far as life style is concerned and more when it comes to morals, ethics, and standards. She panders to the Democratic - MACHINE.

It is the same with Scott Wiener who is despised by the queer community - and that says it all.

London Breed and Malia Cohen - two sell outs who have not and cannot take a position - worthy of anyone that  they can represent. They both talk from both sides of their mouth. By their actions they foster - gentrification.

It is the same with David Chiu - the sooner he goes to Sacramento the better. Pathetic.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors as a whole have failed on Quality of Life issues.

More, compromising our housing - with rents up the roof, no career jobs, no good jobs with health benefits.

No recreational facilities, less childcare, less public safety, more increases in evictions - Ellis evictions and more.

Over the last 5 years over 40,000 decent families - that is father, mother, and children - have left San Francisco and our SF Board of Supervisors - have no clue about this one single factor - that has adversely impacted our Quality of Life issues in San Francisco.

Transportation plays an important role and some of us fought to give our students - more our poor students - but all students under 18 years - deserve a free ride on MUNI - that is our Public Transportation system.

Google which has billions - has chosen to fund some of the money - to help our youth - a pilot project - GOOGLE can do better.

Google can do better - and encourage other huge companies with BILLIONS - to do so too. Not only for San Francisco but Oakland - and our entire Bay Area.

The time for gimmicks are over - this is the digital world - and it is time we have a site - where we have the mug shots of those that make BILLIONS.

Pretend that they work for us - take our information - use it for marketing - and screw us all - thinking that they can make hay - while the sun shines.

Screw the gimmicks - ploys and machinations - the time has come - for a reality check.

I take public transportation - once MUNI cost 5 cents - yes 5 cents. Our Veterans could ride free and the MUNI buses were clean.

Now MUNI charges $2 per ride for an adult - Seniors and those with challenges get a small break. The MUNI buses are packed like sardines, stink to high heaven, and people are angry and rude.

The cameras do not work - and Law Enforcement in not on the buses - you have the "yellow hornets" - when they see trouble - the flee and call 911.

Our City is making a mockery of the system - taking funding from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission some $80,000 to fund - gimmicks - such as supporting the - "yellow hornets".

Millions are spent on the cameras that are installed on the MUNI buses - and they do not work.

Managers continue to rake it big money over $200,000 with benefits - and are not qualified to do their jobs.

SF MTA is a joke  - with no real accountability and transparency.

The SF Municipal Transportation Agency Commission - has failed.

Something must be done to restore confidence of our Public Transportation System in San Francisco.

The ship is sinking - in the cesspool of their own creation. 

SF MTA you are - sordid and pathetic and time to change is now - you have already run out of time - and are stinking in the CESSPOOL on your own - creation. Aho.