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Wednesday, November 7, 2018


Politics is a " dirty game " - rarely will you hear any decent mother or father - wishing their son or daughter - aspiring their loved ones to enter today's  politics. 

The situation is all the more precarious - because of the infiltration of " dark money " - bequests money - lying galore and more. Politicians talk from both sides of their mouth and think nothing about the situation at hand.

Read here more about " dark money " :

We saw the television advertisements the mostly women candidates - shamelessly - permitting some rich Republican - to use the Main Media - and " dark money ' - be part of our true democracy.

The candidate from District 4 used this took unashamedly  and the two candidates from District 6 failed too - and disgrace themselves.

Hopefully these political newbies comprehend once in for all - San Franciscans embrace everyone - but know the bad apples - those that have a hidden agenda.

These foolish candidates - think they can fool us all. No single person - man or woman - can fool all the people all the time.

We saw how the votes were split in District 10 - every single time - since, SF District Election came to be - those behind the scenes - use splitting of District 10 votes to push an agenda - that is failing.

We have a victor in District 10 but one who has not understood that the cloud of " dark money " hovers over his head.

Every single day for the rest of the next four years - without failing - this " dark cloud " will prop up - it must - unless every single penny is returned. 

The voters of District 10 - apologized to - with sincerity. 

District 10 is not for sale - and every single day - some one will be monitoring the situation at hand.

We know the agenda that SF City Hall has - thank God Malia Cohen will be an issue of the past.

Power has gone up from her ass to her head - she can take that power - and go to Sacramento - where those politicians - can and will deal with her.

Gavin Newsom - 
now Governor Gavin Newsom 

Gavin Newsom knows a lot about the Bayview Hunters Point and all of San Francisco.

He made mistakes the likes of Care not Cash - giving the indigent some $58 and asking them to take care of themselves - just because they had some roof over their head. Gavin Newsom realizes now - that was a great mistake - but what will Gavin Newsom - do now ?

Proposition C has passed and some businesses the likes of  SF Salesforce have been spear heading - " empathy and compassion " - others have joined in - to help the chronic homelessness.

In recent weeks those heading Proposition C - have a Blue Print - that deals with Transparency and Accountability. 

We wish them the best - decent San Franciscans - are fed up with the " chronic homelessness ".

Most - San Francisco have empathy, compassion, and will challenge themselves to do good. 

Most big business will not challenge themselves to address social issues - they are in the business of making tons of money - such GREED must be curtailed.

As I said we wish the proponents of Proposition C the very best.

We know for one thing - very little money from the SF General Fund will NOT be touched.

My very good friend Fiona Ma is Secretary of State - I have seen Fiona Ma - succeed all this years.

Fiona Ma - did well as SF Supervisor - then the Assembly, Pro Temp Speaker in Sacramento, a brief stint with the State of California - Board of Equalization and all that is good.

Recently Fiona Ma - had to deal with the passing of her Mother - a beautiful person a teacher and a person who personified empathy and compassion. I have sincerely expressed myself on this fact - and I am doing in publicly so that Fiona Ma - fully understands my sentiments.

That torch - the flame that has been passed to Fiona Ma - she may be a politician but she is a very decent person. Her father is alive - and I wish the family the best.

As the Secretary of State for the State of California - Fiona Ma will represent us as best she can - I will as before her - support to the best of my ability.

For those outside the United States - here is some election information - that may tickle you blue :

In the last 40 years - I have seen it all - and this mid-term elections were extraordinary - on the National level - both Senator Diane Feinstein and Congressperson Nancy Pelosi -are back in their seats.

The House belongs to the Democrats and the Senate to the Republicans.

The President Donald Trump has conceded the House to the Democrats - for a change has congratulated Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - we need some bipartisan unity - for the good of our Nation.

At the recent Press Conference - again President Donald Trump went at length - to state some bipartisan partnership - at the highest level - the Congress and the Senate. 

Never ever in the history of our Nation have we seen lies bombard the air waves - most people - cannot gauge for themselves - what is the truth - and what are the a blatant lies.

We now have folks focused on Fact Sheets - and it not uncommon for some politicians to lie so much - and most of what they say - are lies. 

Heading that list of course - President Donald Trump.

Our children, youth, young adults, Elders, those that need help - those that have compromised health - more those who are mentally and physically challenged - need dire help.

When they hear these lies - day in and day out -  the infighting without any justification - the worst vitriol and hate that is used to destroy -  without any justification. Those that are innocent and vulnerable - cannot understand it all - but they will never forget - what they will retain for a long time.

When the confused and pathetic focus on hatred first - without justification - do not seek the good of the Nation.

Those who are vulnerable and look forward to sound leadership - sound policies, we must remember that we are a democracy first.

Those vulnerable are astounded, perplexed and confounded. 

One in three children go to bed hungry in the United States - it is difficult to understand this situation - but that is a fact.

Fifty percent of the millions of Senior Citizens - Our Elders - have problems having access to nutrition - good food - and required medicine - critical, medical needs.

California does not have a great record - when it comes to our education - we are at the bottom when it comes to sound education.

Teachers are not paid well -  many leave - sometimes after a couple of months.

 All this and more - cannot be addressed by politicians - who are more interested in making money - filling the campaign coffers - and less serving the community at large.

We fully understand that we have to give our bodies good food - sound nutrition is a must - for our bodies - more in these days when sulphates, nitrates, phosphates other preservatives - bombard our human digestive system - cause all sorts of complications.

We know this but we fail to follow the principles of sound eating - exercising , and in doing so - do injustice to our bodies.

We know how important it is to be educated on issues - there is information out there - but discern, filtering the best information is - education. If you are educated on issues - have your heart in the right place - one can take others to a better place.

Finally - we fail all the time - to give spirituality the proper place in our lives. Spirituality is nothing complicated - we already have a " conscience " that guides - us - even little children know what is right and what is wrong - and know more as they grow up and become adults.

Again the question of " spirituality " - and with it ethics, morals and standards - as humans we fail from time to time - but we should not fail - all the time - and if we have the sense not to repeat our failings - that take us to a worse place - fail to remedy the situation at hand - then we have only ourselves to blame.

San Francisco is Ohlone land - this land is unique complete with hundreds of Shell Mounds - sacred burial places - of those ancestors - who had NO guile and lived in paradise.

The small clans left their mark - and today the City and County of San Francisco does not comprehend - one cannot comprehend the Sacred Issues - and undo the atrocities of the day, the times - when killing murdering, other nefarious activities were carried out unchallenged in broad day light - without any impunity.

Today some politicians thinks - by issuing mundane Proclamations, Commendation, giving grants - or touting issues that do not address the fundamental atrocities committed against Indigenous People - serves some purpose - it does not.

Raping indigenous women, killing children, murdering men - all this was done - up until 1927.

Up until 1927 - all recored and records found in our Libraries - one could kill an indigenous person and fetch $5.

Governors from Sacramento sent edicts to this affect - and Whites and others took advantage of the sordid edicts.

The Great Spirit sees it all - and many including politicians - want to play with FIRE - I have seen it all in San Francisco for over 40 years.

As much as we move forward - the disparity between the rich and the very poor - is growing too wide. San Francisco has been compared to Rwanda - a third world nation - in Central Africa. 

It cost $3500 on an average - to rent a one bed room apartment.

It cost $5200 on an average to rent a two bed room apartment.

The on going strike against the Marriott Hotels - that purportedly made $47 Billion profit - some General Managers getting $14 million bonus - treat the hard working - hotel workers - in the service industry with " disdain ". This must STOP on Ohlone Land.

An average worker in the service industry makes $42,000 - the minimum amount a person or family has to make to apply an affordable housing unit - is $58,000.

These figures are just figures that one has to deal with -  one has to put oneself on a list - there is the infamous lottery system - more hurdle than you can ever imagine.

Most of the housing that is affordable is built on contaminated ground, further prone to liquefaction and severe flooding.

Here is San Francisco the looming Big One - the Earthquake that will kill thousands - more if it take place in the day time.

As human beings - we must educate ourselves -  learn to analyze empirical data - empirical data is powerful - not so gossip - or what she or he said - and the person saying it - has NO clue what they are talking about.

We must work hard - and we must represent - but we cannot do this without " spirituality of the highest order.

 " Our Ancestors " - believed in Spirituality - when you come before any indigenous Elder - one listens and always the Great Spirit is invoked and factored - as a matter of important - a process or fact of thought  - without second thoughts.

This is Ohlone Land first - San Francisco has failed the poor - it has failed the Elders - it has failed our infants, children, youth, youth adults - those with compromised health - more our mentally and physically challenged.

You candidates who have won - more at the SF Board of Supervisors - I will be address you in person.

We must change our policies and for sure - stay away from that aspect that harms thousands - " dark money " and more.

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