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Saturday, April 5, 2014


When those who voted against height limits linked to the Washington 8 project, won - those that backed the project - mainly those who are on the take and do not care about San Francisco - were sent a clear message.

To the politicians who were for the Washington 8 project - a message clear - " you are suppose to represent  " - if, you do not - " get in line - or you will forever regret the way you behave but more your lack of representation - will bring your downfall ".

San Francisco is Ohlone land - once doted by Shellmounds.

Sacred points much like acupuncture points - well respected by those who were close to Mother Earth - and a terrain and land that abound with rich harvest - readily available - Abalone, herring, small and big game and more.

The many rivers were pristine and there were pristine lakes like Moutain Lake and Lake Merced and more. There were marshes that the "strangers" had no idea - the role that the marshes played.

There were over 45 hills and all playing their role - the land was meant for some one other than the "greed" toxic, strangers and that paradox has yet to be investigated but it will.

The Bay that we know now was forty times bigger - so you can imagine - the cool winds and the fog playing an even greater role - in keeping the land, cooler - and when the sun was shinning - the best temperate climate for anything that grows, readily.

The "stranger" is just that - a dumb "fool" - greedy - anything he or she sees - they want - they have no clue about respecting Mother Earth and avarice runs deep in their veins.

Today, these same strangers - pay lip service with cliches like "Carbon Footprint" and other "words" - that mean nothing at all.

First you pollute, clear cut the redwood trees and the oak trees, pollute the streams and rivers, the lakes and the Bay, the land and the Bay - and now, suddenly - you want to restore - all that you polluted with intent. You can be a "judge" of your own - madness.

Those that value life - know the role of the "frogs" - where the "frogs' abound - there is healthy life.

We saw that fourteen years ago - how stupid the San Francisco Public Utilities, the San Francisco Port Authority, the Municipal Transportation Agency, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority - Catellus the rogue developer - without any soil testing, without an Environmental Impact Report - build a bridge over the Islais Creek. 

Before that these entities - bore three conduits under a Force Main - a eight foot pipe that takes millions of gallons of secondary effluents - into the Bay - closer to Pier 80 - and compromised it.

A whole colony of "chorus frogs" and its habitat was destroyed. This is happening all over San Francisco and no one cares.

Lucky for us we have recorded the sounds of the "chorus frog" and if we google the words "Islais Creek" - even after all these years - you will find some documents that point to this one tragedy.

A tragedy - that this City and County of San Francisco and those in authority - swept under the dirty, filthy - rug.

Years ago advocates stood tall and voted to limit the height along the Embacadero to not more then 60 feet - more from Pier One to Pier 98 - a more of less 7.5 mile distance that the San Francisco Port Authority has jurisdiction.

The 7.5 miles distance that comes under the Burton Act - facilities built were meant to embrace "Maritime Uses" - but under Willie L. Brown Jr using his - undue influence - having been the Speaker of the House - until removed - by legislation and term limits - one could serve but two terms.

The AT&AT Ball Park is one such facility - and the Warriors' Stadium has been initiated under the same ploy - by those that do not have the best interests - of the constituents of San Francisco.

Those greed and with a hidden agenda - go to Sacramento - and introduce legislation - to building amenities and facilities - that do not sync in with the Burton Act and Maritime uses.

Our politicians do not care about the Housing Element. They do not care about projects - big and small that contribute to the increase of the Carbon Footprint - that has increased by leaps and bounds in the City and County of San Francisco.

In last thirty years our once beautiful skyline has been tarnished. 

The filthy rich love the views and are closer to the most contaminated air that they breath. 

They could not care less -  but that is how the "stranger" has behaved - ever since he and she stepped on Ohlone Land.

Height limits were kept at a certain height because we saw what the "Fontana Buildings" contributed to the area closer to Polk Street and Bay Street - by Fisherman's Wharf.

Why should we destroy the ambiance by the Ferry Building. Right where the Washington 8 building was supposed to be - was meant to be a "parking lot" to serve the Ferry Building - I read it a long time ago - when we were participating in the "upgrading" of the Ferry Building.

Pier 70 is a very contaminated area. Two hot spots with Ammonia spills, over a million tons of coal tar, the Mirant Plant and other industries - part of the War Effort - have contaminated the area.

The Almighty Dollar - will draw Forest and other greedy mongers - to develop anything - never mind if the land is - contaminated - and those who live die slowly from cancer and other respiratory diseases.

It is the same at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Obiyashi was debarred from doing business - having been involved a long time ago - in the deaths of our youth - on a construction site in the Bayview. People have short - memories.

Here is Obiyashi now building units on contaminated land - with high readings of Asbestos Structures - and no one gives a rat's ass.Recently over 26,000 Asbestos Structures and no Notice of Violation. 

Who is monitoring the site called Parcel A - and what is the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - doing about the on going "nefarious" activities and our workers - put in harms way.

How about the workers they are NOT wearing a mask - and so down the line they will die a slow death - exposed daily to Asbestos Structures for weeks on end - Mesothelioma.

What does Jack Broadbent have to say?

What does Barbara Gracia have to say?

What has George Gascon have to say? 

hat has Dennis Herrera have to say?

What does the Environment Section within the Federal Bureau of Investigation have to say?

What to the other City and County San Francisco morons have to say?

The blatant corruption in our City and County of San Francisco is so saturated that people are fed up.

Thousands are leaving our City - because those in charge are having a field day.

Daily at City Hall - all of the SF Supervisors are having a field day - cameras  must be installed in their offices - to stop the on going nonsense.

With access to the public at large -  to monitor the ploys, the machinations, the shenanigans - we the tax payers -who pay these good for nothing - buffoons their salaries.

You may mute the sounds - but we want to see the happenings at large.

Not one Housing Element in the last twenty years - has met its objective. Only ten percent of the goal to build Affordable homes has been met.

On the other hand there is a glut market price units - and luxury condominiums.

You must speak your mind - tell these blatantly corrupt crooks - who have no souls - they are high on corruption and greed - and must go.

Time to boot them off - send them packing - Scott Wiener, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, David Chiu, London Breed - and there is more. Aho.