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Thursday, November 8, 2018


Our landmark institutions such as the San Francisco Bayview Opera House - always brought people together - in recent years.

Outsiders - who do NOT care about the community at large - have chosen to be parochial - favoring those who do not share the community values we have shared for decades.

Love  for one another, Hope - Sharing, Standing Together in Unity.

Our churches - over 70 churches in District 10 - once maintained some decorum and fostered spirituality and love - today filling the coffers of the church comes first - and the shepherds have forgotten to take care of the sheep.

On the streets in District 10 we have seen all sorts of violence - with little or no concern from those representatives who run for the District 10 Supervisors seat - be it Sophie Maxwell, Malia Cohen - and judging from the wheeling and dealing - we cannot expect too much from Shaman Walton.

August 14, 2018 - out of the blues - I was at my office at Executive Park - when we got the news that our Brother Joseph Taeotui (Jungle) was shot. We could not fathom - why?

We rushed to the SF General hospital - and hardly had some hours passed - while  "Jungle" - was still in the emergency - the doctors trying their best - to save his life.

We were shocked to hear - that the SF Police Department - had sent out a bulletin that Joseph Taeotui (Jungle) had expired. This was not so. He passed away 9 days latter.

Recently an event was held at the SF Bayview Opera House - and another Brother from the SF Bayview was shot - lucky for him - he survived the attack.

There have been other shootings and killings - and no one seems to care - are lives in SF District 10 - expandable?

We must NOT take such incidents - lightly. 

What is important to note - at times like this we have peace makers - who are not paid by the SF City and County of San Francisco - who are NOT snitches working for the POPOS.

These few Sisters and Brothers - take it upon themselves to do good - make peace - and keep the community in harmony.

Our SF City and County knows about them - but will NOT lift a finger to support them - as I said these Sisters and Brothers - have the ability and gift - to address this " mission " - because of the goodness of their heart.

God has blessed me to know many of these " missionaries of goodwill - stellar peace makers - who can access anyone - any situation -  they do not fear - because their heart is in the right place ".

We have certain entities in our community who have no clue about our community at large - more the SF Bayview Hunters Point Area.

At one time we in the Bayview Hunters Point area - held  large reunions.

The sports and athletic competitions we had all over the City and County of San Francisco.

The pride we had because of the schools, colleges, and universities we attended. 

Many of us went to work for the many SF  City Departments - the Department of Public Works, SF Recreation and Park, the SF City and County of San Francisco today has over 33,000 on its pay roll.

The thousands of jobs provided by the University of California San Francisco - employs thousands - and we constituents of San Francisco are grateful and are blessed.

Many State agencies with large offices in San Francisco.

Thousands were employed by the Federal Government - at the Presidio of San Francisco, Letterman Army Medical Center, Letterman Army Institute of Research, at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and many other Federal Agencies in down town San Francisco.

No more do we have access to " career " jobs - one good job.
What we have today - are individuals surviving working two and three jobs.

Innocent hardworking people cannot afford the high rents - and pass the 5th day of the month - there is no money left for those that have families. One in three children go to bed hungry. One in four Seniors - do not have food and even less money for their medications.

Even those who hustle know that the margin on those wheeling and dealing - have a low percentage of profit - not worth the time and risk.

Chronologically we must review how drugs were introduced into our community with intent - to destroy our community. We must not make light of this fact - more when we have empirical data.

In the early 1980s we saw the infiltration of  " crack cocaine " and other drugs that adversely impacted our community.

Those years created havoc - and we saw an increase of crime - shooting, killings, thefts - the gamut. It has NOT stopped.

In the 1990s these mayhem increased - and as much as those in authority - talked the talked - practically nothing was done.

I have personally known the last 12 Chiefs of Police - and those Mayors of San Francisco - who were in office. 

None of them had a Blue Print - none of them had the tools to address the situation at hand - in a forthright manner.

We are in the year 2018 and from all the years I have been on the frontlines - addressing the "situations"  - it is getting worse.

We (those close to me )  have personally have attended over 258 funerals.

You reach a saturation point - when one attends a funeral - that of Joseph Taeotui (Jungle) - it all hits home - like a thunderbolt.

Unlike most other funerals - the funeral of Joseph Taeotui - there were three days of mourning - at the Kezar Stadium - by the Golden Gate Park - where thousands came and paid their respects. I  met many that I had not seen in years - some after 25 plus years.

Mayor London Breed did not attend this funeral.

That same day - while we were praying and paying our final respects - London Breed and Malia Cohen - were at a ribbon cutting ceremony in the Bayview on Yosemite Street - opening some bar and cafe.

Truly speaking our SF Mayor London Breed should have ordered the flag on SF City Hall to be flown at half-mast.

The least she could  have done is paid her respects to Joseph Taeotui. She failed as she will fail very soon - when she will be booted out.

As you may deduce - all of us - who loved "Jungle" felt hurt - but we chose to mourn and grief -  less think of what we had in mind. Enough is Enough.

Those who perpetrated the ambush - are still out there - and the SF Police Department - know about this - and have showed the many loop holes - I have qualified experience and can speak to the - " situation ".

When a good person - speaks Truth to Power - there are some elements - never mind if some of them are from outside San Francisco -  they collude with some elements in San Francisco - plotting to bring harm - to those that stand tall and represent. Those that speak Truth to Power.

Fortunately in San Francisco - we can rally thousands of Polynesians, Blacks, Latinos, indigenous people - and take the authorities to task. 

In the past we have shut down SF City Hall - when London Breed was President of the Board - she fled Room 250 - the August Chambers. Cowards cannot hold their ground - they flee and always talk behind their computer key pads.

I attended the SF Police Commission - some weeks ago - and spoke about the Joseph Taeotui incident.

More, the SF Police Department sending out a bulletin - that stated Jungle has passed - when that was not true.

We all know if that was a fact - the next of kin - must be informed - that is standard protocol. Today those that must protect us - fail us - and more they themselves cannot follow Standard Operating Procedures - their own standard Bulletins.

Not a whimper from the Chair of the SF Police Commission and the other Commissioners - after I spoke about the Joseph Taeotui incident.

In  my subjective opinion - the SF Police Commission - is totally dysfunctional.

Chief William Scott must hold a Town Meeting - afforded to all the shooting and killing victims.

This on going protocol - has been bypassed by the powers to be.

We the people - more those very close to Joseph Taeotui (Jungle) need closure - our hearts are still very heavy.

If someone thinks - we will forget that we are here on Earth - and will not stand for what is right - they are sadly - mistaken.

Mayor London Breed as I predicted - cannot fathom any issue or legislation - throughly and in a holistic manner.

London Breed loves to bark from prepared speeches - and to date has NOT offered any solutions - complete with timelines and goals. Not once.

To those Sisters and Brother who have their heart in the right place - I say to you all.

" God is with you - Stand tall and Represent - our time has come - in unity we will rise up and speak Truth to Power. Aho.

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